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Comments on Profile Post by KeybladeMaster97

  1. Arashi
    That was a lot you had to put up today. Good job.
    Nov 26, 2019
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  2. Keler
    True, thanks for the heads up on the timing. Did she pass?
    Nov 26, 2019
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  3. Clodia
    Ooooh, what kind of project was it? :3
    Nov 26, 2019
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  4. KeybladeMaster97
    @Arashi Thank you it was np
    @Keler Don't know yet, she doesn't present her project until around 11:30pm EST
    @Clodia It is her high school senior project, she created 2 Dioramas of a mining operation since she wants to get into the geology field
    Nov 26, 2019
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