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May 18, 2019 at 10:33 AM
Oct 9, 2017
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Ascended Member, Male

5* got me Kareltte #2; Guess I'm definitely UOC'ing Esther now since i have a great chaining partner. Apr 28, 2019

Shinma was last seen:
May 18, 2019 at 10:33 AM
    1. Shinma
      5* got me Kareltte #2; Guess I'm definitely UOC'ing Esther now since i have a great chaining partner.
      1. Goddess Nyx and Eynskaet like this.
    2. Shinma
      57 TURNS and a long time later, and cleared scorn of the beasts of the dark. No breakers + Sephi + Karlette = slowplay
      1. Goddess Nyx likes this.
    3. Shinma
      5* from KM gives me Reberta #6, move over gungnir! (
      1. Goddess Nyx and Ranzo like this.
    4. Shinma
      5+1 ticket...3 rainbows?! 1st Oldman, 2nd SBF, 2nd PG Lassworm, and two decent golds. Lucky, or portent that luck for XG is gone?
      1. Yunny, Goddess Nyx, Eynskaet and 2 others like this.
      2. MikePro
        Lordy!! That is some next level RNG !! gz man!!
        Mar 24, 2019
        Shinma likes this.
    5. Shinma
      Gilga down, 2/4 missions. 2Booty w/ STMR Reberta grape, no 3 items needed. Who's got a sick Gladio for my slow method?
    6. Shinma
      Nalu #4 and Warden down (missed 20 turns but can easily fix). Time to go kildamesh
    7. Shinma
      SO, Reberta 4 from free summon, and rounds out all me needed Dragoon TMR/STMR ...Except for cid #2.....:9
      1. Eynskaet
        best of luck getting that dupe. :-)
        Mar 20, 2019
      2. Shinma
        I'm being softly tortured by getting all the STMRs I'd need for a monstrous cid except for cid #2 himself - picked up Nalu 4 :(
        Mar 21, 2019
      3. Eynskaet
        ouch. well, you can at least get that one unit dupe much easier/cheaper than getting all the other stuff that you have been able to get. :-)
        Mar 21, 2019
    8. Shinma
      1 cid in 1 lap :( Then realized I just need him as friend unit :((((
      1. Tamamo05 and Eynskaet like this.
    9. Shinma
      5th Dupe streak continues, before Ace #5, now Hyoh #5 - No Jecht #2 makes Shin blue :(
      1. Kujo
        If only dupes made you rainbow, then you wouldn't pull them! But we all know the rates are 78% blue.
        Feb 5, 2019
        Shinma likes this.
    10. Shinma
      Somehow Alexander was harder than that egg. Glad to have slightly more challenging content tho.
    11. Shinma
      10+1 yielded a rain 3 and tifa 1. Surprisingly not shit.
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    12. Shinma
      4x ex tickets started off with a real tone setter: Rashkasha, Bedile...*groan* but did end in Ailleen #4. Woot for scanning goggles.
      1. Yunny, Goddess Nyx and Eynskaet like this.
    13. Shinma
      I'm finally out of 7* to awaken, even did marquis de leon :v Guess I can waste time upgrading sig?
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    14. Shinma
      10+1 5* gave me Sora :( Unit with exclusive TMR that I'll never chase. GG no Re
      1. Tanatos likes this.
      2. Tanatos
        Same to me dude, why I used before the banner end... ::sigh::
        Dec 30, 2018
        Shinma likes this.
    15. Shinma
      10+1 = 7 throwaways 3* 3 meh 3* and Melidoul. 5* = Citra. Oh welp
    16. Shinma
      What's your funniest FFFBEWP (First FFBE Whale Problem/World Problem)?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. TLA
        Having 3 copies of like 15 5* bases instead of 4
        Dec 12, 2018
        Shinma likes this.
      3. Stavros
        'Do I need to moogle 4 buster style or 3?'
        Dec 12, 2018
        Shinma likes this.
      4. Kaiser_Decimation
        Having two many equip/materia/units etc and not enough slots as your capped?

        PS: Not a whale but the logic applies lol
        Dec 12, 2018
        Shinma likes this.
    17. Shinma
      Step-up for Seig yields 0 rainbows - DISAPPOINTMENT!
      1. Xero8615
        The past three step up I've done like those has netted me the same results of 0 units on that banner
        Dec 11, 2018
    18. Shinma
      Why oh why did I do Nier step up last night? At least 3 2Bs will almost get me to BiS Raegan
    19. Shinma
      Got 2B on 1st 30% ticket after deciding I'd commit 3 10% and 2 30%, Who's running FD 2Booty?
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
      2. Renko
        i will if i pull another one during the week
        Nov 25, 2018
    20. Avri
      Soo shinma about my scorn of 2 headed drake second run... it was going pretty decently till your garnet got petrified T.T ... i didn't prepare any items before the quest cause i had status immunity on all of my party mambers ... i should have asked you too, but i forgot my bad. Feel free to set up a new unit and remove me if you want to.
      Anyway I think I'm gonna retry it later today tho.
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