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Jan 16, 2019 at 8:58 PM
Dec 13, 2016
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Ascended Member, Male

And....0 Ongoing quests. That's a nice feeling. Jan 14, 2019 at 5:39 PM

AustinValentine was last seen:
Viewing thread Unit Preview: Folka 7*, Jan 16, 2019 at 8:58 PM
    1. AustinValentine
      And....0 Ongoing quests. That's a nice feeling.
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    2. AustinValentine
      5+1 had Zargabaath #4. Time for a great STMR \o/
    3. AustinValentine
      5* EX gave me a Vincent - which I needed for his TM and for King Mog. Regular EX ticket gave Loren #4. Not too shabby!
      1. Eynskaet likes this.
    4. AustinValentine
      Finally got the 40% HP on my Midnight Star after a day of attempts. The other enhancements are just 7% HP/7% SPR, but that's fine. Done.
      1. TheKillingJoke and Thanos like this.
      2. Thanos
        40%Hp 5%Hp 10% Spr
        Was the best run I had for mine
        Jan 4, 2019
        AustinValentine likes this.
    5. AustinValentine
      Game finally had pity on me and gave me my second Noel. Final banner count: 3 Kryla, 2 Noel, 1 Christine. So done with the Xmas content.
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    6. AustinValentine
      Fan Festa UoC spent. 7* Kryla, here we come \o/. (Will have to stockpile from here for 7* best boi doggo banner next year).
      1. Goddess Nyx and Eynskaet like this.
    7. AustinValentine
      Anyone have a post showing the mechanics of Barb's STMR and TMR ability? Curious if they raise the caps or just the per use damage.
    8. AustinValentine
      Lucked out with Loren #2 from my special 10+1 \o/ 7* ready. (Also, got a CG Jake, so that's ok too I guess.)
      1. Goddess Nyx likes this.
    9. AustinValentine
      CG Nichol in 18 tickets & a 10+1. Woot woot!
      1. Goddess Nyx likes this.
    10. AustinValentine
      This item world can't come fast enough. Should be able to finish out the ATK, MAG, and SPR objectives this time.
      1. ishmagah
        What's this?
        May 3, 2018
      2. Veritas of the Wine
        Veritas of the Wine
        JP thing, @ishmagah. Didn't realise it was that time of the month. Hopefully I have better luck than the last one. I didn't manage to improve anything beyond what I already had last time. :-(
        May 3, 2018
        AustinValentine likes this.
      3. AustinValentine
        Yeah I struck out last time trying to enhance a Lightning STMR to 30% ATK to use Randi for the ATK objective. Used every attempt and couldn't beat my 15% ATK/27% HP setup. Just got Hyou's STMR sword though, so I can just enchant that and use Cloud to get over the top now.
        May 3, 2018
    11. AustinValentine
      <3 Liquid Metal Slime - those last UoC tickets let me upgrade Awakened Rain to 7* \o/
    12. AustinValentine
      And rainbow off of the JP banner daily....and Gilgamesh. Arrrgh! Good Grief! #charliebrown
      1. Consarn
        *Yare yare... #jotarokujo
        Sep 22, 2017
        AustinValentine likes this.
    13. AustinValentine
      Rainbow Crystal in JP on a raid ticket...and it's Lightning >.<
      1. JesterXV likes this.
    14. AustinValentine
      41 Tickets, a 10+1 ticket, a daily, and a 5k pull: DV, Noctis, Summer Dark Fina. That's some damn fine luck right there.
      1. IMBacon likes this.
    15. AustinValentine
      Ultimate Intangir down. No esper summon objective though :( Couldn't get enough orbs!
    16. AustinValentine
      Aigaion down. Have to go back for the no magic objective (forgot about it and use a spell on Rem during the final phase).
    17. AustinValentine
      Balthier fully enhanced \o/ Just 28 more points of ATK pots to go ;_;
    18. AustinValentine
      Iron Colossus done in JP with all objectives. Never, ever, ever touching that fight again.
      1. AustinValentine
        It's not even hard - it's just annoying finding a friends list CG Sakura capable of handling the post-50% burst.
        Jul 4, 2017
    19. AustinValentine
      Titan trial down with all objectives. Snow, Cecil, DC Refia, Ling, Eileen, Friend Eileen.
    20. AustinValentine
      Rem off of today's free ticket \o/
      1. BluesBro likes this.
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    "Ma'am, you're mistaken. I'm not a pet, I'm a knight and master swordsman."

    7* Units (+ = STMR) –
    Lightning+, Lightning, Ramza+, Gilgamesh+, Dark Fina, Ace+, Olive+, Orlandeau+, Fryevia, Trance Terra+, Aileen+, Rem, Seabreeze Dark Fina, Tidus, Zargabaath+, Merc. Ramza, Dark Veritas, Loren+, Cloud+, Cloud, Yuna+, Barbariccia+, Eiko, Aranea, CG Sakura, CG Fina, Awakened Rain+, Hyou+, Malphasie, CG Citra+, Kurasame, Kurasame, Ellisperis+, Sieghart Limited – Kryla, White Knight Noel, 2B, A2+, Grim Lord Sakura, Dragonlord, Estark, Lilith, Lucius+.

    5* Bases – Ramza (x2), Delita, Luneth (x3), Noctis (x2), Marie, Emperor (x2), Queen (x2), Eileen (x3), Reberta (x2), Fohlen (x2), Fire Veritas (x3), Light Veritas (x2), Onion Knight, Prishe (x3), Ayaka, Nyx, Gladiolus (x2), Duke, Roy (x2), Elfreeda (x3), Jiraiya, Basch, Balthier (x2), Prompto, Lulu (x2), CG Jake, Emperor Shera (x3), CG Lid (x3), Kid Rydia, CG Nichol (x6), CG Raegen (x2), Squall (x2), Nalu (x2), Livid Shantotto, Shadow Lord (x2), Seaside Nichol, Circe (x2), Ingis, Machina, Vincent Limited – Christine, Ray Jack, Chow (STILL BEST BOI), Ang, Explorer Eileen (x3), Rico Rodriguez, Rena, Adam Jensen.

    36 7* units. All parameter missions but MP complete + trials to Watcher Welter. 6 STMRs. Account gifted to Memelord.