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Feb 16, 2019 at 2:25 PM
Jan 22, 2018
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June 21

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Ascended Member, Male

Tickets - no 5*, Freya step up - one Ignis...it's something, and a character I like, but man 11k step ups hate me... Oct 28, 2018

Xil was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Feb 16, 2019 at 2:25 PM
    1. Xil
      Tickets - no 5*, Freya step up - one Ignis...it's something, and a character I like, but man 11k step ups hate me...
      1. RagnaV likes this.
      2. RagnaV
        Sadly that's what happens when it's not guaranteed
        Oct 28, 2018
        Xil likes this.
    2. Xil
      every time there's a new trial that I try, I just seem to fail...no 3* Odin for me I guess...
    3. Xil
      "Why's my IW team so weak?" It save SOME of the equips...why only some!? I did it all at the same time!
    4. Xil
      pretty damn certain the raid trial is beyond me...I just keep failing...
    5. Xil
      ...and crushed by intangir in the bonus stage...not that I managed many mission before that...probably not gonna manage to clear missions.
      1. Kujo
        Luckily Intagir can be fought by himself in his own trial, so you can try things out. I got wrecked my first try, but he was "easy" once I had it all figured it out.
        Sep 24, 2018
        Xil likes this.
    6. Xil
      4* ticket from IW gave me Hyoh!!! ...I still want to UoC T.Terra since I've got 1100+ Atk Nix, but friend chaining will be easier!
      1. Tamamo05 likes this.
    7. Xil
      Well...Ayaka with STMR in the arena, guess I'll enjoy making her a pain since no 7* T.Terra XD Guess I'll build Nyx for this 7* batch?
    8. Xil
      I really tried for Hyoh, but the last of my Lapis finished lap 2 of 25k step up which gave me Duke & A.Rain #2. Rain, I'll be countin on ya!
    9. Xil
      11k step up - Lightning on last step...
    10. Xil
      and my one Nalu fiend switched to Hyoh. lol that's a shame.
    11. Xil
      First A.Rain, First T.Terra, third Rem (Her STMR would be welcome!) - Great stuff! No Hyoh, but maybe I should UoC T.Terra!
      1. Seven likes this.
      2. Seven
        Do it.

        She’s more future proof than Hyoh especially with Dark Mage Golbez and Xenoblade being unsure.
        Sep 14, 2018
        Xil likes this.
    12. Xil
      no rainbows from daily summons, but I got LM Fina trying to get KM units. At least my other summons have given me something.
    13. Xil
      I got 7* Nalu! I wonder how she and Aileen will compare...both 7* phys chains I have use spears, and I have no spear materias...
    14. Xil
      And...I think I'm too dumb to beat diabolos 3*...probably shouldn't bother trying tetra...T-T if I dont try all mission, maybe...
    15. Xil
      Finally did Rathalos fight in FF 14! It was pretty cool! ...I'm afraid of the extreme fight though...but the Rathalos mount!! oof...
    16. Xil
      Farming Gladio, MRamza, Yuna, Aileen, and Rem, but I also want Masamune...*sigh* priorities
    17. Xil
      So many 5* TMRs to prep, so few moogles. Dunno if Agni blade is worth farming for Hyoh (assuming I get him), but got 5 Elbis's in case
    18. Xil
      Lots of rainbows from return tickets! Greg, Beatrix, 2 Rems, Aileen, Ace, Vol, and...Ayaka #5 I could make a (bad) arena team of Ayakas...
      1. Goddess Nyx likes this.
    19. Xil
      ugh, 20k lapis and no rain (or rainbows in that)...it feels like hope for a good magic tank is dead...help me UoCs, you're my only hope!
      1. Antioch
        Comforts. I spent the last of my lapis trying and I got 11 no body's... :( Was very sad. I can only understand a bit, as I didn't spend 20k. :(
        Jul 20, 2018
    20. Xil
      first 4* ticket gives Mediena, and the rest following & 10+1 give nothing of note. Also, just 1 trust moog for the 10+1...not that worth it.
      1. Tifa Lockheart likes this.
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    June 21
    Global ID:
    Japan ID:
    FD Nyx, Fryevia, A.Rain and more
    GL 171
    I'm shy and have trouble contributing to most conversation but I try to be nice and respectful!


    5* list: DKCecil (x4, stmr), Marie(x3, 1 TMR), Noctis(x4, 2 TMR), Tidus(x2), Onion Knight, Orlandeau, Dark Veritas (x2), Ayaka(x5, 1 TMR, 1 Stmr), Gladio(x2), Beach Dark Fina(x2), Nyx(x2), Loren, Aileen (x3), Roy(x2), Kryla(x2), Olive, PG Laswell(x2), Balthier (x2), Barbariccia, Cloud , Ang(x2), Aranea(x4, STMR), Eiko, Explorer Aileen(x2), Elfrieda(x2), Fryevia(x3), Blossom Sage Sakura (x2), Yuna (x3), NG Jake, Jiraiya...(x2...), Gilgamesh(x3), Sephiroth, Mercenary Ramza (x2), Emperor(1 TMR), CG Nichol(x2, 1 TMR), Rico Rodriguez (1 TMR), Veritas of Light(x2), Prishe(x2, 1 TMR), Ace(x2), Mediena (1 TMR), Beatrix(x2), Rem(x3), PS Rydia, Lulu, Rena, Nalu(x2) , LM Fina , Shadowlord, Emperor Shera, Trance Terra, Awakened Rain (x2), Reberta , Duke(x2), Hyoh, Malphasie, Prompto, Knight Delita(x2), Ignis, SS Nichol, Squall, Wilhelm, Sieghard(x2), Kunshira(x2), Tiana, Beryl, KH Cloud (x2), Circe, Basch
    Physical: KH Cloud(~2100 atk, Bow or GS bulid), Nalu(~2000 atk), 7*Nyx(1100+ atk), PG Lasswell(~1900atk) Magical: ~1700+ MAG: Blossom Sage Sakura, SBD Fina. Other - Fryevia ~1300/~1600 atk/mag, 7* Ayaka, 7* A.Rain, 7* Sieghard
    Wanting: Auron, Elly, Dark Mage Golbez or dupes for 7* (Especially chainers)
    If you send a friend request, let me know! I'd be glad to have more forum friends!

    I also joined JP!
    Lead: Akstar - ~2,900 Atk, DM Golbez ~2k Mag, CitraFolka ~1600 SPR, Event. Hoarding for CG Zidane!
    5*s: Citan x2 (7*, 1 TMR), Orlandeau x2 (7*), Auron x2 (7*, 1 TMR), Beowulf, Rem, Gilgamesh x4 (STMR), Sieghart x2 (7*,1 UoC'd), Sephiroth x2 (7*), Tidus, Ignis x2 (7*), Dark Mage Golbez (x3, 1 7*), Rubicantex2, Prompto x3(7*), Citra, HT Lid x2 (7*), Akstar x4 (7*, STMR), Awakened Rain x3 (7*), Hyoh, Ayaka x2(7*)(1 UoC'd), Dark Knight Luneth x2, Aerith x2 (7*), Emperor, MS Nichol x2 (7*), Folka x2 (7*), Yuffie x4 (1 STMR), Fighter Sabin, High Seraph Ultima x3 (7*), Summer Citra & Folka x2(7*), King Edgar x2, Balthier x2 (7*), Raegen x2 (7*), Ignacio x3, Nyx, Onion Knight Refia, Yego, Yukata Ayaka x3 (7*), Summer Lid & Fina, Lunera, Tifa, Ramza, SBDFina, Dress Up Aileen, Duke, Nalu, CG Lightning, Elfreeda, Sol, Wilhelm, Eiko, Machina, KH Cloud x2, Squall, "Future" Hope, Aranea, Maria, Prishe, Shadowlord, Veritas of the Light