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Aug 11, 2020 at 2:03 AM
Aug 31, 2016
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Jul 18, 1978 (Age: 42)
Dragoon Gulch, CA

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Ascended Member, Male, 42, from Dragoon Gulch, CA


Mm need to update my signature Aug 4, 2020

Hillgigas209 was last seen:
Aug 11, 2020 at 2:03 AM
    1. Hillgigas209
      Mm need to update my signature
    2. Hillgigas209
      I put nagi for favorite for dv purpose s I think she has power to undermine many of the levels but for shits and giggles I gave her lumiere
      1. hotaru251
        isnt her issue chaining partners?
        Jul 18, 2020
      2. Hillgigas209
        Ya it's tricky sometimes
        Figured some one can just use high multiplier moves couple element too..I usually cap with her and don't try too much chains unless it fit with some other unit..
        most peculiar is the graviton cannon...I have a Bartz with that chain that's it for now...heh
        Jul 22, 2020
    3. Hillgigas209
      Is it considered nice how well are my equipped friend list or is it showboating??
      1. Ashlag
        No idea. It's always good to have nice friend units, even if well it's also a way to find the whales in your IG friends (aka that one guy that have a units with every single piece of equipment being STMRs)
        Jul 8, 2020
        Tamamo05 and Hillgigas209 like this.
      2. Nixilu
        Wouldn't you rather use a nicely equipped unit as your companion? I'd prefer that over the naked unit that smatter my FL... ;)
        Jul 8, 2020
        Tamamo05 and Hillgigas209 like this.
    4. Hillgigas209
      I have alI my roles jobs.... do I know which Ones to 7 next..ya probs ..maybe stmr hunt in season hmm
    5. Hillgigas209
      Is the drop rate boost cap for rare and normal items a lie guys?I suspect ability cryst story..anyone who can attest to similar experience?
      1. Vatenkeist
        rare item does not always even on 100% (increase) chance up drop. As always a very controversial theme and sometime ago ppl did studies with the old Cryst thingy. Chamber
        Jun 25, 2020
        Hillgigas209 likes this.
    6. Hillgigas209
      Lol does a barrier count against Your damage recieved score in Dank VisiOnS ? Or no?
      1. hotaru251
        if u mean enemy hitting barrier health and not ur unit health...yes. as its still dmg taken in end.
        only dmg doesnt count is self inflicted dmg iirc. (like a certain gun user's suicide skill)
        Jun 25, 2020
        Hillgigas209 and Backosteel like this.
      2. Backosteel
        This is right on both counts.
        Jun 25, 2020
    7. Hillgigas209
      I am torn between wotv and ffbe feels
      1. TheKillingJoke likes this.
    8. Hillgigas209
      Just pulled the egg ticketz first Tifa sweet maybe cause the ff7R
      1. TheKillingJoke likes this.
    9. Hillgigas209
      I think I'ma try other team comps and not two dd cuz .. idk mixing it up is good two break or two tank may be cool...
    10. Hillgigas209
      I made a 7* Auron, And I may make a 7* M. S. Nichol
    11. Hillgigas209
      That not Erik, that's Kai to! Hmm weird units coming to me, got Rivera too maybe this is a hidden blessing! Ima read up on ...lolz
    12. Hillgigas209
      I have all my roles filled too, but i may uoc just for future proof or funz or save? Still having fun and looking sharp lol..next trials!
      1. TheKillingJoke likes this.
    13. Hillgigas209
      Spent my uoc (again)on agent olive cause I pulled a 50% stmr , shall I raven heart or 7* my Erik & Pcecil? Shall I save last 16?
      1. TheKillingJoke
        I'd Pcecil :-) He is incredibly strong.
        Feb 29, 2020
        Hillgigas209 likes this.
      2. Hillgigas209
        For sho P.Cecil! After i gonna save my last 8 uoc probs. have many of the dual weild hand equip% for at and mag Raven heart can wait for a spell..lol
        Feb 29, 2020
    14. Hillgigas209
      My new 11 rainbows were shiny and Happy
      1. TheKillingJoke likes this.
    15. Hillgigas209
      I spent my nice pots and 8 uoc on Fid and now can wear lids swimsuit .no shame , no regretzlolz
    16. Hillgigas209
      Goofing up my ST chains(another turn to attack the rest and build LB) but they turn to Stone and my team just bashes the others..wanty L be
    17. Hillgigas209
      Wow yeah missing lapis on story mode , whoops y looking like I'll be going back ..
    18. Hillgigas209
      Got really good 11 rainbows!
      1. Tamamo05 and MikePro like this.
    19. Hillgigas209
      I seven starred Regina today and max out att pots , can't wait to take out the trash lol
      1. Tamamo05 and Wdiggums like this.
    20. Hillgigas209
      Agent Olive is mine Yes sssss on a 4* ticket boom shakalaka
      1. liddokun, Tamamo05, MikePro and 2 others like this.
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  • About

    Jul 18, 1978 (Age: 42)
    Dragoon Gulch, CA
    Global ID:
    eAuron, e Lulu, bonus, Lenna, P. Cecil
    A giant roaming the town of Zozo. He puts all of his strength into a mean HeadButt. Sometimes he'll also send a Magnitude 8 quake at you.

    Rank 158 helllz yeeeeahd
    from a ::doink:: town::doink::in
    Northern California
    Mother Lode Gold rush area

    I live near Yosemite National Park
    . ⛷️?
    I love outdoors, and gaming, and final fantasy
    For evers
    Abracadabra baby!---

    ::exdeath::ive progressed quite a ways from the beginning, hitting a materia wall tho...time to initiate trial butt kicking mode lolz..
    Check! hit many ,
    Took a solid year to even discover chaining much less discuss families of chain, getting there...
    Made it to
    133 now,sweet...
    Still fun even if controversial,
    Now 138, got 3 copies of many 5*-7* to explore, I using 7* Cloud and Sepi to put pain down for FF7 beatdown...
    ,ᕙ (° ~ ° ~)
    Got a nagi and an Sylvia?so cool Weird..
    I am already happy with the team comps I can make but each new one is entertainment...
    2nd copy of Vincent ,7* him yes yes yes...
    a few more as well, mainly full of gil and need to spend (Squall, Lulu, Hg lid, Ayaka)
    10/17/19 .Running..220%demon killer r 2000's att.TDW Sepiroth,
    Take that raid boss
    SS Charlotte,
    WOL Krylie, &WOL Lenna ..(7*)
    to upgrade, made7* Lenna super Tankyy I hope enough...DO I need everyone TMR ability maybe yes maybe no
    Got Malphaise, I tmred and then crafted but forgot onimaru+ is a 2-hnd and orig. Is one hand ....o well I can Uoc another to get the 7* and another onimaru1.0
    dear journal, rank 158 it is hard to decide if I need dupe or stmr, but my me terra I must dupe cause almost no one has the element cover in a cWA (wind ?)fire and light ok , well anyway...
    I like toast...
    Rank 160
    I'm pretty sure I good for now into new neo visions
    Top tier units in all roles
    Element res.good but not impeccable
    Equipment and materia all nice
    Got the tdw and tdh 4 mag and att
    Need bulk and killers
    Did all rainbow again and have a great result
    need RAM and espers and clear story mode
    Bahaumut is next..
    lol still seems interesting...
    I am a free spirit so there's that.
    └|∵|┐♪♪┌|∵|┘♪ └|∵|┐♪♪┌|∵|┘♪
    I appreciate every single person

    I feel like I learn as I listen ,
    and wish them only perfect success,& Love©, love®,& love™️.

    great news about life and love
    yo to all ,
    Colleagues friends and loved ones please take time to celebrate responsibly please
    Designated drivers save lives.
    wash and be safe, take care of each other...

    Magnitude 8 out this motha️
    Ign: hilgigas



    7*'s::cactuar::[​IMG]Lenna, AKRain, Edel, P.Cecil, Fid,MWTerra Cloud, Sepiroth, HT Lid,
    Wol Lenna, Nagi, Ellesperis , MW Terra
    , .Sabin, Shadow Lord, Fryevia, Myra?
    ::vplaugh::Go ahead,MAKO my day::vplaugh::
    ::rudecat3::[​IMG]::rudecat3:: [​IMG]::rudecat3::