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Apr 3, 2022
Aug 31, 2016
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Jul 18, 1978 (Age: 43)
Dragoon Gulch, CA
phos gel plant mix/tender. Baker

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Ascended Member, Male, 43, from Dragoon Gulch, CA


Well I be taking a small break from FFBE, but I'll also be chill axin round these here parts Jan 7, 2022

Hillgigas209 was last seen:
Apr 3, 2022
    1. Hillgigas209
      Well I be taking a small break from FFBE, but I'll also be chill axin round these here parts
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    2. Hillgigas209
      Maybe I should just beef up ardyn
      1. Eynskaet and Sartre like this.
      2. Sartre
        Definitely still usable as a jump finisher, albeit a bit dated now.
        Dec 8, 2021
        Hillgigas209 and Eynskaet like this.
      3. Eynskaet
        I just used a Fragment Select ticket to get him to EX+2. Will probably regret it, but </shrug>.
        Dec 8, 2021
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    3. Hillgigas209
      The wolves path is so unpredictable and wish we had the under pass system in Cal like other places do that allow animals to walk under
      1. liddokun likes this.
    4. Hillgigas209
      Oh man OR-13 the wild grey wolf was killed en route during migration... by vehicle in Lebec, CA, sadge/w(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
      1. liddokun
        :( that's so unfortunate.
        I watched a video about Christmas Island Red Crab migration not long ago. An overpass may not be suitable for wolf, but at least maybe a warning sign may help to prevent it.
        Nov 26, 2021
        Hillgigas209 likes this.
    5. Hillgigas209
      Recruiting someone from .
      1. liddokun
        Sent you a request in case there's a free slot for another ffbe recruitment.
        Oct 31, 2021
        Hillgigas209 likes this.
    6. Hillgigas209
      T Rex can hear mee/W
      1. Wdiggums and Sartre like this.
    7. Hillgigas209
      My big quandary, auto boost and re res vs xtrnl buffs? King b is interesting in this aspect , auto cover, p+m mit,;what else can I put hm
    8. Hillgigas209
      Gah this brawler won't die
      1. Sartre and Backosteel like this.
      2. Sartre
        He's thicc bruh :-)
        Sep 13, 2021
        Hillgigas209 likes this.
    9. Hillgigas209
      Woot woot maintenance, did both shadow weapons in I. W. Pretty stoked and got some red star quarts at the end too tooᕦ(ツ)ᶅᕤ
      1. Backosteel and Sartre like this.
    10. Hillgigas209
      Holy crap it's Umaru, I'm literally freaking out! Oh boy big smash time, (now I have to pull for one:-3)
      1. TheKillingJoke and Sartre like this.
      2. Sartre
        If you can get a whole team of them then it' s a lot of fun to just sit back and watch em go Berserk on everything xD
        Aug 18, 2021
        Hillgigas209 likes this.
    11. Hillgigas209
      Now I'm sorta facerolling scorn trials for the fun of it lolz
      1. Ranzo and Sartre like this.
    12. Hillgigas209
      C o a gold medal is mine, yea babey! ╰(*´︶`*)╯
      1. Eynskaet likes this.
    13. Hillgigas209
      close to clearing the c o a finally! 。◕‿◕。
      1. Eynskaet likes this.
    14. Hillgigas209
      Got a nv on today banner, Kakteria, not sad per se but oof cus my fanmode online ff7
      1. Backosteel likes this.
    15. Hillgigas209
      Sent a fire and ice team cOW ol lvl 1 nv physalis was the host of the hour, no moves but ling and Vivi gave her moves and... go woot!;-√
    16. Hillgigas209
      Safe and sane independence holiday , I had a shaved ice with the missus (dragons blood)
    17. Hillgigas209
      Does anyone know if flat hp Regen stack with each other (not% but mire like Kinga talisman and galbana lilllies)? I know that% and flat do?
      1. victor sant
        victor sant
        Auto-cast effects does trigger from multiple sources as long they are different abilities. So, 2x Kinga talisman will not trigger twice, but Kinga talisman + galbana lilllies will each trigger once. It doesn't matter if it is % based or not.
        Jun 23, 2021
        Hillgigas209 likes this.
    18. Hillgigas209
      Nothing says "Dimensional Vortex" like a Dr Seuss painting, aaah..._(ツ)_/¯8-v(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
    19. Hillgigas209
      Sounding like I should focus in on Brad tho, buys some unit frags from special shop and boom shakalaka
    20. Hillgigas209
      Dang scored a nv Al+Ed, I can nva Brad and Roy but BS form ?I could if I dump resources (Omni,,stmr mog)...I got a little time left methinks
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  • About

    Jul 18, 1978 (Age: 43)
    Dragoon Gulch, CA
    phos gel plant mix/tender. Baker
    Global ID:
    Scariest , and KngB


    A giant roaming the town of Zozo. He puts all of his strength into a mean HeadButt. Sometimes he'll also send a Magnitude 8 quake at you.

    from a ::doink:: town::doink::in
    Northern California
    Mother Lode Gold rush area

    I live near Yosemite National Park
    . ⛷️?
    I love outdoors,
    Canines, (grey wolf 0R-93 aka IRL Red xiii)
    gaming, and final fantasy
    For evers
    Abracadabra baby!---

    ::exdeath::ive progressed quite a ways from the beginning, hitting a materia wall tho...time to initiate trial butt kicking mode lolz..
    Check! hit many ,
    Took a solid year to even discover chaining much less discuss families of chain, getting there...
    Made it to
    133 now,sweet...
    Still fun even if controversial,

    Now 138, got 3 copies of many 5*-7* to explore, I using 7* Cloud and Sepi to put pain down for FF7 beatdown...
    ,ᕙ (° ~ ° ~)
    Got a nagi and an Sylvia?so cool Weird..
    I am already happy with the team comps I can make but each new one is entertainment...
    2nd copy of Vincent ,7* him yes yes yes...
    a few more as well, mainly full of gil and need to spend (Squall, Lulu, Hg lid, Ayaka)
    10/17/19 .Running..220%demon killer r 2000's att.TDW Sepiroth,
    Take that raid boss
    SS Charlotte,
    WOL Krylie, &WOL Lenna ..(7*)
    to upgrade, made7* Lenna super Tankyy I hope enough...DO I need everyone TMR ability maybe yes maybe no
    Got Malphaise, I tmred and then crafted but forgot onimaru+ is a 2-hnd and orig. Is one hand ....o well I can Uoc another to get the 7* and another onimaru1.0(edit: yers later, no need for uoc or prism here anymore I got a crump load now lolz)
    Rank 158 helllz yeeeeahd
    dear journal, rank 158 it is hard to decide if I need dupe or stmr, but my MW terra I must dupe cause almost no one has the element cover in a cWA (wind ?)fire and light ok , well anyway...
    I like toast...
    (Edit: this proove to be false in time many cwa chains opened after the /ga/ja spell/green Magi QOL update )
    Rank 160
    I'm pretty sure I good for now into new neo visions
    Top tier units in all roles
    Element res.good but not impeccable
    Equipment and materia all nice
    Got the tdw and tdh 4 mag and att
    Need bulk and killers
    Did all rainbow again and have a great result
    need RAM and espers and clear story mode
    Bahaumut is next..
    Oh the neo visions of September so nice I am being patient but I uoc a tifa prism for Max ex+ needs some soon coin frags or those many free ones lol I like oh cloud Wells see lol

    Journal entry..April 2021,
    Ex 1 many nv, defeated Bahaumut for first time, capped Evo mag on d.p.fina..
    flux capacitor is down for repairs ,
    Rank 170,
    I am trapped in a aluminum turkey, bananas are my friend.
    Kk that's the first of April creeping up on me..

    Journal entry 4-11-21, rank 171..
    I'm going to attempt to nva king Edgar at some time , but for now I am working on ex+1 yuraisha, BSS, grim Sakura,and eem just got Faris to ex+1(to play with Wol Buttz Ex+1) and I'm figuring out field effects , not enough Gil so I may use my Gil maps lol..having fun an gonna try some more trials soon , I working on chamber of arms first lol

    Journal entry may2021
    Rank 178
    Living the fma style dream,
    Roasted many chamber of arms and a few trials Chronicles are fun too , Bahaumut is 2* now, I like the sbb so maybes time to revisit....
    I actually have enjoyed the nv era despite my suspicions...
    Cloud Zack sepiroth , the new three in one unit, replace nv era ? Lol well we will see...

    Journal entry 10/2021
    Rank 184
    Ok we're swimming in units and I am super good got 100 nv units complete

    Starting to POW'N the 3* esper ranks finally

    I missed obnoxious drop shop whoopsie a painful lesson, but I didn't need to fill roles just meta magic tank faisy elude , well I got several good ones Beatrix is my go-to..

    anywey, thanks content creators you all are God tier mega Uber power Zords love ya! Keep up the great stuff!

    lol still seems interesting...
    I am a free spirit so there's that.
    └|∵|┐♪♪┌|∵|┘♪ └|∵|┐♪♪┌|∵|┘♪
    I appreciate every single person

    I feel like I learn as I listen ,
    and wish them only perfect success,& Love©, love®,& love™️.

    Where is Dah Sol? I miss genuinely...
    great news about life and love
    yo to all ,
    Colleagues friends and loved ones please take time to celebrate responsibly please
    Designated drivers save lives.
    wash and be safe, take care of each other...

    "End of line "
    MCP -Tron
    Magnitude 8 out this motha️

    Ign: hilgigas



    ::nvcrystal::[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] ::nvcrystal::
    [​IMG] ::cactuar::[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    ::vplaugh::"Go ahead,MAKO my day" Thieves Guild::vplaugh::

    ::rudecat3::[​IMG]::rudecat3:: [​IMG]::rudecat3:: finally my love [​IMG]