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Dec 2, 2020 at 5:30 PM
Apr 22, 2018
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September 26

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"Hall of Fame" Member, Male, from Germany


From Bloodborne to Sekiro - thought I was trained and prepared after beating Bloodborne at least eight times - seems I was wrong #havemercy Dec 29, 2019

Obstkeks was last seen:
Dec 2, 2020 at 5:30 PM
    1. Clodia
      Heute Nacht hatte ich einen seltsamen Traum, in dem du rumgegeistert bist :D Ich weiß die Details nicht mehr, aaaaber du warst da.
      1. Obstkeks and TheKillingJoke like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Obstkeks
        Vielleicht war es ja kein Traum (:
        Jun 4, 2020
        TheKillingJoke and Clodia like this.
      4. Clodia
        Ich, ich geh mal die Schlösser austauschen. Kein besonderer Grund. Nur so.
        Jun 4, 2020
        Obstkeks and TheKillingJoke like this.
      5. Obstkeks
        Jun 4, 2020
        Clodia likes this.
    2. Obstkeks
      From Bloodborne to Sekiro - thought I was trained and prepared after beating Bloodborne at least eight times - seems I was wrong #havemercy
      1. hotaru251
        bloodborne rewarded aggressive play.
        Sekiro rewards defensive play.
        Dec 29, 2019
        Obstkeks likes this.
      2. Obstkeks
        And in Bloodborne one had the chance to grind and level stats and weapons when the enemy was to tough - Sekiro not, it wants me to perfect the combat system. But I'll hang on \o
        Dec 29, 2019
        PhaseShifter likes this.
    3. Obstkeks
      Admit: Chamber of the Vengeful was an eggcellent idea. Eggtreme grindy, but fun to search my roster for some eggtravagant unit to use.
      1. Kurogane and TheKillingJoke like this.
      2. TheKillingJoke
        You eggsagerate :-)
        Jul 12, 2019
        Obstkeks and Kurogane like this.
    4. Obstkeks
      Like the fact that I can use my 12-hour nightshift to complete all content I was lacking. So now up-to-date with everything...
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    5. Obstkeks
      What to pull, what to pull...Need nothing right now, but just want to pull...
      1. Frosty Toast
        Frosty Toast
        pull everything and everything
        du willst es doch auch.
        Jun 9, 2019
      2. Obstkeks
        But I like to sparen also so that I kann pull auf andere Units :}
        Jun 9, 2019
        Frosty Toast likes this.
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    Bold units have their STMR acquired.

    Chamber of Arms
    Warden Welter

    Siren 3★
    Ifrit 3★
    Golem 3★
    Shiva 3★
    Ramuh 3★
    Diabolos 3★
    Carbuncle 3★
    Odin 3★
    Titan 3★
    Lakshmi 3★
    Tetra Sylphid 3★
    Bahamut 2★
    Fenrir 3★
    Leviathan 3★
    Phoenix 3★
    Alexander 3★
    Anima 3★
    Asura 2★
    Kokuryu 3★

    Chamber of the Fallen
    Attack of the Intangir
    Surging Menace
    Attack of Antenolla
    Attack of the 2-Headed Dragon
    March of the Beasts
    Attack of Gilgamesh
    Beasts of the Dark
    The Lure of Echidna
    The Octopus and the Teacher
    Machina of Destruction
    The Rumble of Malboro
    Wicked Moon
    The Fallen Ice Bird
    The Legendary Stag
    Armor of Oppression
    The Torturous Trio
    Great Explosion Festival
    Ancient Hellbringer
    Venomous Vines of Death
    The Mad Doll
    Beasts of the Dark II
    Dragon of the Abyss
    Explosion of Needles
    Charge of the Chocobo Battalion
    Behemoth K, the Maddened Sage
    The Whip-Whiskered Beast

    Chamber of the Indignant
    Scorn of the White Dragon
    Scorn of the Demon Chimera
    Scorn of the Brachiosaur
    Scorn of the Intangir
    Scorn of the Surging Menace
    Scorn of Antenolla
    Scorn of the 2-Headed Dragon
    Scorn of the Marching Beasts
    Scorn of Gilgamesh
    Scorn of the Beasts of the Dark
    Scorn of the Octopus and the Teacher
    Scorn of the Lich
    Scorn of the Fallen Ice Bird
    Scorn of the Wicked Moon
    Scorn of the Legendary Stag
    Scorn of the Machina of Destruction
    Scorn of the Armor of Oppression
    Scorn of the Great Explosion Festival
    Scorn of the Demon Wall
    Scorn of Tiamat
    Scorn of the Venomous Vines of Death
    Scorn of the Mad Doll
    Scorn of the March of the Insects
    Scorn of the Sworn Eight of Paladia
    Scorn of the Dragon of the Abyss
    Scorn of the Intangir - EXT
    Scorn of Antenolla - EXT
    Scorn of the Beasts of the Dark II
    Scorn of the 2-Headed Dragon - EXT

    Chamber of the Vengeful
    The Empress Supreme
    Demon Matsuri
    Bogeyman Nights
    Not Toying Around

    Series Boss Battles
    Chaotic Darkness
    Neo Exdeath
    Braska's Final Aeon



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