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Feb 5, 2017
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"Hall of Fame" Member, Female

Yess, cleared all DV finally, idc about the score, dont have time to fix it, boo stupid 1 week DV and its requipping eq shenanigans Jul 5, 2020 at 11:04 PM

    1. Tedeza
      Yess, cleared all DV finally, idc about the score, dont have time to fix it, boo stupid 1 week DV and its requipping eq shenanigans
      1. Nixilu likes this.
    2. Tedeza
      Beware that DV will end tomorrow not in maintenance day. Screw you Gumi you give other events 2 weeks but not DV which is 15 trials at once.
      1. aa25 and Absolem like this.
    3. Tedeza
      I dont understand why I am hoarding Omniprism when I have a feeling I won't use it bcos of my stinginess hihi~
      1. hotaru251
        its the collection illness.

        you dont wanna use up soemthign rare.

        if u use it up you will then need it later and not have it.

        ergo you never use it.
        Jun 29, 2020
        Tedeza likes this.
    4. Tedeza
      Why did I max Blue Fina when I already have Lenna and Rena? Sometimes I'm weird
      1. Skye, Eynskaet and Nixilu like this.
      2. Nixilu
        Aren't we all ;)
        Jun 26, 2020
        Skye, Eynskaet and Tedeza like this.
      3. hotaru251
        i max all of the KM 7* units. i'll never touch em after their bonus use is over.
        Jun 27, 2020
        Tedeza likes this.
    5. Tedeza
      Cleared Insect, Tiamat & Aigaion 2.0 after staying away from trials. How come Insect trial is the easiest among them? Still challenging tho
    6. Tedeza
      About Scorn Aigaion, do I need to kill every arm Aigaion spawns with magic everytime to fulfill the magic kill mission? Thx in advance :)
      1. Shr
        I think you only have to kill the last ones with magic and by last I mean third time
        Jun 13, 2020
        Nixilu and Tedeza like this.
    7. Tedeza
      I know Rena is good now, but do I still need her if I have eSylvie and WoL Lenna?
      1. Ashlag
        Need ? No. Also Sylvie isn't a healer with the full healer package while being able to do other things. She's a rather bad comparison (I mean, she has a massive amount of tools, but not the full healer package). The closest one IMO would be Myra, but with a slightly more complete package.
        Jun 12, 2020
        Tedeza and Masvroh like this.
    8. Tedeza
      Why? What's with my laziness doing any Chamber trials? I still like FFBE but I don't feel like doing trials anymore.
      1. Wdiggums likes this.
      2. Hollis
        Someone inherited my curse, enjoy!!
        Jun 11, 2020
        Tedeza likes this.
    9. Tedeza
      Gosh DV should've been 2 weeks. Not everyone have time to take on all 15 trials in a week. The team setups took forever >.<
      1. Skye, rtt, Sartre and 2 others like this.
      2. Sartre
        I agree, it can be quite stressful having only a week just to get everything cleared, much less clear them with the optimal scores.
        Jun 3, 2020
        Skye and Tedeza like this.
    10. Tedeza
      Soooo lazy doing Dark Vision....please give me strength to finish the rest of the stages >.<
      1. KeybladeMaster97 and Veralian like this.
      2. KeybladeMaster97
        your not the only one, I haven't even touched DV yet.
        Jun 2, 2020
        Tedeza likes this.
    11. Tedeza
      Yayy killed Dark Ramuh in 11 turns, finally no more Dark Vision. I'm done with rank 7k dont want to play DV anymore~
      1. Sefiros likes this.
      2. Sefiros
        Gratz, sadly this event will return next month :(
        Apr 28, 2020
        Tedeza likes this.
      3. Tedeza
        Apr 28, 2020
    12. Tedeza
      Took me 3 hours just to clear all stage 1 Dark Vision non-stop, god. Dat team preparation...
      1. Nixilu likes this.
      2. Sefiros
        Actually if you go into wiki it shows what you need. I prepared for myself a spreedsheet and it seems you need only 6 teams to clean all 15 stages.
        Apr 25, 2020
        Tedeza and TheKillingJoke like this.
      3. Sefiros
        type - element - number of fights - race
        P - FIRE - 2 - UNDEAD
        M - FIRE - 2 - DEMON

        M - DARK - 3 - HUMAN


        P - LIGHTNING - 2 - BIRD/HUMAN
        M - LIGHTNING - 2 - AQUA
        Apr 25, 2020
        Tedeza, Nixilu and TheKillingJoke like this.
      4. KylarHaern
        sweet thanks @Sefiros that's super helpful
        Apr 25, 2020
        Tedeza likes this.
    13. Tedeza
      Not caring about NRG or orbs or trials or daily quests actually makes me happier, oh dear, I think I'm kinda done wth FFBE after 3 yrs^^;
      1. Tamamo05, Backosteel and Skye like this.
      2. edude127
        BE FREE!!! But yeah, I get trying to keep up w/ the meta and all, but if a mobile game is stressing you out instead of taking your mind off your daily stress, why bother? :P
        Dec 6, 2019
        Tamamo05, Tedeza, Jatabo and 2 others like this.
    14. Tedeza
      No clear three world mission on weekend please. Ain't nobody got time for that?
      1. Ashlag
        Just do 3 times Earth Shrine ::ink::
        Nov 17, 2019
        Tamamo05 likes this.
    15. Tedeza
      Tfw when the story of a known king is about a freaking prison break of two freaking random characters -_-
      1. Tamamo05 and Keler like this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Skye
        It's telling how good a king he is, the first time he steps out of his fort he immediately breaks the law...
        Nov 11, 2019
        rtt and Tedeza like this.
      4. victor sant
        victor sant
        @Tamamo05 if you don't mind spoilers, basically Diezell get framed and locked. Then the person who framed her (Maise) got locked in the same cell and aftewards they join to escape. All while Maise setup Diezell every-friggin-time. And Rain come in the end to save the day and free the people from the labor camp (by helping in the prison break).
        Nov 11, 2019
        Tedeza likes this.
      5. Tamamo05
        @victor sant that is... Very Rain things to do. Yep, that's Rain we all know and love, I guess.
        Nov 11, 2019
    16. Tedeza
      tfw the Scorn Ice Bird LB mission didn't register even though I was very sure I last hit the sculptures using Sieg LB....fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...!
      1. epath and Seven like this.
    17. Tedeza
      Chad Esther vs Virgin Zeno
      1. wardaddy likes this.
      2. Consarn
        vs thad pre fix 2b
        Jul 19, 2019
    18. Tedeza
      Feels like FFBE is centered around Esther currently. Bunnism religion confirmed exists
      1. Tamamo05 and TheKillingJoke like this.
      2. TheKillingJoke
        Thought something similar this morning. Everything has a lightning weaknes.
        Jul 19, 2019
        Tedeza and Tamamo05 like this.
      3. Tamamo05
        Feels like it's Monster Hunter portable 3rd again. Unless its element is electric, use it. If not fire or ice. Except for the final extra boss.
        Jul 19, 2019
        Tedeza and TheKillingJoke like this.
    19. Tedeza
      Armeggeddon LGD 25 units mission completed! now proceed to steamroll the ELT and PRO
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    20. Tedeza
      Finished 1850 SPR mission with Charlotte, all Parameter Missions finally completed^^
      1. Tamamo05, Wdiggums, Raelf and 4 others like this.
      2. Wdiggums
        Woot woot!
        Jul 7, 2019
        Tedeza likes this.
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    I'm just an pure F2P player who is a very active and loves this game so much^^

    I guess I'm a lucky F2P player to be able to beat any trials without spending a cent hehe^^


    Money spent for this game = Absolute Zero ::hiya::