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Feb 5, 2017
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"Hall of Fame" Member

Finally defeated Malboro in normal way, without Rikku Setzer super cheese method I did when the trial was just released. Jun 19, 2018 at 7:15 AM

    1. Tedeza
      Finally defeated Malboro in normal way, without Rikku Setzer super cheese method I did when the trial was just released.
    2. Tedeza
      I'm starting to like Nyx thanks to his capabilities on Tegmine and Ice Bird Trial. I thought he kinda sucked, sorry Nyx for doubting you.
    3. Tedeza
      Tempted to enhance Barusa for Tegmine, will he be able to help beating Tegmine? Find out next on ExviusBall Z!
    4. Tedeza
      Prbly late but just found out that NRG restore bottle limit has been increased to 999. Best update ever since my mailbox had constipation
      1. Goddess Nyx, Feyris and Tamamo05 like this.
      2. Tamamo05
        Thanks for the info
        Jun 15, 2018 at 9:41 AM
      3. Feyris
        FINALLY, I won't have to rush trials to be able to take this lapis.
        Jun 15, 2018 at 10:31 AM
    5. Tedeza
      Daily Summon : AD Kain. 1st Ticket : Ray Jack. Yeah right, where were you easy rainbows when I was attempting to get Sephiroth or CG Fina-_-
      1. Goddess Nyx likes this.
    6. Tedeza
      I have fully enhanced Wilhelm for some time. Still go back to WoL.
    7. Tedeza
      Got CG Lid just from 3 tickets and just when I started to get lazy with this game, fine fine I'll be diligent again >.<
      1. Goddess Nyx likes this.
      2. edude127
        Pls bless mi with your luck ;_;
        May 20, 2018
        Tedeza likes this.
    8. Tedeza
      For all of you, good luck fusing your Thancreds, I know you all love him :)
      1. Grizz
        It is better to sell him, not really use his tmr
        May 5, 2018
    9. Tedeza
      Finally! After countless freaking Olif, Werei, Garnet, and Amelia later, I got my 1st Mystea, 1st effin Mystea! *cries of happiness*
      1. Jones, Katt, TheKillingJoke and 2 others like this.
      2. skrubby
        nice I got my mystea on accident :3
        May 1, 2018
        Tedeza likes this.
      3. Jones
        Congrats, She should help you clear a bunch of content. Combine with elemental resistances to clear the new Espers wilt little difficulty.
        May 1, 2018
        Tedeza likes this.
    10. Tedeza
      I swear, I have almost every single 4* Unit except the most useful one aka freaking Mystea, she really hates me~
      1. Kenari likes this.
      2. Kenari
        Sorry for taking all the mysteas xD btw, from what game your profile picture is? She looks kyut :3
        Apr 8, 2018
        Tedeza likes this.
      3. Tedeza
        @Kenari Sorry a bit late, she is from Girlfriend Kari^^
        Apr 10, 2018
        Kenari likes this.
    11. Tedeza
      Got Yan (and bonus Loren), I'm done with the banner^^
    12. Tedeza
      Sayonara...my 100 NRG...>_<
    13. Tedeza
      I love this LGD level, burns NRG really fast since NRG bottles clogs up my mailbox. 2nd world problem.
    14. Tedeza
      Another Daily Rainbow which was 2nd Marie, another unit ready for 7 star ^_^
    15. Tedeza
      Waaa second Luneth, ready for the 7 star^^
      1. HazardSephiroth
        He will become a good chainer, grats for ur pull.
        Jan 15, 2018
        Tedeza likes this.
    16. Tedeza
      Got a rainbow from Mystea Banner.....Rem! Thank god it wasn't a freaking Duke!! A Rainbow from that banner scares me.
      1. Talien
        Yeah I was reluctant pulling on that banner, I just wanted Grom and Mystea and the thought of getting Dook instead almost scared me.
        Dec 10, 2017
        Tedeza likes this.
      2. Veritas of the Wine
        Veritas of the Wine
        I pulled three rainbows on that banner & one from a 10+1 ticket. None were Dook. I was especially worried, as he stalks me in JP.
        Dec 10, 2017
        Tedeza likes this.
    17. Tedeza
      I miss Lani with her 4 Noctis bodyguards on the Arena.
    18. Tedeza
      Ugh....I fear of pulling Duke from the banner.
      1. Sacerdos
        Lol I just pulled him
        Dec 1, 2017
      2. Tedeza
        Dec 1, 2017
        Sacerdos likes this.
    19. Tedeza
      Got a 5*dupe and out of all it had to be Lightning! Her 7* form better be good.
      1. Hollis
        Yes her 7* form is amazing
        Nov 26, 2017
        Tedeza likes this.
    20. Tedeza
      Gumi finally fixed Arena's Darkra bug, fuuuu.....
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    ✓ Tegmine 10-Man Trial (Hard) Cleared.
    ✓ Scorn of the Brachiosaurus Trial All Missions Completed
    ✓ Scorn of the Chimera Trial All Missions Completed
    ✓ Scorn of the White Dragon Trial All Missions Completed
    ✓ True Garuda Trial All Missions Completed
    ✓ 2* Phoenix Trial All Missions Completed
    ✓ 3* Ifrit Trial All Missions Completed
    ✓ 3* Siren Trial All Missions Completed
    ✓ 2* Leviathan All Missions Completed.
    ✓ Aranea Trial All Missions Completed.
    ✓ Elnath 10-Man Trial (Hard) All Missions Completed.
    ✓ The Fallen Bird ELT (Glacial) Trial All Missions Completed.
    ✓ The Wicked Moon ELT Trial All Missions Completed.
    ✓ Man in Black Trial All Missions Completed (Golbez)
    ✓ Bahamut Acquired

    ✓ Inner Chamber NIGHTMARE All Missions Completed (Skeleton King)
    ✓ Inner Chamber ELT All Missions Completed (Pumpking Rider)
    ✓ Sheratan The Troubled Strategist (10-man Trial - Hard) All Missions Completed.
    ✓ Shadow Lord ELT killed in 2 or 4 turns consistently
    ✓ Hein Trial All Missions Completed

    Rumble of Malboro ELT All Missions Completed, no Tilith
    ✓ Machina of Destruction (Aigaion) ELT All Missions Completed, no Tilith

    ✓ Killed King Mog (Challenge) and All Missions Completed
    ✓ Maxwell Trial ELT All Missions Completed
    ✓ The Octopus Teacher Trial All Missions Completed (Orthros & Typhon)

    ✓ True Titan Trial All Missions Completed (FFXIV Event)
    ✓ Empire of Light and Dark ELT (Wilhelm) All Missions Completed
    ✓ Lure of the Echidna Trial All Missions Completed
    ✓ Bahamut Trial Cleared
    ✓ Shadow of the Empire All Missions Completed
    ✓ Psycho Clown (Kefka Trial) All Missions Completed
    ✓ Floating Continent ELT finished with 5 unlevelled bonus units
    ✓ All Espers 2* max level
    ✓ Dark Ifrit and Dark Siren ELT - All Missions Completed

    ✓ Ifrit Lord of Inferno ELT killed repeatedly (FFXIV Event)
    ✓ Gilgamesh Trial - All Missions Completed
    ✓ The Dreadnought ELT - All Missions Completed (FF2 event)
    ✓ Trials of Love ELT all bosses killed (Valentine Event)
    ✓ Doublicorn ELT defeated (Akademeia FF Type-0 rare encounter)
    ✓ Dark Fina ELT defeated (Memories of the Aquapolis)
    ✓ March of the Beasts Trial cleared
    ✓ Two-Headed Dragon Trial cleared
    ✓ Dread Frost ELT defeated (Christmas Event)
    ✓ Crystal Tower ELT All Missions Completed
    ✓ Antenolla Trial cleared
    ✓ Surging Menace Trial cleared
    ✓ Intangir Trial cleared
    ✓ Brachiosaur defeated
    ✓ Colosseum conquered (ADV S-5 cleared)


    Money spent for this game = Absolute Zero ::hiya::