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Feb 5, 2017
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Gumi finally fixed Arena's Darkra bug, fuuuu..... Nov 9, 2017

    1. Tedeza
      Gumi finally fixed Arena's Darkra bug, fuuuu.....
    2. Tedeza
      Wow...didn't know that spending all the Skeleton Keys can be this tiring >.<
    3. Tedeza
      Just used 100% Moogle on Pirate Jake, not regretting it at all.
      1. TheRunawayGirl likes this.
    4. Tedeza
      Wooo got 1st I.Nichol finally *parties all night* !
      1. Goddess Nyx, Veralian and Arnatuile like this.
      2. Veralian
        congratz mate!!
        Nov 1, 2017
        Tedeza likes this.
    5. Tedeza
      Bahamut Dungeons = Freaking Dark Continent
    6. Tedeza
      I forgot to bring any Charm Bangles to a Bahamut Exploration fuuuuu~
      1. asynchronmk2
        Me too. Fighting every 2 steps was anoying as hell. But better than forgetting a tent on the first run.
        Oct 26, 2017
    7. Tedeza
      was locked in an eternal battle with Skeleton King at 40% HP lel. I really need Ayaka or Tilith friend.
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      2. Tedeza
        @Talien Thank you, I'll be sure to add you after maintenance :)
        Oct 26, 2017
      3. Tedeza
        @Talien friend request sent, please accept IGN: Tedeza
        Oct 26, 2017
      4. Talien
        Done, nice Luneth you have there.
        Oct 26, 2017
    8. Tedeza
      Hoping for a freaking Libertus. Nyx came instead from a 500 Summon Button lel.
      1. Goddess Nyx likes this.
      2. Ashlag
        This is in the end a good surprise as 500 lapis pull SUCKS and shouldn't be used unless you have money to waste/you are a whale.
        Congrats :')
        Oct 14, 2017
        Tedeza likes this.
    9. Tedeza
      Finally got my Luneth to 1100+ ATK and 6k+ HP. Luv u Prishe~
      1. M4nimany
        Great, now I want a 1100+ attack Refia
        Oct 11, 2017
    10. Tedeza
      Three Rainbows today....1 non-dupe and 2 dupes...ouch >.<
    11. Tedeza
      I'm salty because I didn't get Jack for my Rikku, gimme my tickets back!
    12. Tedeza
      To every South East Asian player : Just sleep, don't bother waiting for maintenance, it's already late lol.
      1. Emeiru
        LOL still wide awake, but I'm not going to update the effin thing unless I see some happy folks posting away.
        Oct 3, 2017
    13. Tedeza
      2nd world problem: Has too many mini burst pots from expedition and don't know which units to spend it for -_-
    14. Tedeza
      Eugh I have absolutely zero motivation to do Bamboo Festival event, really -_-
    15. Tedeza
      Woop woop just OBAMA'ed Sheratan. Thanks for the Dual Cast Wand.
      1. drkelly likes this.
      2. architect
        Wow,,congrats! Any general tips for me?
        Sep 29, 2017
      3. Tedeza
        Thank you @architect ^^
        As for the tips : Bringing MP Battery(s) is a must, recommended to bring an insta-MP healer like Ling, Bartz, Zargabaath, or Ace.
        Beware when Sheratan is at <50% HP since shitstorm begins there.
        Sep 29, 2017
        architect likes this.
    16. Tedeza
      Just finished and tested 2nd iPod153, two of them are indeed very convenient to use for chaining.
    17. Tedeza
      This is the first time ever I see five digits on my Lapis saving thanks to 5000 Lapis "giveaway" yesterday.
    18. Tedeza
      Kinda tricky not to kill Shadow Lord while left him almost dead at 2% HP.
    19. Tedeza
      Just realized that ordinary Full Break is more than enough to survive Shadow Lord ELT. My life is a lie.
      1. Rainzo likes this.
    20. Tedeza
      That feel when you see Swath of Silence on turn 2.....
      1. Consarn
        That feel when Rem...
        Sep 16, 2017
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    ✓ Bahamut Acquired

    ✓ Inner Chamber NIGHTMARE All Missions Completed (Skeleton King)
    ✓ Inner Chamber ELT All Missions Completed (Pumpking Rider)
    ✓ Sheratan The Troubled Strategist (10-man Trial - Hard) All Missions Completed.
    ✓ Shadow Lord ELT killed in 2 or 4 turns consistently
    ✓ Hein Trial All Missions Completed

    Rumble of Malboro ELT All Missions Completed, no Tilith
    ✓ Machina of Destruction (Aigaion) ELT All Missions Completed, no Tilith

    ✓ Killed King Mog (Challenge) and All Missions Completed
    ✓ Maxwell Trial ELT All Missions Completed
    ✓ The Octopus Teacher Trial All Missions Completed (Orthros & Typhon)

    ✓ True Titan Trial All Missions Completed (FFXIV Event)
    ✓ Empire of Light and Dark ELT (Wilhelm) All Missions Completed
    ✓ Lure of the Echidna Trial All Missions Completed
    ✓ Bahamut Trial Cleared
    ✓ Shadow of the Empire All Missions Completed
    ✓ Psycho Clown (Kefka Trial) All Missions Completed
    ✓ Floating Continent ELT finished with 5 unlevelled bonus units
    ✓ All Espers 2* max level
    ✓ Dark Ifrit and Dark Siren ELT - All Missions Completed

    ✓ Ifrit Lord of Inferno ELT killed repeatedly (FFXIV Event)
    ✓ Gilgamesh Trial - All Missions Completed
    ✓ The Dreadnought ELT - All Missions Completed (FF2 event)
    ✓ Trials of Love ELT all bosses killed (Valentine Event)
    ✓ Doublicorn ELT defeated (Akademeia FF Type-0 rare encounter)
    ✓ Dark Fina ELT defeated (Memories of the Aquapolis)
    ✓ March of the Beasts Trial cleared
    ✓ Two-Headed Dragon Trial cleared
    ✓ Dread Frost ELT defeated (Christmas Event)
    ✓ Crystal Tower ELT All Missions Completed
    ✓ Antenolla Trial cleared
    ✓ Surging Menace Trial cleared
    ✓ Intangir Trial cleared
    ✓ Brachiosaur defeated
    ✓ Colosseum conquered (ADV S-5 cleared)


    Money spent for this game = Absolute Zero ::hiya::