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Comments on Profile Post by Sartre

  1. hotaru251
    how the heck....i can't imagine running out of yellow pearls xD

    red on other hand is pretty low.
    May 8, 2022
    Wdiggums and Sartre like this.
  2. Sartre
    EX3'ing a bunch of NVAs just out of boredom. I've also crafted a fair few Faceted Orbs for the CoW gear when I've switched their upgrades back and forth a few times. 5 yellows per orb can make 'em disappear rather fast xD
    May 8, 2022
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  3. Wdiggums
    Shard the shit out of those useless piggies xD
    May 9, 2022
    Sartre likes this.
  4. KylarHaern
    lol yeah i think i have about 100 yellow and 50 red but that's only because the only NVs i get are Firion and Akstar (i could have 3 EX3s of both of them)
    May 9, 2022
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  5. Backosteel
    Good heavens @KylarHaern that is ridiculuous. I thought I had a lot of Firion but thats absurd.
    May 11, 2022
    KylarHaern likes this.
  6. hotaru251
    I have a +2 firion, +1 firion, and more shards & firion.

    for reasons unknown game refuses to let me shard my +1 firion :|
    May 11, 2022
  7. KylarHaern
    @Backosteel i know.......and I have 2 Rain ex3s.....why the crappy NVs....oh because GUMI only knows crap
    May 11, 2022