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Dec 3, 2016
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Should I blow my wad for Dragonlord? I have 100 tix saved for Lid and Nichol. I like the idea of a simple nuker, altho I have BSS. May 4, 2018

    1. fletcha
      Should I blow my wad for Dragonlord? I have 100 tix saved for Lid and Nichol. I like the idea of a simple nuker, altho I have BSS.
      1. TheDude74
        I would save it for Nichol - looks like he will be broken as hell lol, i'm sitting on 100+ tickets myself waiting for his banner

        Edit - I did pull for him though since I am a whore for limited banners =P
        May 4, 2018
        fletcha likes this.
    2. fletcha
      Grendel hunting
    3. fletcha
      Killin' Rats & Bats (snore)
      1. Kenari likes this.
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    100% F2P. Longest streak without a RNG 5* Base summon: 10 months and 550 summons. Love this game!