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Jan 30, 2017
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Oct 10, 1992 (Age: 27)

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    Oct 10, 1992 (Age: 27)
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    whaling tf out all the time


    [Red = Able to become 7*, Black = Already made into 7*]
    2B (x2), A2, Ace, Aileen (x2, x1), Aloha Lasswell, Ang, Aranea (x3), Atoning Dragoon Kain, Auron, Aurora Fryevia (x1, x1), Awakened Rain (x1, x1), Ayaka, Balthier (x2), Barbariccia (x1, x1), Basch (x1, x1), Beatrix, Beryl, Blossom Sage Sakura (x3, x1), Charming Kitty Ariana, Chow (x2, x1), Christine, Circe, Citra (x3, x1), Cloud (x2, x1), Cloud-KH, Dark Fina (x1, x1), Dark Knight Cecil (x2), Delita (x2, x1), Demon Rain, Dracu Lasswell, Duke (x2), Eiko (x1, x1), Elephim (x2), Elfreeda, Ellesperis (x2), Elza, Emperor, Emperor Shera, Explorer Aileen, Fayt (x2), Felix, Fohlen (x3, x1), Folka, Freya VP, Fryevia (x1, x2), Gilgamesh (x2), Gladiolus (x1, x1), Grim Lord Sakura, Heavenly Technician Lid, Hyoh (x2, x2), Ignacio, Jecht, Jiraiya, Kelsus (x3), Knight Delita, Kryla (x1, x1), Kunshira, Kurasame, Lara Croft (x2), Lightning (x1, x1), Lila (x4), Livid Shantotto, Loren (x1, x1), Lotus Mage Fina (x1, x1), Lucius, Lulu (x3), Lunera, Luneth (x2, x1), Machina (x3), Malphasie, Marie, Maritime Strategist Nichol, Marquis de Léon (x3), Maxwell, Mediena (x3), Mercenary Ramza (x1, x1), Myra (x1, x1), Nalu, Nameless Gunner Jake, Noctis (x1, x1), Nyx, Olive, Onion Knight (x1, x1), Orlandeau (x3, x1), Popstar Katy, Prishe (x1, x1), Prompto (x2), Pure Summoner Rydia (x2), Pyro Glacial Lasswell (x1, x1), Queen (x1, x1), Raegan (x3, x1), Ramza (x2, x1), Ray Jack (x2), Reberta (x2), Rem (x3, x1), Rena (x2, x1), Rinoa (x1, x1), Roy (x3), Seabreeze Dark Fina (x1, x1), Seaside Nichol (x2), Sephiroth (x1, x1), Shadowlord (x2), Sieghard (x1, x1), Sophia, Sora, Squall (x1, x1), Tidus (x1, x2), Tifa, Trance Terra (x2), Ukiyo, Vagrant Knight Rain, Vargas (x3), Veritas of the Dark (x4), Veritas of the Flame, Veritas of the Light (x1, x1), Viktor Marchenko, Vincent (x2, x1), White Knight Noel, Wilhelm (x1, x1), Y'shtola (x2), Yun (x1, x1), Yuna (x2, x1), Zargabaath (x3, x1)
    STMR: AL-Type Magic Cannon, Amiculum Nigra, Attractive Shield, Badrosa, Betrothal Ring (FFT0), Black Trump, Corrupt Emperor, Dark Sword Arts (x2), Death Penalty, Dream of the Fayth (x2), Emperor's Ring, Escutcheon (FFT), Fayt's Clothes (x2), Florid Hairpin (x2), Force Mysterion, Godhands (FFXI), Heart's Light, Judge’s Oath, Kurokasumi, Lightlord’s Armor, Loyal General, Lucid Lenses, Luneth’s Clothes, Masamune (FFX), Mechabo Hammer, Myra's Mic Stand, Nyx's Dagger, Olive's Journal, Omega Weapon, Onion Knight's Mission, Popstar's Pendulum, Raegen's Overcoat, Rider's Armor, Sakura's Robe, Scanning Goggles, Sharpshooter, Shortcake, Staff of Ripples, Summer Whip, The Subservient, Three Stars (FVII), Thunder God’s Sword, Truth Seeker, Twisted Hero, Ultima Weapon (FFBE) (x2), Ultima Weapon (FFVII), Unquestionable Loyalty, Winged Heart, Witch’s Cackle, Yuna’s Clothes
    TMR: ABS Ring, Acceptance, Aegyo, Angel Flute, Artisan, Aurora Scarf, Awesome Swordsman, Barbariccia’s Spirit, Beastlord (x2), Brotherhood (x2), Buster Style (x2), Celestial Gloves, Chosen One, Clan Master’s Headband, Cloud's Cloak KH (x2), Colorful Lei, Crescent Rod, Croft's Intuition (x2), Dandelga, Dark Bond, Energy Converter, Ether Laser, Facade of Balance (x2), Farwell (x2), Fryevia's Needle (x2), Genji Glove, Guard of the Future, Hairpin of Purity (x2), Hero's Vow - Dark, Hero's Vow - Earth, Hero’s Vow - Light, Hero's Vow - Water, Hyoh's Clothes (x2), Iceblade Hilt, Ice Rosetta, Invigorator, Judge’s Helm, Kingdom Key KH, Knuckles of Hope (x3), Laevateinn (x2), Legendary Guardian (x2), Light's Vengeance, Love, Magic Sanctuary (x3), Marshal Glove (x4), Masamune (x2), Mateus Malice, Minstrel's Prayer, Mood Maker, Nature Loving Spellblade, Nirvana, Onion Sword, Past Regrets, Prishe's Hairpin (x2), Prodigy's Goggles (x2), Protector of Lapis, Pure White Blessing, Quintessence (x3), Rainbow Robe, Reaver, Ring of the Lucii (x3), Sage of Mysidia, Save the Queen (FFIX), Shard of Genius (x2), Shield of the Empire, Shooting Star, Soul of Thamasa (x2), Sparky, SSP-Dark, SSP-Light, Strategic Cape, Swift Hunter (x2), Thunder God’s Plan, Tomb Raider, Virtuous Contract (x3), White Knight's Soul (x2), Wisdom, Wrapping Bandages (x2), Zodiac Escutcheon