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Jun 3, 2020 at 11:29 AM
Sep 19, 2016
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Jun 3, 2020 at 11:29 AM
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    Omega Weapon x1, Thunder God's Sword x1
    Dark Sword Arts x1, Original Arrival x1
    Angel Earrings x1, Ankh of Goddess x1, Arsha's Talisman x2, Bracer x1, Fairy's Scrunchie x1, Genji Glove x1, Growth Egg x2, Hanzo Gauntlet x1, Ice Headband x1, Marshal Glove x2, Millie's Charm x1, Miracle Shoes x1, Mystic Sash x1, Patches x1, Pod 153 x1, Portal Charm x1, Prodigy's Goggles x5, Ribbon x3, Ring of the Lucii x2, Thunder God's Plan x1, Twenty-sided Die x1
    Aegis Shield x1, Black Cowl x2, Cat Costume x6, Dark Fina's Swimsuit x2, Grand Armor x1, Kingsglaive Uniform x1, Leichtpanzer x1, Lid's Swimsuit x1, Lordly Robe x1, Maximilian x1, Minerva Bustier x1, Monster Breastplate x1, Moogle Plushie x3, Prishe's Hairpin x1, Rainbow Robe x1, Sara's Robe x1, Shield of the Empire x1, Ukiyo's Kariginu x3, Vestment of Mind x3
    Aqua Blade x1, Beastlord x1, Bowie Knife x2, Breath of Rose x6, Crimson Blood x2, Clown Staff x6, Draco Spike x8, Dream Harp x1, Dreamwalker x1, Excalibur x3, Fixed Dice x1, Goddess Bow x1, Gungnir x7, Hoemaru x1, Hyomonto x1, Kaiser Knuckles x1, Machine Gun+ x1, Magi Staff x1, Master's Hammer x1, Omnirod x1, Onion Knight x1, Over the Top x1, Rising Sun x1, Reaver x1, Romandan Pistol x1, Sakurafubuki x2, Save the Queen (FFT) x1, Stoss Spear x1, Tailor's Scissors x6, Virtuous Contract x2
    Aim x2, Auto-Limit x1, Awesome Swordsman x1, Barrage x2, Barrier Mage's Oath x1, Black Impulse x1, Bladeblitz x1, Blade/Katana Mastery x1, Buster Style x1, Cleanse x1, Comet x1, Counter x1, Cover x1, Cowered Courage x1, Croft's Intuition x2, Discernment x1, Distraction x2, Dream Maiden's Oracle x6, Duel Cast x3, Duel Wield x4, Equip Axe x2, Equip Bow x1, Equip H Armor x5, Equip H Shield x2, Equip L Sword x1, Equip S Sword x2, Equip Spear x1, Equip Staff x1, Esuna x1, Evade x1, Fira x2, Firaga x1, Flare x1, Follower's Oath x41, Fortitude and Vigor x2, Frigo and Etcetera x1, Goddess's Protection x1, Gun Upgrade x3, Heretic Abyss x1, High Spirits x1, Hill Digger x1, Holy x1, Holy Blade x1, HP +10% x2, HP +30% x1, Hydaelyn Guard x0, Ignorance x1, Innocence x1, Knowledge x1, Letters and Arms x1, Light's Blessing x1, Love x1, Loyal Warrior x1, MAG +30% x2, Machine Killer x1, Mechanical Heart x2, Melody of Life x1, Mentatility x1, Meteor x1, Mog Wisdom x10, Mood Maker x2, MP +30% x1, Persistence x1, Power of Creation x1, Power of the Sands x5, Power Shot x3, Proud Fencer x2, Quick Assault x1, Rage - Meteor x1, Resentment x1, Resuscitate x1, Sage's Prajna x0, Seed of Hope x2, Shard of Genius x0, Silence Dance x3, Spirit of Freedom x4, Store x2, Successor x1, Sworn Six’s Pride - Light x1, Syldra's Protection x1, Throw x1, Thundaga x1, Thundaga Blade x1, Tomb Raider x1, Tranquility x1, True Hydaelyn Guard x8, True Sage's Prajna x5, True Shard of Genius x4, True Spririt of Freedom x3, Turbulent Evasion x5, Ultima x1, Unmatched Wizardry x1, Vengful Wrath x5