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Feb 27, 2018
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Ascended Member, Male

Wow, got Black Mage Golbez on first step. Now, should I go all the way, or UoC him later? May 15, 2019

    1. Celtacross
      Wow, got Black Mage Golbez on first step. Now, should I go all the way, or UoC him later?
      1. Ashlag
        Honestly, neither If you're not a Golbez lover. Cause as a unit, he isn't exactly worth it unless you have unlimited resources.
        May 15, 2019
        Celtacross and Sliferel like this.
    2. Celtacross
      What irk me the most from listed friends? all the same heroes from all friends... no diversity/unique heroes... either Hyoh, Zeno or Esther
      1. Eynskaet likes this.
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      3. Eynskaet
        I spent more time trying to get a non-meta chainer to pop up (and, in between, trying to completely reconfig my team when I couldn't) than I did clearing the last trial. At a given level, most of the randoms that pop up at the bottom of the friend list seem to be e-peen meta damagers, so it's not too hard to find those in the rare instance that they're actually usable.
        May 14, 2019
        Seven likes this.
      4. Celtacross
        Well, no thanks to parameter mission, if you take notice, most players will try to put the highest stats they got, which mean the variety they can offer will be limited thanks to that. Same hero, same gears, same espers... so were is the difference? Instead it make the trials became unecessary harder.
        May 14, 2019
      5. HarvestAngel
        Can always add me if you want. :D I mix it up regularly although I'm far from the top stats 213 499 805
        May 14, 2019
        Seven likes this.
    3. Celtacross
      The 5* event ticket always give me random 5* LOL, Back then is Kurasame, NAlu, now Beryl?? I wish for another HSU though this time :D
      1. Strelok likes this.
      2. Strelok
        Still better than 1st Ramza :/
        Congrats ? x)
        Apr 8, 2019
    4. Celtacross
      A full run of summoning, and I got another Hyoh, WITH 4 Folka!!!! Never been happier with my summon become like this!!
      1. Tamamo05, TheKillingJoke and Wdiggums like this.
      2. Wdiggums
        Jan 19, 2019
    5. Celtacross
      Done with the Torturous Trio. Well, it make me want to get T Terra for real... Still, the MVP I got is Lilith, she take care the left over..
      1. Fayleen likes this.
    6. Celtacross
      Ok, seems I lost to temptation fro not summoning LoL. I concede not even a week here...
    7. Celtacross
      Dang it, Odin and Leviathan... why they keep one shotting my team after few turns and when I got good start???
    8. Celtacross
      New Year resolution fro FFBE: No lapiz ad tickets summoning. Let see how long I can hold it...
      1. Ranzo likes this.
      2. nox
        might get boring bro...
        Jan 1, 2019
        Celtacross likes this.
      3. Xacques
        Hmmmm. I wager my quarter for a month
        Jan 1, 2019
        Celtacross likes this.
      4. Celtacross
        I didn't mention about free summon :D
        Well, it might be interesting or boring indeed.
        Jan 2, 2019
        nox likes this.
    9. Celtacross
      Happy new year 2019!!!
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    10. Celtacross
      Finish the Season of Mayhem without 20% def materia gained. Like I care after 9 tries...
    11. Celtacross
      Anyone got connection error when tryin to enter the game?
      1. RaijinTheThunderGod likes this.
    12. Celtacross
      After 6 or 7 tires, The Wicked Moon is down in one go! I were lucky... it also open some though about buying out TT Terra twice. though?
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
      2. aa25
        I wouldn't do it. Two sets of UoC for a single unit sounds very steep to me. Congrats with the clear by the way. Bloody Moon is another trial that is powercrept so hard with 7* fire power.
        Dec 26, 2018
        Tamamo05 and Celtacross like this.
    13. Celtacross
      Using a normal ticket and they gave me Christine??? Now I'm scared now of running out of luck in my real life...
      1. Goddess Nyx and volcom like this.
    14. Celtacross
      Now I got two walls so good that the rest went to sideline: Lilith and Siegard. And both is up to 7*
      1. lupinorris likes this.
      2. lupinorris
        give him both a seaside nicole and the mitigation will be complete... you may wont need a healer... so you can fill up woth a breaker or another dps
        Dec 20, 2018
        Celtacross likes this.
    15. Celtacross
      1500 lapiz and got Lilith? that's where my UoC fan Festa tickets will go.
      1. Thanos and Tifa Lockheart like this.
    16. Celtacross
      spend 10k and no rainbows from NIER, spend a normal tickets ad go Elephim. Nothing to complain at all, only wish for second 2B to make a 7*.
    17. Celtacross
      10k lapiz and no second 2b... well I'm ou of lapiz now...
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