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Nov 15, 2019 at 8:29 AM
Mar 4, 2017
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Oct 19, 1998 (Age: 21)
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Forum-Crash-L0rd, Male, 21, from Germany

Staff Member Administrator Forum Manager VIP Supporter Arena Runner-Up S1

Aldore King Rain review is up! https://brave-exvius.com/threads/unit-review-aldore-king-rain-final-fantasy-brave-exvius.51222/ Nov 10, 2019

Memel0rd was last seen:
Nov 15, 2019 at 8:29 AM
    1. Memel0rd
    2. DeltaBlade23
      Aldore King Rain
      I will wait for reviews of him
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      2. Memel0rd
        Can't guarantee if the review will come tomorrow but Sunday for sure. I drank last night and tonight hosting a huge party so who knows how I'll feel tomorrow.
        Nov 8, 2019
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      3. Daxlein
        That's my boy Meme. Get turnt.
        Nov 8, 2019
        Luzan likes this.
      4. DeltaBlade23
        Thats our meme im not rushing sir
        Nov 8, 2019
        Luzan likes this.
    3. Memel0rd
    4. Memel0rd
      Review will come tomorrow in the morning! I only need to write Kefka's text to finish it, but it's 12 pm and I'm tired af. My apologies!
      1. Masvroh, Shr, Bartleby and 3 others like this.
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      3. Memel0rd
        Nov 2, 2019
      4. hotaru251
        u sleep at noon?
        Nov 2, 2019
      5. Regalia
        He's in Germany. His post was at ::math, math, math:: either Midnight or 1am. Stupid daylight savings, making me do math...
        Nov 2, 2019
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    5. Memel0rd
    6. Memel0rd
    7. Frosty Toast
      Frosty Toast
      happy late borthday mod boi ::rudecat5::
      I quote @TLA:
      Baby mod boi all grown up now.
      Papa burb is proud.

      I'm sure he is proud. ::ink::

      Happy late birthday! :D
      1. Memel0rd
        Lol when did TLA say that? I can't remember :D
        Oct 23, 2019
      2. Jimmy Barnes
        Jimmy Barnes
        It was the best of toast and the frostiest of toast but, most importantly he was a funny toast.
        Oct 28, 2019
        Frosty Toast likes this.
    8. GalVintron
      Would u do a mini review for Mordegon? He's my 1st powerful magic user. I've been stuck with mostly melee. No TTs, nothing, other then Rinoa and Luna. Game has shoved them down my throat so much I have both their STMRs lol. . I need any help I can get. Especially with my magic gear, abilities suck also. Thanks for your time reading this at least. Happy belated Bday as well.
      1. GalVintron
        And never mind lol. I just started reading your latest review, and in the first paragraph my question was answered lol. Thanks.
        Oct 20, 2019
    9. Memel0rd
      Happy birthday me::chow::
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Master Red
        Master Red
        Happy birthday!
        Oct 19, 2019
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      3. Xacques
        Oct 19, 2019
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      4. Consarn
        it is good day to eat
        Oct 19, 2019
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    10. Memel0rd
    11. Memel0rd
      Today FFV review! Stay tuned.
      1. North_Rock, Bartleby, danacol and 5 others like this.
      2. Wdiggums
        Puts on tinfoil hat to tune in xD
        Oct 14, 2019
    12. Memel0rd
      oooooh! Spooky halloween colours for Supporters and VIP. If you want to become a supporter, simply apply in the recruitment zone. :)
      1. Tamamo05, Regalia, Shr and 3 others like this.
      2. Frosty Toast
        Frosty Toast
        They look great!!!!! Thanks Meme! :D <3
        Oct 7, 2019
        Tamamo05 and Memel0rd like this.
      3. Tamamo05
        I always forget to screenshot my message XD
        Oct 7, 2019
    13. Memel0rd
    14. Flintzer0
      Hey, you. Yeah, I'm looking at you, l0rd of the Memes. You do a TON of hard work, and have an incredibly analytical and detailed way of presenting things. You're awesome. Thanks for your hard work.
      1. Memel0rd
        Thank you very much Flintz! :)
        Oct 7, 2019
        Tamamo05 and Flintzer0 like this.
    15. Rini
      Is it possible to review A.I. Katy in various roles? In the role of a tank, a support mage and a physical damage dealer?
      1. Shr
        She is mediocre in all of them ::ink::
        Oct 6, 2019
        Seven and Luzan like this.
      2. Razgriz
        It is, he just don't want
        Oct 6, 2019
      3. Memel0rd
        Her most outstanding niche is physical dodge tanking while having breaks. As a magic tank with breaks she's competing with Beryl who'd fit the exact same niche. Her damage output is okay but nothing to be excited for. You can use her how you want and she will perform decently in almost all roles.
        Oct 7, 2019
    16. Memel0rd
      Tomorrow I'll post the FF2 review and hopefully will be done with DQ soon. :)
      1. Seven, Luzan, Shr and 3 others like this.
    17. Memel0rd
      The DQ unit review will come next week, busy week and I spent most of the free time working on YT videos. Also it's a 4 unit "banner", oof.
    18. Memel0rd
      Just finished 9 hours of straight working without breaks on a new video. The moments where you're happy nobody pays you. ::chow:: (sarcasm)
      1. Regalia
        Labor of love, my friend. You labor, we love you for it.
        Sep 28, 2019
        Tamamo05 likes this.
    19. Kuuro
      1. Seven likes this.
      2. Memel0rd
        Sep 27, 2019
        Kuuro likes this.
    20. Memel0rd
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    Oct 19, 1998 (Age: 21)
    Home Page:
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    Japan ID:
    GL: Warrior of Light Bartz
    I am a german guitarist from muc.
    Currently outside of reviewing and ranking units, I do a lot of sports, mainly calisthenics. I've always enjoyed great video games, especially RPGs.

    Since I am putting a lot of effort into writing reviews, if you enjoy them, consider supporting me through patreon! :)

    Wanna support me?

    My PayPal: philliprumpelt@gmail.com

    5* Units on Memel0rd (GL MAIN): (Rank 167)
    Ace x3 // Aerith x4 // Aileen x3 // Aloha Lasswell x3 // Akstar x2 // Ang // Aranea x3 // Atoning Dragoon Kain x3 // Auron x2 // Aurora Fryevia x3 // Awakened Rain x4 // Ayaka x2 // A2
    B: Balthier x4 // Barbariccia x5 // Bart x2 // Basch x3 // Beatrix // Beryl // Black Mage Golbez // Blossom Sage Sakura x2
    C: Chow // Cid x5 // Citra x2 // Cloud x7 // Crimson
    D: Dark Fina x2 // Dark Knight Cecil x5 // Dark Knight Leon // Delita x4 // Dragonlord x2 // Dracu Lasswell // Dressy Aileen // Duke x2
    E: Eiko x2 // Elephim x2 // Elfreeda x5 // Ellesperis x4 // Elly // Emperor x4 // Esther x5 // Explorer Aileen
    F: Fayt x2 // Fohlen x3 // Folka x3 // Fryevia x5
    G: Gilgamesh x3 // Gladiolus x3 // Grim Lord Sakura
    H: Heavenly Technician Lid x4 // High Seraph Ultima x2 // Hyoh
    I: Ignacio x4 // Ignis
    J: Jecht x3 // Jiraiya x2
    K: Kaito // Knight Delita x4 // Kryla x2 // Kunshira x3 // Kurasame x4
    L: Lightning x7 // Lila x3 // Lilith x2 // Lotus Mage Fina x6 // Loren x3 // Lucius // Lulu x4 // Lunera x3 // Luneth x2
    M: Machina // Maria // Marie x4 // Maritime Strategist Nichol x7 // Mediena x6 // Mercenary Ramza x6 // Myra x2
    N: Nalu x4 // Nameless Gunner Jake x4 // Neverending Hope // Noctis x3 // Nyx x6
    O: Olive x5 // Onion Knight // Orlandeau x5
    P: Prishe x4 // Prompto x3 // Pure Summoner Rydia x4 // Pyro Glacial Lasswell x7
    Q: Queen x3
    R: Raegen // Ramza x7 // Ray Jack // Reberta x2 // Rem x5 // Rinoa x2 // Roy x5
    S: Sacred Shield Charlotte x2 // Seabreeze Dark Fina x3 // Seaside Nichol // Sephiroth // Sieghard x5 // Sol x2 // Sora // Squall x6
    T: Tiana // Tidus x2 // Tifa x2 // Trance Terra x4
    V: Veritas of the Flame x2 // Veritas of the Light x2 // Viktor Marchenko x2 // Vincent x2
    W: Warrior of Light Bartz x5 // Warrior of Light Lenna x2 // White Knight Noel x2 // Wilhelm x5
    Y: Yuffie // Yun // Yuna x3 // Yuraisha
    Z: Zack // Zargabaath // Zeno
    #: 2B x2

    5* Units on Meme64 (GL ALT): (Rank 115)
    Aileen // Ayaka // Veritas of the Fire // Dark Fina // Ace // Ramza x2 // Delita // Dark Knight Cecil // Ignis // Luneth x3 // Olive x2 // Marie // Elza // Fohlen // Seabreeze Dark Fina // Gladiolus // Christine x2 // Roy // Elfreeda // Explorer Aileen // Noctis // Prompto // Yuna

    5* Units on Meme (JP Main): (Rank 154)
    Current Max 7* Units:
    Randi (STMR complete), CG Hyou (STMR complete), Elly, Sephiroth, CG Sieghart, Awakened Rain, Wilhelm (STMR complete), Ayaka, CG Nichol, Dark Veritas, Cloud, Balthier (STMR complete), Noctis, Dragonlord, CG Citra (STMR complete), Rinoa, Onion Knight, Luneth, Lightning (STMR complete), Ramza, Queen, Lila (STMR complete), Prishe (STMR complete), Seabreeze Dark Fina, Elfriede, Duke, Akstar (STMR complete)
    [Still Leveling to 120: Elly #2, CG Lid, Bart, Estark, Nyx (Level 110, LB Martyr), Marie, Orlando, Marquis de Leon, Gilgamesh, Delita, Fire Veritas, CG Folka, CG Lasswell, Yego, OK Refia, Aileen, Santa Roselia, Trance Terra, Shadowlord, Lid/Fina, Prompto, Nal, Ignacio, Fid].
    One Lonely Copy: Emperor Shiera, CG Raegan, Tidus, Kid Rydia, Yuna, Ignis, Ace, Enraged Shantotto, Marie, Dark Knight Cecil, Lulu, Gladio, Merc. Ramza, Forren, Hunter Rain, 2B, Lenneth, Freya, Flammie, Fei, Maria, Vincent, Basch, Light Veritas, Primrose, Red XIII, Aerith, Aranea, CG Fina, Yego, Machina.
    JP ATK, DEF, MAG, SPR, & HP Parameter Missions Completed, MP Remaining

    5* Units on Meme64 (JP ALT 1): (Rank 136)
    Dark Veritas 7* STMR // Ramza // Ayaka 7* STMR // Ace // Eileen // Cloud 7* STMR // Lila 7* // CG Nichol 7* // CG Lasswell // CG Reagan 7* // CG Lid // Kid Rydia // Helmless Kain 7* // Awakened Rain // Basch // Lightning // Gilgamesh // Luneth // Randi // Tidus 7* // Wilhelm // Forren 7* STMR (new) // Runera // Light Veritas // Aranea // Yuna // 2B // Rem 7* // Mercenary Ramza // Duke 7* // Rinoa // Squall // Gladio 7* // CG Fina // Marie // Lulu // Delita x2 // Ignis // CG Citra // Fire Veritas // Freya // Tifa // Vincent // Flammie // Beatrix // Elly // Auron // Jecht

    5* Units on Memel0rd (JP ALT 2): (Rank 92)
    Trance Terra // Ayaka // Roy // CG Fina x2 // Basch // CG Lid x2 // Sephiroth x2 // CG Reagan // Lightning 7* // Luneth 7* // Eiko 7* // Light Veritas 7* // Light Veritas // Dark Knight Cecil // Ace 7* // Eileen // Summer Majin Fina // Knight Delita // Noctis // Gabranth // CG Jake // Kid Rydia // Helmless Kain // Queen // Emperor // Forren // Prishe // Fire Veritas // Cloud // Yuna // Aranea // Flammie

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