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Duke Zarrikos
Last Activity:
Mar 28, 2020 at 6:41 AM
Dec 10, 2017
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Apr 28, 1989 (Age: 30)
Smalltown, GA

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Duke Zarrikos

Ascended Member, Male, 30, from Smalltown, GA


Free 10=1 was 4th Charlotte, that's 4 STMRs in 30 hrs, and 8 in 72. MS Nichol, Ignacio, Ignis, Beryl, Lightning, Machina, Morgana, Charlotte Mar 1, 2020

Duke Zarrikos was last seen:
Mar 28, 2020 at 6:41 AM
    1. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      Free 10=1 was 4th Charlotte, that's 4 STMRs in 30 hrs, and 8 in 72. MS Nichol, Ignacio, Ignis, Beryl, Lightning, Machina, Morgana, Charlotte
    2. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      the irony of pulling Morgana #4 with the 5* Ex ticket form the ELT Morgana Venge... WOW.
      1. Eynskaet and aa25 like this.
    3. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      Today's 5* Ex was 4th Wilhelm. Finally got the Armor.
      1. Tamamo05, nox and Eynskaet like this.
      2. nox
        Nice 4th, fourth jake over here.
        Feb 27, 2020
        Tamamo05 and Duke Zarrikos like this.
    4. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      10+1 was 3rd Fotra, and without a single bit of lapis i might make top 1k in raid, HOW?
      1. thesodox
        because most of player retiring from this game. or just do the login reward like me
        Feb 21, 2020
    5. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      5*Ex was 5th Citra. Why?
    6. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      ooof, 3 10=1 pulls and only a single rainbow. raegen #5... at least i got a rainbow i guess.
      1. Omega.Prime
        0 rainbows for me :(
        Jan 30, 2020
    7. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      triple rainbow day, 5th Auron from daily 4*, Monthly 5*ex was 4th Shadow Lord, and 30k EP 5*ex was 3rd Ang. not terrible.
    8. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      that moment when the 10% 5* ticket comes down as a rainbow and it's off banner... no Foo or Twin, 2nd Sabin.
      1. Grizz
        I feel you, it was regis for me lol
        Jan 23, 2020
        Duke Zarrikos likes this.
    9. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      ugh. 10+1 was 5th Oldmandeau and 10 blues...
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    10. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      5* Ex was Shadow #1. had a moog at least.
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    11. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      5* Ex was Auron #4. Why is Masamune(X) not 2 handed? WHY?
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    12. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      did anyone else notice that the EXT was available despite the news banner saying second week?
      1. wardaddy likes this.
      2. iBuko
        I cannot find it. Gave me only lgd
        Jan 2, 2020
      3. Duke Zarrikos
        Duke Zarrikos
        they hotfixed it. about an hour of availabililty, according to reddit.
        Jan 2, 2020
      4. wardaddy
        Yeah I saw it as soon as I finished LGD, stopped playing for about 10-15 mins and hopped back on and noticed it was gone. Probably a bug
        Jan 2, 2020
    13. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      wow, my brother is pissed. apparently he got the 2650 Atk parameter quest from the fixed party challenge. ALocke counted apparently.
    14. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      argh, Old xmas banner, all i wanted was 1 Kryla, 2 laps and i get Tiana x2 and 1 WKN... arghg!
      1. Eynskaet likes this.
      2. Eynskaet
        Ouch. Well, at least you can get 2 7*s out of two laps. That's not great, but it's something....
        Dec 23, 2019
      3. Regalia
        Hey, at least you had lapis to spend.
        Dec 23, 2019
    15. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      Actually Accepting almost 6 months worth of friend points takes forever! Ugh.
    16. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      need more FB shares!
    17. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      Team Fina FTW!
      1. Skye and Mohamed like this.
    18. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      Happy AF with the Freebie summon. 2 Rainbows in 2 days. 4th Basch and 1st Crimson. Woot.
      1. Eynskaet, Tamamo05 and volcom like this.
    19. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      100 ex tickets, only 2 5*s, for 6 rainbows. 1st Beowulf, 2nd Yuraisha, KAyaka #2, Esther #3, 4th Eiko and Jake. Not shabby.
      1. Tamamo05 and liddokun like this.
    20. Duke Zarrikos
      Duke Zarrikos
      Pulled Marie #8 on a 4*Ex. Yay?!?
      1. Tamamo05 and riquemg like this.
      2. Vatenkeist
        Aug 22, 2019
      3. riquemg
        And I want just the first....
        Aug 22, 2019
      4. Tamamo05

        @riquemg My second rainbow in game was 2nd marie and I angrily fused her to the 1st! Hey, I don't have a *5 DD back then!
        Aug 23, 2019
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  • About

    Apr 28, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Smalltown, GA
    Global ID:
    Usually Esther/Event/Event/Basch/Eiko


    Zarrikos representing Small Town GA. I play hard, but can't afford much more than the fountain.

    Lists updated March 1, 2020
    A.I. Katy, Ace, Auron, Awakened Rain, Ayaka x2, Basch, Beryl, Citra, Duke, Eiko, Elephim, Elfreeda, Esther, Folka, Fryevia, Gentiana, HT Lid, HS Ultima, Hyoh, Ignacio, Ignis, IF Katy, IK Garland, K.Ayaka, Lightning, Lovely Katy, Lulu, Luneth, Machina, Marie x2, MS Nichol, Mediena, Morgana, Myra x2, Nalu, NG Jake, Nyx, Olive, Onion Knight, OK Refia, Orlandeau, Popstar Katy, Queen, Raegen, SS Charlotte, SB Dark Fina, Shadow Lord, TTerra, VoD, VoF, VoL, Vincent, WM Rosa, Wilhelm, Xande, Zeno.

    A.I. Katy, A2, Ace, Adam Jensen, Akstar, Aldore King Rain, Aloha Lasswell, Ang, Aranea, Atoning Dragoon Kain, Auron, Aurora Fryevia, Awakened Rain, Ayaka x2, Balthier, Basch, Beatrix, Beowulf, Beryl, Black Mage Golbez, Cid, Citra, Dark Knight Cecil, Dark Knight Leon, Dark Knight Luneth, Delita, Dragonlord, Duke, Eiko, Elephim, Eleven, Elfreeda, Elly, Emperor Foo, Esther x2, Fayt, Fohlen, Folka, Fryevia, Gentiana, Gilgamesh, Gladiolus, Heavenly Technician Lid, High Seraph Ultima, Hyoh, Ignacio, Ignis, Immortal Flame Katy, Immortal Knight Garland, Jecht, Karlette, Kimono Ayaka, Kimono Fina, Kryla, Kunshira, Kurasame, Lightning, Livid Shanttoto, Loren, Lovely Katy, Lulu, Lunera, Luneth, Machina, Malphasie, Marie x2, Maritime Strategist Nichol, Marquis de Leon, Mediena, Mercenary Ramza, Monk Sabin of Kolts, Morgana, Myra x2, Nalu, Nameless Gunner Jake, Nyx, Olive, Onion Knight, Onion Knight Refia, Orlandeau, Popstar Katy, Prishe, Prompto, Pure Summon Rydia, Queen, Radiant Lightning, Raegen, Reberta, Regina, Rinoa, Sacred Shield Charlotte, SeaBreeze Dark Fina, Sephiroth, Shadow Lord, Sol, Summer Fina & Lid, Summer Folka & Citra, Sylvie, Tiana, Tidus, Trance Terra, Veritas of the Dark, Veritas of the Flame, Veritas of the Light, Veronica, Vincent, White Knight Noel, White Mage Rosa, Wilhelm, Xande, Yego, Yuna, Yuraisha, Zargabaath, Zeno of the Beta Star.

    Ace #5, Aerith, Akstar #3, Aldore King Rain #3, Aloha Lasswell #3, Ang #3, Archmage Kefka, Assassin Shadow, Auron #5, Aurora Fryevia #3, Awakened Onion Knight, Barbariccia, Basch #5, Beatrix #3, Beowulf #3, Black Mage Golbez #3, Blossom Sage Sakura, Blue Mage Fina, Charming Kitty Ariana, Cid #3, Citra #5, Cloud, Crimson, Crown Prince Noctis, Dark Fina, Dark Knight Cecil #3, Delita #3, Dressy Aileen, Elena, Elfreeda #5, Ellesperis, Emperor, Emperor Shera, Folka #5, Folka #6, Freya (VP), Fryevia #5, Fryevia #6, Gilgamesh #3, Gladiolus #3, Godrea, HT Lid #5, Hyoh #5, Jasper Unbound, Jecht #3, Jiraiya, Karten, Kelsus #1, Kelsus #2, Kelsus #3, Kelsus #4, Kimono Fina #3, Knight Delita, Kunshira #3, Kurasame #3, Lara Croft #1, Lara Croft #2, Lulu #5, Lunafreya, Magitek Warrior Terra, Marie #9, Mastermind Xon, Mediena #5, Mercenary Ramza #3, Mordegon, Nagi, Nalu #5, Nalu #6, Nalu #7, Neverending Hope, Noctis, Nyx #5, Onion Knight #5, Operative Zyrus, Orlandeau #5, Palom & Porom, Physalis, Primrose, Prishe #3, Prompto #3, Pure Summoner Rydia #3, Radiant Lightning #3, Raegen #5, Ramza, Ray Jack, Reberta #3, Red XIII, Rico Rodriguez, Roy, SeaBreeze Dark Fina #5, Seaside Nichol, Sieghard, Summer Folka & Citra #3, Sweet Luka, Tiana #3, Tidus #3, Tifa, Tsukiko, Ukiyo #1, Ukiyo #2, Ukiyo #3, Ukiyo #4, Vagrant Knight Rain #1, Vagrant Knight Rain #2, Warrior of Dawn Galuf, Warrior of Light Krile, Warrior of Light Lenna, Wild Rose Firion, Xuan Wu & Qing Long, Y'shtola #1, Y'shtola #2, Y'shtola #3, Y'shtola #4, Yuffie, Yun, Yuraisha #3.