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Comments on Profile Post by Sartre

  1. Wdiggums
    :-O off with their heads!!!
    Nov 18, 2021
    Backosteel, Sartre and Shr like this.
  2. RaagisEd
    That sounds great, i can't wait to try this new CoW challenge :)
    (We do have a lot of death resist equipments now though, can it be resisted/provoked? or is this going to get messy)
    Nov 19, 2021
    Sartre and Backosteel like this.
  3. Backosteel
    Except it resists death resist. It's the irresistable death.
    Nov 19, 2021
    Sartre and RaagisEd like this.
  4. nox
    how fun, making the 3 items that resist it useless, whats the damn point anymore then!? whats gonna happen? the time space continuum is gonna collapse if one or two dudes dont get insta killed? shitty logic.
    Nov 19, 2021
    Sartre likes this.