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Jun 6, 2020 at 3:53 AM
Sep 3, 2016
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Ascended Member, Male


Got Edel :) Hope to get P Cecil next Mar 1, 2020

Somno was last seen:
Jun 6, 2020 at 3:53 AM
    1. Somno
      Got Edel :) Hope to get P Cecil next
    2. Somno
      Got my King Rain to 7* finally with the guaranteed 5* tix and my 7* WLD Fina too with normal 3* summon tickets !! Lucky day :)
      1. Tamamo05, Masvroh and liddokun like this.
    3. Somno
      Hope to get another King Rain with the 11 rainbow pull...
      1. Tamamo05 and volcom like this.
    4. Somno
      7* Sieghard. Willy can finally retire :)
    5. Somno
      2nd CG Fina! Finally !!
      1. Wdiggums likes this.
    6. Somno
      Just got my 2nd Folka!!! Hurray :)
      1. nox, Masvroh, Regalia and 1 other person like this.
      2. Regalia
        That's pretty great. 6* is still awesome, but the extra bulk and MP alone is worth it.
        Jun 24, 2019
        Somno likes this.
    7. Somno
      Need IW event for enhancer for HP Wilhelm...
    8. Somno
      Got my 7* Esther bunny :) saving lapis time
      1. Antioch, Tifa Lockheart and Regalia like this.
      2. Antioch
        Sweet!!!! I'm seeing a lot of Barbi's right now, but I know once this event is mostly over, the Esthers will populate my friends list, and I am ecstatic!
        May 5, 2019
    9. Somno
      Got 1 esther. Going to UOC for the other for my 7* attack bunny!
      1. Goddess Nyx, Antioch, Seven and 3 others like this.
      2. Antioch
        Congratulations!!!! I'd say she rocks, but she is lightning based... So it's more like she is Nuclear! (groans, I know.. it's bad. I need coffee)
        Apr 30, 2019
        Goddess Nyx and Somno like this.
    10. Somno
      Got my Ayaka and CG Fina. Need dupes to be 7* ready!
      1. Goddess Nyx and Antioch like this.
      2. Antioch
        Nice, good luck on dupes!
        Jul 2, 2018
        Somno likes this.
    11. Somno
      In need of a better healer than Tilith :/
    12. Somno
      My Olive finally reached >1100 Atk ^^
    13. Somno
      Farming sparky...
    14. Somno
      Happy New Year everyone!
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    AK Rain, Edel, WLD Fina


    F2P 7*s
    : Wilhelm(E), A.Rain(E), WKN(E), Elfreeda, SS Charlotte, Sieghard(E), Gladiolus, WOD Galuf, Basch, Beryl, AWOL, M. Ramza
    Mages: Barbie(E), D.Fina(E), Rinoa(E), Ace(E), Lulu(E), Lunera, S.Rydia, GL Sakura(E), Circe, Dragonlord(E), Emperor(E), L.Shantotto, Trance Terra, CG Sakura(E), HS Ultima, Morgana, Gentiana, WOL Krile, WLD Fina. Mediena, Xande, A. Kefka, Sol, S Shantotto, DS Sol, Levinson
    Healers: Ayaka(E), Eiko(E), Rem(E), Yuna(E), Folka, CG Fina(E), WOL Lenna, Dr Aiden, WM Rosa, Myra, Aerith
    Support: Loren(E), CG nichol(E), Delita(E), Noctis(E), Kryla(E), Marie(E), SS Nichol, Sylvie, Ramza, Rivera, K.Ayaka, Yuraisha, Auron, S Fid, S Foltra, Elephim, King Edgar, A Locke, Sweet Luka, Rikku, Kimahri, MM Xon, NG Jake, Machina, Lunafreya,

    Attack: Esther, Red XIII, Malphasie, Hyoh, Nyx(E), VotD(E), VotF(E), VotL(E), Lightning, Balthier, Viktor, Leon, K.Delita, Reberta, A2, 2B, Aranae, Olive(E), Gilga, Fryevia(E), Cloud, Seph(E), AD Kain, Ang(E), OK, Cid, Squall, Orlandeau, Prishe, CG Lasswell(E), Queen, Ignis, Fohlen. Yuffie, Tifa, Shadowlord, Yego, D. Aileen, DK Luneth, Ignacio, WOL Bartz, A. Lasswell, Zeno, Crimson, Regina, Kunshira, DK Cecil, AK.Rain, A Shadow, Nagi, Lucius, Zack, Tidus, Nalu, BHZQ, Raegan, M Edel, Beatrix, Jecht, Choco Fina, IF Rain, CP noctis, A Olive, Kaito, Vincent, Wolf Edel, Physalis, Karlette, Physalis, War hero Raegan
    STMR: Delita, VotF, Balthier, Ace, Elfreeda, Seph, Kryla, Barbie, K.Delita, A.Rain, Gilga, Leon, Lulu, Wilhelm, OK, Eiko, Lunera, Malphasie, D. Fina, Fohlen, Ayaka, Fryevia, Circe, Hyoh, Yego, Tifa, Squall, Folka, Lightning, Rinoa, Ignis, Olive, PG Lasswell, Sieghard, Rivera, Red XIII, Yuffie, HS Ultima, Noctis, Esther, Queen, Crimson, Sylvie, Yuraisha, A Locke, Auron, Nyx, Madam Edel, Ignacio, Elephim, SS Nichol, BS Sakura
    6*: Yun, Rico Rodriguez, Adam Jensen, Prompto, Kurasame, Lilith, Roy, CG Lid, Citra, Primrose, Akstar, S Folka Citra, Tsukiko, BM Golbez, A. Fryevia, Jiraiya, Lord of Shadows, Ardyn, Zarg, DK Leon, O Zyrus, K Fina, HK Lasswell, Palom Palom, Paine, DM Exdeath, Hein, Draco P. Fina, DK Freya, A. OK