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Aug 13, 2019
May 3, 2017
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Keep getting Wilhelms as my rainbow, this keeps up I'll make a 5 Wilhelm arean team and stack as much countering and elemental resistances.. Jun 10, 2017

Archbagel was last seen:
Aug 13, 2019
    1. Archbagel
      Keep getting Wilhelms as my rainbow, this keeps up I'll make a 5 Wilhelm arean team and stack as much countering and elemental resistances..
    2. Archbagel
      Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Say no more. Say no more
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    Global ID:
    FD Tidus, Ang, GLS
    5* Base Units pulled(non-charity, via Rare Summon banners):
    5x Ace, 3x Aileen, 1x Ang, 1x Aranea, 3x Ayaka, 2x Baltheir, 1x Barbariccia, 1x Basch, 1x Beatrix, 1x Blossom Sage Sakura, 1x Charming Kitty Ariana, 1x Chow, 3x Christine, 3x Cloud, 6x Dark Fina, 3x Dark Knight Cecil, 1x Dragonlord, 4x Duke, 1x Eiko, 4x Elfreeda, 1x Emperor, 1x Emperor Shera, 1x Explorer Aileen, 3x Fohlen, 3x Fryevia, 4x Gladiolus, 1x Grim Lord Sakura, 2x Knight Delita, 3x Kryla, 6x Lightning, 1x Loren, 2x Lotus Mage Fina, 4x Luneth, 3x Marie, 2x Mercenary Ramza, 2x Noctis, 2x Nyx, 2x Olive, 2x Onion Knight, 3x Orlandeau, 2x Prishe, 1x Prompto, 2x Pyro Glacial Lasswell, 1x Queen, 2x Ramza, 1x Ray Jack, 6x Reberta, 2x Rem, 2x Roy, 1x Seabreeze Dark Fina, 2x Sephiroth, 3x Tidus, 3x Trance Terra, 1x Veritas of the Dark, 3x Veritas of the Flame, 2x Veritas of the Light, 5x Wilhelm, 1x Yun, 1x Yuna, 4x Zargabaath

    I have most niche units, if you are on my list and need something specific for certain difficult boss battles, ask and I'll try to accommodate the request.

    List of TMR's:
    Equipment:(fuck continuing this list)
    2x Marshal Glove, 1x Ring of the Lucii, 2x Pod 153, 1x Rikku's Pouch, 1x Sparky, 1x Crimson Blood, 1x Brotherhood, 2x Fryevia's Needle, 1x Revolving Saw, 1x Luxurious Feather Boa, 1x Aqua Blade, 1x Bowie Knife, 1x Reaver, 1x Jake's Pirate Ring, 1x Sorcery, 1x Prishe's Hairpin, 1x Rainbow Robe, 1x Dark Fina's Swimsuit, 1x Fixed Dice, 3x Excalibur, 1x Champion's Belt, 1x Imperial Shield, 1x Magical Crest, 1x Magical Amplifier, 1x Grand Armor, 1x Cat Costume, 1x Brave Suit, 1x Draco Spike, 1x Save the Queen, 3x Sakurafubuki, 1x Celestial Gloves, 3x Bracer, 1x Dark Robe, 3x Vestment of the Mind, 1x Soluna Band, 1x Arsha's Talisman, 1x Sara's Robe, 2x Ashe's Ring, 1x Venomous Edge, 2x Omnirod, 1x Master's Hammer, 2x Kaiser Knuckles, 1x Horizon Breaker, 1x Romandan Pistol, 1x Minerva Bustier, 2x Rider's Helm, 3x Black Cowl, 2x Trick Hat, 1x Ribbon, 1x Twenty-Sided Dice, 1x Breath of Rose, 1x Magi Staff, 3x Patches, 1x Aegis Shield, 1x Lordly Robe, 1x Clown Staff, 1x Moogle Plushie, 1x Monster Breastplate, 3x Prodigy's Goggles, 1x Cat Hat, 2x Tailor's Scissors, 2x Maximilian, 1x Angel Earrings, 2x Dream Harp, 1x Mirale Shoes, 2x Growth Egg, 1x Hanzo Gauntlet,

    1x Awesome Swordsman, 3x Dual Wield, 1x Buster Style, 1x Proud Fencer, 1x Sworn Six's Pride - Light, 6x Letters and Arms, 1x Resentment, 1x Patriotic Recall, 2x Quick Assault, 1x Sworn Six's Pride - Wind, 1x Dark Knight's Soul, 2x Katana Mastery, 1x Dark Bond, 1x Instrumental Flair, 2x Mechanical Heart, 1x Doublehand, 1x Blighted Despot, 5x Spirit of Freedom, 5x Sage's Prajna, 3x Discernment, 4x Mag +30%, 1x Hill Digger
    2x HP +30%, 2x Turbluent Evasion, 1x Miracle Step, 6x Ignorance, 5x Vengeful Wrath, 1x High Spirits, 1x Persistence, 1x Knowledge, 1x Innocence, 1x Water God's Protection, 1x Mentality, 1x Resuscitate, 1x Melody of Life, 1x Camouflage, 1x Tranquility, 1x Syldra's Protection, 3x Dragon Killer, 1x Stone Killer, 2x Machine Killer, 1x Aquan Killer, 2x MP +30%, 2x Equip H Shield, 1x Shard of Genius, 2x Evade, 5x Hydaelyn Guard, 8?x Follower's Oath, 1x Auto-Limit, 1x Light's Blessing, 1x Counter.