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Apr 23, 2021
Jan 23, 2018
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Used a bunch of gold tix on WOTV banner and 0 rainbows (but 2 NVs). Bugged? Mar 29, 2021

valar was last seen:
Apr 23, 2021
    1. valar
      Used a bunch of gold tix on WOTV banner and 0 rainbows (but 2 NVs). Bugged?
    2. valar
      If you merge a 7* with STMR into another 7*, do you get a 2nd STMR?
      1. Mr. Faily
        Mr. Faily
        No, it might count towards the tmr if that's not maxed on either unit, but it won't do anything for another stmr unfortunately. 2 stmrs= 8 units.
        Mar 20, 2021
        Wdiggums likes this.
      2. Wdiggums
        If the first 7* doesn’t have stmr ( either of them ) yes you get stmr... if either already has stmr the answer is no
        Mar 21, 2021
        Mr. Faily likes this.
      3. valar
        Mar 21, 2021
        Mr. Faily likes this.
    3. valar
      Did the rates on 1% and 3% results increase in IW???
    4. valar
      NV era starts off with a whimper. 80 pulls and 0 rainbows.
      1. The Tower XVI
        The Tower XVI
        Yikes! I feel your pain. I used around 30 tickets and 0 rainbows.
        Aug 20, 2020
    5. valar
      Looking to try Aigion Reborn battle with Agent Olive friend. Anyone?
      1. Eynskaet
        I can put her up for you after @Raelf is finished beating on Bahamut 2*. Lmk what you'd like.
        Feb 11, 2020
      2. liddokun
        She's up on slot 5 / nemesis 2.
        Feb 11, 2020
      3. Raelf
        Go ahead @Eynskaet I'll try some other time :)))
        Feb 13, 2020
    6. valar
      First three rare tix used on the CNY banner. Three rainbows - Regis #1, Cilka #4, XWQL #1.
      1. DarkStarSquall, Eynskaet and Wdiggums like this.
      2. Ashlag
        the 2 1st 3* tickets I used (those were supposed to be the only ones, but hey) were XWQL 1 and Prische #toofuckingmuchseriously2STMRisenough.
        Jan 26, 2020
        DarkStarSquall, Eynskaet and valar like this.
      3. DarkStarSquall
        the same situation forced me to pull for another XWQL. No regrets though. Got Foo and XWQL 7*. I can also compete with 2 STMRs naming Rinoa, Zargabaath, a.Rain and Lid. So much non-stmr units because of these placeholders.
        Jan 26, 2020
    7. valar
      Finished Eggsterminator LGD. Super fun.
      1. Masvroh and Wdiggums like this.
      2. HarvestAngel
        He finished me. Not as fun... XD
        Jul 12, 2019
        valar likes this.
    8. valar
      Spiritual Sword: 10% Def, 5% Hp, or Lvl2 Auto-Refresh? Which should I pick?
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