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Unit Overview: Miyuki [Final Fantasy BE]

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Jet Stingren, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Jet Stingren

    Jet Stingren Your Treasure Staff Member Head Moderator VIP

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    She's stealthy, and lethal on the blades. She's also a ninja from this game alone! That's right, we're talking about Miyuki as usual sit back, get comfy and learn a thing or two on Miyuki as always comments are always appreciated!

    Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR DC Hits
    3* 427 / 1293 (150) 23 / 70 (25) 20 / 60 (14) 16 / 48 (10) 20 / 60 (10) 16 / 50 (10) 2 3
    4* 555 / 1681 (210) 30 / 91 (35) 25 / 77 (18) 20 / 62 (14) 25 / 77 (14) 21 / 64 (14) 3 3
    5* 721 / 2185 (240) 39 / 118 (40) 33 / 100 (24) 26 / 80 (16) 33 / 100 (16) 27 / 83 (16) 4 3

    Magic Levels at 5*: Black Magic Lvl 5
    Resistances: None | Weaknesses: None
    Trust Mastery Award: Sakura Blizzard (Weapon): +98 ATK
    Limit Break: 240% AoE Physical Attack & 40% Poison > 335% AoE Physical Attack & 59% Poison

    Abilities Learned at Each Level:
    3*: Throw, Hide, Blade Bash
    4*: Smoke, Shock, Blitz
    5*: Shadowbind, Flash, Clone

    Pros: Miyuki's best assets is the fact she can spread alot of statuses around to the opponent. With moves like Shadowbind, Blade Bash, and her LB which all warrant a chance of going off. She also has some good support for herself with Clone, and Hide allowing her to be protected from damage from the opponent which is always a good thing cause she ups her survival chances by doing so. She also starts with the niche skill of Throw which allows her to throw a item at a opponent for a random % of damage depending on the item as it stands now there isn't any super great to be thrown at the opponent besides a few items namely the shuriken obtainable at the shop.

    Cons: While Miyuki's specialty is status aliments this also in returns hurts her. In FFBE, if a enemy is status and recovers from it like Paralyze, and Blindness for example the chances of inflicting the enemy with the same status becomes dramatically reduced meaning doing what she does would be harder cause the enemy got a boosted resistance to said status. Fortunately, she has multiple status so she can spread it around for a good amount before it becomes problematic. When she uses Hide, she's invisible to the enemy yes. But, in return she cannot do anything for 3-5 turns Miyuki's job is to get status off as fast, and effective as possible. If your hiding and the enemy were to recover you lose out on chances and the team could suffer cause of it, her hiding also loses out on team DPS as a whole. Ironically enough, with her stats being 100 in both offenses (ATK/MAG) her MAG would be better cause she has more options for them however her being able to equip mainly ATK boosting weapons hurts her potential as a whole she can equip swords, and chakarams which are all ATK boosting items it's bad cause her only ATK based skill is Blade Bash she doesn't get anything else sadly. On topic of her weapons, she has the lowest available out even lower than CoD with a mere 3 options for her options for setup are severely limited imo.

    Trust Mastery Award: Her Katana is the best one in the game right now, +98 ATK is something that many units (and herself), would greatly appreciate. I put Sakura Blizzard as a high priority to farm for once they become easier to do in total. I would've liked it to come with poison chance since that's her thing with aliments but it's all good, +98 ATK is still super good.

    Comparing to Other Units: Unfortunately, in 5* she has no real competitors out right now when I made this review so that's a + for her. The closest I could say and this is a loose comparison at that is Rakshasa since they can both blind targets but they have totally different functionalities Miyuki is a status aliment unit, Rakshasa is a elemental attacking unit so I can't really draw any lines there.

    Conclusion: Miyuki is alright for now, she has the aliments mainly needed to clear tough content in Global (Paralyze, Poison, and Blindness) to be in a good spot for team assistance so I would grab her if you really want someone to specialize in aliments otherwise, if you're looking for a DPS unit, she's not that she's just good for aliment control.
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  2. DanT

    DanT That deaf, dumb and blind kid... VIP Supporter

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    May 14, 2016
    Her paralysis and blind have saved my hide against more than one boss. She's definitely an utility unit I'll keep around for a while.
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