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Sep 19, 2018 at 11:42 PM
Aug 12, 2016
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Malboros 2.0 --- they are NRGvores, and I don't even care for the rewards, just feel compelled to get rid of the "new" text in vortex. ;-/ Sep 19, 2018 at 11:32 PM

Eynskaet was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Sep 19, 2018 at 11:42 PM
    1. Eynskaet
      Malboros 2.0 --- they are NRGvores, and I don't even care for the rewards, just feel compelled to get rid of the "new" text in vortex. ;-/
    2. Eynskaet
      Oh s***! - Summer Lasswell and Nichol. LOL. No Speedos, so not exactly per community request. ;-) Nice TMRs, *not* limited units... go Gumi.
      1. RagnaV likes this.
      2. sassmachine
        true dual wield ... damn you gumi
        Sep 19, 2018 at 9:32 PM
        Eynskaet likes this.
      3. Vayhn
        They might not be limited, as they will apparently be added to the UoC pool once banner is over. (but let's wait and see)
        Sep 19, 2018 at 11:10 PM
        Eynskaet likes this.
      4. Eynskaet
        misread the news (note #5 says they'll go into the select summon pool after the event), so that's good. Edited my status.
        Sep 19, 2018 at 11:29 PM
    3. Eynskaet
      Great Malboro 2.0 -- 119 hit n-e chains with 1200/1400+ Viktors capped with Ultima from a 1300+ DFina = 1% damage. Not worth the time....
    4. Eynskaet
      10% 5* == 5% Hyomonto. :-p
    5. Eynskaet
      Took a run at Monster Carnival for s&g - got 2 LMS == 19141 gold, but (barring support) D'lord's not so good facing off against D'lord. ;-/
    6. Eynskaet
      Got my second Dragonlord! :-) :-) :-)
      1. Goddess Nyx likes this.
    7. Eynskaet
      2-Headed Dragon OBAMAed, though not on the first couple of attempts. 26 turns, with my underpowered/ misequipped Orly and a friend Hyou.
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    8. Eynskaet
      5+1 ticket cashed in ----- Cloud #4. :-/
      1. god.nomad likes this.
      2. lcieThanatos
        Give me one ::ink::
        Sep 16, 2018 at 10:46 AM
        Eynskaet likes this.
      3. Eynskaet
        Wish I could, particularly for a Dragonlord or maybe for an Adam Jensen. 8^0
        Sep 16, 2018 at 11:06 AM
        lcieThanatos likes this.
      4. Renko
        well the good news is, you'll have BiS GS for TDH builds
        Sep 16, 2018 at 11:21 AM
        Eynskaet likes this.
    9. Eynskaet
      Trials... Boring af rotation counting/checking but steady progress until f*** you, new twist; stabilize; no really, f*** you, game over. :-/
    10. Eynskaet
      Still pulling on Dragonlord banner and "due" for a rainbow. 2nd to last ticket (4*)- LMS #2. Last ticket (4*)- rainbow!!! - Merc Ramza. :-/
    11. Eynskaet
      A. Rain, Wilhelm, and Mystea in Arena, *really?* Just to make me waste a little more time in there. :-/
    12. Eynskaet
      Cleared Estark (sloppily), but forgot to bring Shiva. :-/ Well, got my 2nd Marquis and another sword anyhow. :-)
    13. Eynskaet
      I'm actually a fan of Marquis de Léon after using him/seeing his animations. Multifists and Sword Dance seem named opposite tho. :-(
      1. Master Red and Enzoyeh like this.
    14. Eynskaet
      Überkilling Machine and Slime Knight on back-to-back 4* tix just after getting Dracky. 8^) Banner done! Back to chasing DL #2 and Orochi #2.
      1. Eynskaet
        26K coins - 15% Estark, 10% DL, 0% UkM, 0% Orochi, 15% SK, 10% KM, 10% LMS, 10% Golem, 10% RH, 40% Dracky, 40% Slime. Looking good, except for the 4-6 units. :-/
        Sep 7, 2018
    15. Eynskaet
      Ah..... housekeeping. Finally cleaned out (a little) equip inventory. Goodbye Sage's Robes, Paladin Armor, most Golden/Platinum gear, etc...
    16. Eynskaet
      Having raid withdrawal since just after I finished processing all the spoils of the last one, ~2.5 hours after I could (finally) log in. ;-0
    17. Eynskaet
      627K hypostims (5.95mm raid points)- 165% TF29, 205% EC, 265% TMS, 250% CA. :-/ Will likely fuse units to get 3rd of TMS & CA w extra left.
    18. Eynskaet
      Misguided emergency protection of LS and SL from poachers finally complete, raid summoning back underway.... 10K at a time.... :-/
    19. Eynskaet
      Confirmed reason for emergency maintenance is *stupid*. Who cares if LS and SL got into the UoC pool early? It's gonna upend the KM economy?
      1. Stavros
        Who is going to uoc them ffs
        Sep 6, 2018
        Eynskaet likes this.
      2. Eynskaet
        I guess someone might for angry 'totto, if they just didn't give a ****. If so, more power to them. This was a bad decision....
        Sep 6, 2018
    20. Eynskaet
      Maaaaaaarrrrrrcccchhhhhhhheeeeeennnnnnkkkkkkkooooooooo Number 2!!! That is all. ;-)
      1. Tamamo05, Masvroh and volcom like this.
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    Global ID:
    Notable TMRs (incomplete/outdated): Genji Glove, Dual Wield, Blade Mastery, Champion's Belt, Dualcast, Ribbon, Letters & Arms, Buster Style, Draco Spike x6, Beastlord, Virtuous Contract, Reaver, Venomous Edge, Crimson Blood, Onion Sword, Excalibur, Fryevia's Needle, Pod 153, Rikku's Pouch, Vestment of Mind, Twenty-Sided Die, Equip H Shield, Barbariccia's Spirit, Thirst for Survival, Acceptance, Quick Assault, Dragon Killer x2, Aquan Killer x3, Stone Killer x3, Camouflage x2, Sunbeam x3, Ultima x2, Comet, Holy, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Firaga, Holy Blade, Angel Earrings, HP 10% x13, Cover, Throw ;-)
    FP Summon-assisted TMRs (outdated): Aegis Shield, Aqua Blade, Auto-Limit, Barrage, Bladeblitz, Dream Harp, Equip Bow, Equip Spear, Equip Staff, HP +30%, Hanzo Gauntlet, High Spirits, Lordly Robe, MP +30%, Machine Gun+, Magi Staff, Master's Hammer, Maximilian, Meteor, Minerva Bustier, Miracle Shoes, Omnirod #2, Successor, Vestment of Mind #2, Over The Top, Evade
    TMRs from Raid/Exploration/KM (outdated): Shard of Genius x2, Hydaelyn Guard x5, Follower's Oath x23, Patches x3, Gungnir x10, Equip H Armor x10, Sage's Prajna x4, Spirit of Freedom x4, Mog Wisdom x11, Resentment x2, Mechanical Heart, Vengeful Wrath x7, Instrumental Flair, Equip S Sword, Cat Costume x4, Dream Maiden's Oracle x3, Tailor's Scissors x3, Clown Staff x3, Breath of Rose x4, Joyful Spirit x9, Turbulent Evasion x4, Dualcast #2, Omnirod, Moogle Plushie x5!, Loyal Warrior x4, Bowie Knife, Tomb Raider, Ankh of Goddess x4, Croft's Intuition x2, Power of the Sands x3, Dual Wield #2, True Shard of Genius x4+, True Hydaelyn Guard x8+, True Follower's Oath x7.6, True Sage's Prajna x5+, True Spirit of Freedom x4+ plus 3 regular SoF, Sakurafubuki, ...Prodigy's Goggles x5, ...Protec Grappler, Distraction x2, Dual Wield #3
    Ability Awakenings: Ace: All +2; Luneth: SM +2, CT +2; Garnet: All +2, incl. PoA; Firion: LK +1, Lance +2; Wilhelm: Impregnable +2, Protector +2; Tidus: Quick Hit +2, Sun Crest +2, Tackle Slip +2; Zidane: Dual Edge +2; Aileen: Piledriver +2, Analysis +2; Xon: Master Thief +2
    6* units (in order of 6* awakening) (outdated): CoD (Crystal Tower!), Refia, Gilgamesh, Chizuru, Rain, Seven, D. Ariana, Cerius, Mercedes, Cecil (#2, with LB 20 from 3*; #1 is still 5*/80), Firion, Luka, Ling, Xiao, Bartz, Lasswell, Luneth, Xon, Terra and Kekfa, Y'shtola (LB 20), Queen, D. Ariana #2, Fina, Minfilia, Maxwell, Zyrus (LB 20), Tilith, Kelsus (LB 20), Rikku (LB 20), Zargabaath (LB 20), Setzer (iffy luck w/ him), WoL, Delita (intended ability awakening), Snow (Wilhelm bait? Worked!), Agrias (LB 20), Gaffgarion, Meliadoul, Ace (LB 20!), Ashe, C. Ariana, A2 (LB 20!), Charlotte, Soleil, Victoria, Garland, Popoi (why not?...), 9S (LB 20), Amelia, Ashe #2, 2B (LB 20), Hayate (for Spy- didn't use; was longest 4*), Wilhelm (same-day LB 20), Ayaka (same-day LB 20), Illusionist Nichol (LB 20), G.L. Sakura (LB 20), Tidus (LB 20), [Yda, Papalymo, Nine, Ilias, Cor], Onion Knight (same-day LB 20), Cloud (1-day LB 20, delayed), Barbariccia (LB 20), Miyuki (during event), Basch, [Amelia #2, Rikku #2], CG Sakura (1-day LB 20, delayed), Yan (LB 20, 2 days to level up exp :-/), Zidane, Garnet (LB 20), Steiner, Explorer Aileen (LB 20), Vivi, Roy (same-day LB 20), Kunshira (same-day LB 20), Tidus #2, Aileen (8k burst pots short on pull day), Dragonlord, Heavenly Technician Lid, Maritime Strategist Nichol, Pyro Glacial Lasswell, [Cecil #1 (!!!), Rosa, Dark Fina (burst pot normalization, finally!)], Veritas of the Light (SotSM), Veritas of the Earth (3* Golem/Titan), Seabreeze Dark Fina, [Nyalu, Sandee, Grinfield, Kupolkan, Ashteroze], Reberta, Ramza, Fryevia, Balthier, Lightning, Lara Croft x2, Orlandeau, Dark Fina #2, Fohlen, Trance Terra, Fryevia #2, Lunera, Marie, Lila, Elfreeda, Emperor Shera, Veritas of the Flame, Kelsus #4 and #5....

    6* max units still @ 5* (outdated): Zargabaath #2, Tidus #3, Barbariccia #2, D. Soleil x4, CG Sakura #2, Ayaka #2, Tidus #4 (STMR!), Aileen #2, Wilhelm #3, Lila #2!, Fryevia #3, Delita #2, Cloud #2, Cloud #3, Trance Terra #2.... // Still @ 4*: Roselia, Santa Roselia, Shine, Sozhe, Ilias, Grace, Beach Time Fina, Moogle, Rasler, Helena, Adam, Eve, Orran, Bran, Aria, Desch, King (finally!), Werei, Goken, Sylvia, WWFina, Crowe, Veritas of the Heavens, Rubicante, Cagnazzo, Olif, William, T. Carrie, Aura, Kaede, Vayne, Drace, (Ruggles still 3*), Chloe, Cedona, (Vivi and Kuja still 3*), Glauca, Veritas of the Waters (*only* notable unit off my 2nd ever non-5* guaranteed 5000 pull :-( ), Veritas of the Waters #2 (*filler* on my 5th ever non-5* guaranteed 5000 pull :) ), Wadow(s!), Camille, Ozetta, Emilia, Orochi, Shylt, Verun, Barusa, Kaliva, Lexa, Mystea, Seymour..., Killian....


    awakencryst[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]TODAY!:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Waiting: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    My TO DO list (Tegmine completed)
    Batch 1: Tidus (STMR?), Lightning, Orlandeau, Aileen, Queen, Trance Terra, Dark Fina, Seabreeze DF, Wilhelm, Delita off the bat. Only singles of Ace, Fohlen, Gilgamesh, Marie, OK, Olive, Ramza. No Darklord, DKC, Emperor, Rem.
    Batch 2: Tidus, Queen, Trance Terra, Ayaka, Reberta Cloud (STMR). Singles of Flamelord, K.Delita, Lightlord, Loren, Lunera, M.Ramza, Ace, OK, Nyx. No Beatrix, Eiko, Noctis, Prishe, Emperor.
    JP Batch 3: Ayaka, BS Sakura. Singles of Balthier, Elfreeda, Kunshira, PG Lasswell, Roy. No Aranea, Duke, Gladiolus, LM Fina, Lulu, Prompto, Yuna.
    JP Batch 4: Lila, MS Nichol. Singles of Basch, Emperor Shera, HT Lid, Nyx, Sephiroth. No AD Kain, Awakened Rain, Jiraiya, Medina, NG Jake, PS Rydia, Reagan. Also no Gabranth, lol.

    Still hunting (n/i 5* bases nor limited units)- Pecciotta, Shinju, Zile
    Missed: Mario Frigo, Ray Jack (again), Cupid A. (again), Chow, Ang, Christine, Kryla, WKN (again), C.K. Ariana, D. Rain/D. Lasswell (again), Pirate Jake, 9S #2, Primm, Seria/Karl, Fencer/Juggler/Thief (mostly Juggler, tbh) // Serpent Mace #2 (by 1 misclick!), Tempered Shield mats, Gravity Rod
    Slots: Units- 940; Items- 175; Materials- 275; Equipment- 600; Abilities- 285
    2nd Anniversary Medals- 1400, forever :( - RIP 300% toward random TMRs, at the very least.
    Arena Boards Completed- 35 (36.9K+ to cash in)
    Star Quartz- 2180+ and counting; bought Safety Bit and, ages ago, one Phoenix Down
    Relics- 9763+mailbox and counting (1 ADV V crafted)