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3 accounts to trade (jp to jp)

Discussion in 'Account Trades' started by fulg, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. fulg

    fulg Ascended Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 3, 2018
    Hey Guys I have 3 accounts that I can trade (JP)

    first one: lvl 115
    7 stars: Akstar (2400 atk), primose, Nagi, gabrahant, aerith, cg lanswell, Onion knight, beuwolf, seph (enchanced), lenneth, vincent, cg sakura, Red XII and rubricante
    5 stars: Nyx, Cg nichol, prompto, tidus, Helmless kain, Dark mage golbez, Cg cid, Gilgamesh, Cg lid, TT, A. Rain, Dark veritas, light veritas, orlandeu, Dark fina, Willhelm, Lightning, Kydia, Rinoa, kunshira and Cg raegen.

    second one: lvl 65

    7 stars: Randi (2k atk), Aranea, yuffie, CG lid, nagi, machina, (also 2 light veritas at lvl 1)
    5 stars: primose, ignis, lunera, DK luneth, Cloud, OK refia, CG cid, Kurasame, Cg raegen, aerith, Red XII, Mercenary ramza, Dark veritas, Yeego, ramza, beatrix, Ignacio (fire veritas without armor), and rem.

    Third: lvl 55

    7 stars: Elly (1900 mag), Fei wong (2k atk), Glad, beatrix, dark veritas, and duke, (2 rubricate at lvl 1)
    5 stars: Hyoh, cg fina, seph, Dark Knight cecil, cg Fina and lid 2018, Kid rydia, Primose, lightning, Aranea, Emperor shera, Cg siegheart.

    If you feel like you have something to offer please message me, I am looking for something of equal or almost equal value (a lot of tickets or UOC tix or something) please do not offer rerolled accounts. thank you :)

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