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Oct 20, 2018 at 10:17 AM
Mar 4, 2017
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Oct 19, 1998 (Age: 20)
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Unil0rd, Male, 20, from Germany

Staff Member Administrator Forum Manager VIP Supporter Arena Runner-Up S1

Finally fixed my internet connection Oct 20, 2018 at 8:34 AM

Memel0rd was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Oct 20, 2018 at 10:17 AM
    1. Memel0rd
      Finally fixed my internet connection
      1. lupinorris likes this.
    2. SonicANIME
      Quick update, Gumi hotfixed lilith. Her demon guard magic works as designed
      1. Memel0rd
        Thanks for letting me know :)
        Oct 20, 2018 at 8:32 AM
    3. insaneddie
      Happy bday dude! Thanks for all your contributions to the community!
      1. Memel0rd likes this.
    4. SonicANIME
      A quick heads up, I dont know if this is a bug that gumi is aware of, but watch out for Liliths demonic guard magic, her aoe magic cover ability. I've used it multiple times against aoe magic bosses like golem and ramuh, but they've failed to proc against the aoe magic attacks like they should
      I submitted a bug report online and through the game with pictures, hope they address this
      1. SonicANIME
        Update, it's just her demon guard magical that isn't working. The physical cover works
        Oct 19, 2018 at 11:35 AM
      2. Andrik
        It's a 75% proc rate. Wont always work.
        Oct 19, 2018 at 3:22 PM
      3. Andrik
        My apologies, did not realise her magical cover was bugged.
        Oct 19, 2018 at 5:00 PM
    5. Memel0rd
      1. Xou
        Happy uterus independence day!!!!
        Oct 19, 2018 at 4:51 AM
    6. Raelf
      Ah ok I get it now
    7. Memel0rd
      D.Lasswell will rank as #3 in the chainers. Damage wise higher than Hyoh, below Nyx. But no current chaining partners.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Memel0rd
        @theJanne Yes. 690% mods. His DR move is quite weak with 400%.
        Oct 18, 2018 at 4:33 AM
        Raelf and theJanne like this.
      3. Xou
        Looks like ur gunna get a ma/phy cover tank to chain with that Nyx of yours :^D
        Oct 18, 2018 at 7:58 AM
      4. Memel0rd
        @Xou unless birthday miracles happen I won't pull.
        Oct 18, 2018 at 8:01 AM
        Raelf and Xou like this.
    8. Memel0rd
    9. Memel0rd
    10. Memel0rd
      1. TheDude74
        I think it is hilarious how her limit break CG animation pauses for a split second on her chest lol, total fanservice there
        Oct 14, 2018 at 9:49 AM
        Ari likes this.
    11. Memel0rd
      Lila Offbanner on Ignis' banner.... sigh, why Ignis.
      1. Master Red and Pamijoe like this.
    12. Memel0rd
      1. Rajin1
        Any chance of a Ranking List revise, I know the 7* release caught everyone a little off guard.
        Oct 15, 2018 at 7:44 AM
      2. Memel0rd
        What do you mean?
        Oct 15, 2018 at 7:46 AM
    13. Memel0rd
      7* Batch overview will come tomorrow. I got nothing prepared due to no ingame news before maint <.<
      1. Stavros
        Good Luck! Busy day for you :)
        Oct 11, 2018
      2. Xou
        It was a pleasant suprise... but I hate suprises!
        Oct 11, 2018
    14. Memel0rd
      Almost 15k likes! Also, first day of uni, pretty exhausted :).
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      2. Kingguss
        Take one more
        Oct 8, 2018
        Memel0rd likes this.
      3. Zach2004
        And another
        Oct 9, 2018
        Memel0rd likes this.
      4. Demonicake
        Hit it!
        Oct 9, 2018
        Memel0rd likes this.
    15. Memel0rd
      How to fix sleep schedule, i should be up in roughly 4hs, oof
      1. Kingguss, Master Red and Masvroh like this.
      2. Kingguss
        my sleep schedule has always been off. I'm always up til like 5am no matter how much I sleep, I blame ffbe lol
        Oct 7, 2018
    16. Pamijoe
      Why doesn't the Ignis review/link show up on your profile page? Just "mistakenly" stumbled on it through wiki
      1. smallpi and jager00x like this.
      2. Memel0rd
        Oct 7, 2018
        Pamijoe likes this.
    17. Memel0rd
      Cool boss :))) just let him spam a really strong aoe mp drain, makes it so much funnier when you cant use jack shit
      1. smallpi, jager00x, Milarion and 4 others like this.
      2. Marco Aurelio Vins
        Marco Aurelio Vins
        Just so f*cking annoying
        Oct 5, 2018
        jager00x likes this.
    18. Memel0rd
      Nyx is useless in phase 2 for calcabrina, will temporarily swap to Nalu. Sorry nyx, but your imbue + her counters = dead
      1. BigNBald5 likes this.
      2. BigNBald5
        I used a crazy team to win but missed 2 missions (2nd was by accident i thought i gave lm fina arc arcana) 2 loren (1 enhanced, the other evade), dragonlord, lm fina, olive, friend a. Rain
        Oct 6, 2018
    19. Memel0rd
      Ignis is coming... man I want him badly.
      1. Nermon and Pamijoe like this.
    20. Memel0rd
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    Oct 19, 1998 (Age: 20)
    Home Page:
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    GL: Nyx | JP: Hyou
    I am a german guitarist from muc.
    Currently outside of reviewing and ranking units, I do a lot of sports, mainly calisthenics. I've always enjoyed great video games, especially RPGs.

    Since I am putting a lot of effort into writing reviews, if you enjoy them, consider supporting me through patreon! :)

    Wanna support me?

    5* Units on Memel0rd (GL MAIN): (Rank 145)
    Ace x2 // Aileen x2 // Ang // Aranea // Atoning Dragoon Kain x2 // Awakened Rain x2 // Ayaka // Balthier x2 // Barbariccia x3 // Basch x2 // Beatrix // Chow // Cloud x4 // Dark Fina x2 // Dark Knight Cecil x3 // Delita x2 // Dragonlord x2 // Duke x2 // Eiko // Elfreeda x3 // Emperor x3 // Explorer Aileen // Fayt // Fohlen x3 // Fryevia x5 // Gilgamesh x2 // Gladiolus // Heavenly Technician Lid // Jiraiya // Knight Delita // Kryla // Kunshira x3 // Lightning x5 // Lila // Lilith x2 // Lotus Mage Fina x4 // Loren // Lucius // Lulu x3 // Lunera x2 // Luneth x2 // Marie x2 // Maritime Strategist Nichol x3 // Mediena x2 // Mercenary Ramza x5 // Nalu x4 // Nameless Gunner Jake // Noctis x2 // Nyx x2 // Olive x5 // Onion Knight // Orlandeau // Prishe x2 // Pyro Glacial Lasswell x2 // Queen // Raegen // Ramza x4 // Ray Jack // Reberta x2 // Rem x3 // Roy // Seabreeze Dark Fina x2 // Squall x5 // Tidus // Trance Terra x3 // Veritas of the Light x2 // Viktor Marchenko x2 // White Knight Noel x2 // Wilhelm x3 // Yuna

    5* Units on Meme64 (GL ALT): (Rank 115)
    Aileen // Veritas of the Fire // Dark Fina // Ace // Ramza x2 // Delita // Dark Knight Cecil // Luneth x3 // Olive x2 // Marie // Elza // Fohlen // Seabreeze Dark Fina // Gladiolus // Christine // Roy // Elfreeda // Explorer Aileen // Noctis // Prompto // Yuna

    5* Units on Meme (JP Main): (Rank 153)
    Current Max 7* Units:
    Randi (STMR complete), CG Hyou (STMR complete), Elly, Sephiroth, CG Sieghart, Awakened Rain, Wilhelm (STMR complete), Ayaka, CG Nichol, Dark Veritas, Cloud, Balthier (STMR complete), Noctis, Dragonlord, CG Citra (STMR complete), Rinoa, Onion Knight, Luneth, Lightning (STMR complete), Ramza, Queen, Lila (STMR complete), Prishe (STMR complete), Seabreeze Dark Fina, Elfriede, Duke [Still Leveling to 120: Elly #2, CG Lid, Bart, Estark, Nyx (Level 110, LB Martyr), Marie, Orlando, Marquis de Leon, Gilgamesh, Delita, Fire Veritas, CG Folka, CG Lasswell, Santa Roselia, Trance Terra, Shadowlord, Lid/Fina, Prompto, Nal, Ignacio, Fid].
    One Lonely Copy: Emperor Shiera, CG Raegan, Tidus, Kid Rydia, Yuna, Ignis, Ace, Enraged Shantotto, Marie, Dark Knight Cecil, Lulu, Gladio, Merc. Ramza, Forren, Hunter Rain, 2B, Lenneth, Freya, Flammie, Fei, Maria, Vincent, Basch, Light Veritas, Primrose, Red XIII, Aerith, Aranea, CG Fina, Yego, Akstar
    JP ATK, DEF, MAG, SPR, & HP Parameter Missions Completed, MP Remaining

    5* Units on Meme64 (JP ALT 1): (Rank 136)
    Dark Veritas 7* STMR // Ramza // Ayaka 7* STMR // Ace // Eileen // Cloud 7* STMR // Lila 7* // CG Nichol 7* // CG Lasswell // CG Reagan 7* // CG Lid // Kid Rydia // Helmless Kain 7* // Awakened Rain // Basch // Lightning // Gilgamesh // Luneth // Randi // Tidus 7* // Wilhelm // Forren 7* STMR (new) // Runera // Light Veritas // Aranea // Yuna // 2B // Rem 7* // Mercenary Ramza // Duke 7* // Rinoa // Squall // Gladio 7* // CG Fina // Marie // Lulu // Delita x2 // Ignis // CG Citra // Fire Veritas // Freya // Tifa // Vincent // Flammie // Beatrix // Elly // Auron // Jecht

    5* Units on Memel0rd (JP ALT 2): (Rank 92)
    Trance Terra // Ayaka // Roy // CG Fina x2 // Basch // CG Lid x2 // Sephiroth x2 // CG Reagan // Lightning 7* // Luneth 7* // Eiko 7* // Light Veritas 7* // Light Veritas // Dark Knight Cecil // Ace 7* // Eileen // Summer Majin Fina // Knight Delita // Noctis // Gabranth // CG Jake // Kid Rydia // Helmless Kain // Queen // Emperor // Forren // Prishe // Fire Veritas // Cloud // Yuna // Aranea // Flammie

    [​IMG] Professional Tidus fanboi[​IMG]


    Want me to pull on the halloween banner? Actually a funny coincidence for the event to show up tomorrow.
    Don't if you can't afford it.
    My PayPal:

    I would record or possibly (if I can) stream all pulls.
    If you don't want me to pull, just leave a note. I won't use it on the game then.