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Sep 18, 2018 at 6:05 AM
Sep 10, 2017
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The Void
Existance eraser

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Sep 18, 2018 at 6:05 AM
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    The Void
    Existance eraser
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    Aqua Blade (x2), Artisan (x2), Bowie Knife (x3), Breath of Rose (x9), Brotherhood (x2), Clown Staff (x10), Crimson Blood (x2), Draco Spike (x6), Dream Harp (x2), Dreamwalker, Excalibur (x2), Excalibur II, Fixed Dice, Flaming Blade Agni, Fryevia's Needle (x2), Glauca's Greatsword, Gungnir (x7), Hoemaru, Hyomonto, Kaiser Knuckles (x3), Lion Heart, Machine Gun+, Magi Staff, Masamune, Mateus's Malice (x2), Nirvana, Omega Weapon, Omnirod (x2), Onion Sword, Over the Top (x2), Reaver, Revolving Saw (x3), Sakurafubuki (x2), Save the Queen FFT, Save the Queen IX, Sparky, Summer Whip, Tailor's Scissors (x10), Tonitrus, Venomous Edge

    Aegis Shield (x2), Moogle Plushie (x6), Zodiac Escutcheon

    Cat Costume (x8), Dark Fina's Swimsuit (x3), Dark Robe, Grand Armor (x2), Kingsglaive Uniform, Leichtpanzer, Lid's Swimsuit, Lordly Robe, Minerva Bustier, Monster Breastplate, Rainbow Robe (x2), Sara's Robe, Strategic Cape, Training Clothes, Vestment of Mind

    Aria's Ribbon, Hairpin of Purity (x2), Prishe's Hairpin, Rider's Helm, Trick Hat

    Angel Earrings, Ankh of Godess (x6), Arsha's Talisman, Ashe's Ring, Aurora Scarf, Champion's Belt (x2), Clan Master's Headband, Desch's Earring (x2), Fairy's Scrunchie, Genji Glove, Growth Egg, Hanzo Gauntlet, Ice Headband, Ice Rosetta, Jake's Pirate Ring, Japa Mala, Magic Amplifier, Marshal Glove (x4), Millie's Charm (x5), Miracle Shoes, Patches, Pod 153 (x2), Portal Charm, Prodigy's Goggles (x6), Ribbon (x2), Rikku's Pouch (x2), Ring of the Lucii (x2), Snowbear, Soul of Thamasa

    Aquan Killer, Awesome Swordsman, Barbariccia's Spirit, Barrage, Buster Style (x2), Camouflage, Cowered Courage (x6), Croft's Intuition (x2), Dark Bond, Dark Knight's Soul, Discernment, Doublehand (x2), Dragon Killer, Dragoon's Pride (x2), Dream Maiden's Oracle (x9), Drink, Dual Wield (x3), Dualcast (x2), Energy Converter, Equip Axe, Equip H Armor (x3), Equip H Shield, Equip L Sword, Equip S Sword, Equip Spear, Equip Staff, Fortitude and Vigor (x2), Frigo and Etcetera (x2), Gun Upgrade (x3), High Spirits, Holy Blade, Innocence, Instrumental Flair, Katana Mastery, Letters & Arms (x3), Loyal Warrior (x4), MAG +30% (x3), Machine Killer, Mage's Resolution (x2), Mechanical Heart (x2), Mood Maker (x3), Nature Loving Spellblade (x2), Patriotic Recall (x3), Persistence, Power of the Sands (x6), Protector of Lapis, Proud Fencer, Pure White Blessing, Quick Assault, Quintessence, Sage of Mysidia (x2), Seed of Hope (x2), Stone Killer, Successor, Sworn Six's Pride - Dark (x2), Sworn Six's Pride - Light, Sworn Six's Pride - Water, Sworn Six's Pride - Wind, Syldra's Protection, TF29 Agent, Thirst for Survival (x2), Tomb Raider (x2), Turbulent Evasion (x7), Unmatched Wizardry (x3), White Knight's Soul, Wisdom


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    Adam (110) | A.Rain (115) | D.Fina (110) | Hyoh (120) | Lightning (110) | Marie (110) | Olive (110) | Rinoa (112) | SBDF (111) | Viktor (110)
    Ace | Aileen (x2) | A.Rain (x2) | Ayaka (x3) | Balthier | Barbie (x5) | Basch (x2) | Beatrix | BSS (x3) | Chow | Christine | Cloud (x3) | DKC (x2) | Delita (x2) | Dragonlord | Dookie (x2) | Eiko | Elfreeda (x7) | Emperor (x2) | E.Aileen (x2) | Fohlen | Fry (x7) | Gilgamesh | GLS | Jiraiya | K.D. (x4) | Kunshira (x2) | Lila (x3) | Loren | LMF (x2) | Lunera (x3) | MSN (x2) | Mediena | M.R. (x3) | Nalu | NGJ | Noctis (x3) | Nyx (x4) | Olive (x2) | Onion Knight (x4) | Orlandeau | Prishe | Prompto (x6) | PS Rydia | Queen (x4) | Raegen (x2) | Ramza | Reberta (x2) | Rem | R.J. | Sephiroth (x5) | Shadow Lord | Squall (x2) | Tidus (x3) | TT (x2) | VoD (x3) | VoF (x2) | VoL | WKN | Yun (x2) | Yuna (x2) | Zarg (x2)