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Earth Keys

Earth Key Locations/Rewards

- Key Number Location Chest Reward
Main Gauche 1 Lost Village of Marlo Main Gauche
Mythril Plate 2 Lanzelt Ruins Mythril Plate
Capella 3 Fulan Pass Capella
Warhammer 4 Port City Lydira Warhammer
Mythril Gloves 5 Wolfsfang Peak Mythril Gloves
Recipe Stona 6 Town of Mitra Recipe - Stona
Recipe Bioblaster 7 Grandport Recipe - Bioblaster
Paladin Armor 8 Wind Shrine Recipe - Paladin Armor
Red Cap 9 Phantom Forest Red Cap
Black Choker 10 Ordol Port Black Choker
Earth Ring 11 Golaz Canyon Earth Ring
Gravity 12 Lanzelt Ruins Recipe - Gravity
Kazekiri 13 Zadehl Westersand Kazekiri
Mythril Shield 14 Felicitas Town Mythril Shield
Dagger 15 Dalnakya Cavern Dagger
Thundara 16 Village of Kol Recipe - Thundara
Silver Cuirass 17 Lanzelt Highlands Silver Cuirass
Gold Anklet 18 Port City Lodin Gold Anklet
Kenpogi 19 Colosseum Kenpogi
Charm Bangle 20 Grand Port Charm Bangle
Recipe - Hyper 21 Junkyard Recipe - Hyper
Shuriken 22 Royal Capital Grandshelt Recipe - Shuriken
Protect 23 Kolobos Marsh Recipe - Protect
Ice Brand 24 Wolfsfang Peak Icebrand
Steal 25 Zadehl Westersand Steal
Jun 16, 2016
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