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May 26, 2018 at 8:06 PM
Nov 15, 2016
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    Global TMs:
    Dual Wield x3, Shard of Genius x4, Follower's Oath x32, Hydaelyn Guard x6, Vestment of Mind, Excalibur x2, Gungnir x3, Equip H Armor x2, Dualcast x2, Sakurafubuki x2, Blade Mastery, Power of Creation, Draco Spike x5, Sage's Prajna x5, Spirit of Freedom x4, Mog Wisdom x15, Brave Suit, Champion's Belt, Resentment, Pod 153, Mechanical Heart, Vengeful Wrath x7, Soluna Ring, Hill Dagger, Imperial Shield, Arsha's Talisman x6, Equip S Sword, Instrumental Flair, Reaver x2, Patriotic Recall, Ring of the Lucii, White Knight's Soul x3, Unmatched Wizardry x2, Cowered Courage, Turbulent Evasion x5, Doublehand x2, Jake's Pirate Ring, Moogle Plushie x3, Loyal Warrior x4, Rainbow Robe, Power of the Sand x3, Ankh of Goddess, Barrage, Holy, Love, Ribbon

    5* Base units:
    Ramza, Dark Fina, Trance Terra, Luneth, Wilhelm, Grim Lord Sakura x2, Fohlen, Marie, Rem, Ray Jack x4, Aileen, Noctis x2, Delita, Prishe
    , Cloud x2, Elfreeda x2, Dragonlord, Emperor