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7* Batch #4 Overview by Memel0rd

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Memel0rd, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Memel0rd

    Memel0rd Updated Rankings + Reasonings! Staff Member Administrator Forum Manager VIP Supporter Arena Runner-Up S1

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    Mar 4, 2017
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    GL: Aldore King Rain
    Greetings, my name is Phillip aka. Memel0rd and if you are new to the forums / subreddit, I've been writing reviews for units since April 2017 as well as posting my own rankings. This however is something completely new and if you ever feel like having a question, you can always feel free to ask in the comments or write me a PM.

    I'm also glad to announce that DefiantHermit is helping me out with the 7* damage comparisons. For my reviews I've been doing all my provided maths manually and for these batches it's too much work. Especially with the coming Super Trust Master Rewards it'll be very difficult to keep up with everything.
    If you don't know DefiantHermit, he's been a big part of the wiki's rankings for a long time now as well as one of the moderators of the ffbe subreddit.

    Our fourth batch! A few highly anticipated units are here as well such as Fryevia and Loren, whom the latter I can already tell you is incredibly strong and possibly the first unit I'd recommend to UoC. Let's check out their kits together though.

    Similar to my rankings, I will cover the units by their roles. This means I'm following this structure:
    1. Physical Chainers
    2. Physical Finishers
    3. Magic Chainers
    4. Magic Finishers
    5. Hybrid Chainers
    6. Hybrid Finishers
    7. Healers
    8. Summoners
    9. Buffers
    10. Breakers
    11. Cover Tanks
    12. Provoke Tanks
    I'll be able to keep a more structured overview that way and you can easily find every role for the respecting 7* upgrade. Now, let's do this.

    If you are interesting in the damage comparisons, DefiantHermit will provide an in-depth spreadsheet of the unit's damage with / without STMRs.
    You can also keep track of the meta chainers in my review (will provide damage comparisons in there) as well as in the wiki's / my rankings:

    Defiant's Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ofXvCbtCBr2Rvzyhmywa7dHUihgtVbFnSea51DZeck0
    Wiki Rankings: https://exvius.gamepedia.com/Unit_Rankings
    My Rankings: https://brave-exvius.com/threads/memel0rds-unit-rankings.15685/

    There will be two rankings: Rating and Future Proof.
    Rating consists of the unit's current performance in the meta / batch and what it has to offer.
    Future Proof isn't explained in the overview but demonstrates how well the unit will fare in the next 3~6 months to make it easier evaluating if you want to awaken said unit or not.

    To upgrade a unit from their 6 star version to their 7 star, you will need 3.000.000 Gil as well as two of the same unit.
    When going into your awaken unit tab in the game, there will be a new option in the upper right corner that lets you select any 5* base unit that can go up to 7 stars. You need to have that unit on "unlocked". Once you click on that unit, you will have the option to exchange that selected unit for their respective awakening crystal as well as their TMR's moogle container as long as its not on 100%.
    Now, swap back to the original awaken unit tab and select the unit you want to awaken to 7*s. You will now need the awakening crystal and 3.000.000 Gil and voilà! You got yourself a 7 star.

    7* Batch #4 Overview by Memel0rd
    Featured Units:
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Simply use CTRL + F on google and type in the unit's name to quickly skip to the unit you need.

    Physical Damage

    [​IMG]Balthier (Finisher)
    Rating: 8/10
    Future Proof: 5/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase ATK/MAG/HP/MP (20%)
    Increase equipment ATK (30%) when dual wielding
    Increase equipment ATK (100%) when single wielding a one-handed weapon
    Increase accuracy (25%) when single wielding a one-handed weapon
    STMR: Zodiac Shot (Materia) - Increase ATK (80%) when equipped with a gun
    Increase physical damage against mechanical monsters (50%)

    Balthier got a few needed GL upgrades.
    His trust ability isn't that amazing. His gun has no elements and while he can imbue, it'd fit a lot better for Machine Gun+ if you go the TDH route because of the ~1.5x average damage variance. If you do not have a TDH build ready though, you can also grab 30% TDW from it instead.
    Balthier's kit now depends a lot more on RNG. He has two new Cooldown abilities that are both random. The first one is available on Turn 2 and has a 25% chance to imperil either fire / thunder / water / holy by 110% and always has a 800% finisher attached to it. It's great if you get the right roll, though that's up to you. His second CD move is available on Turn 4 and deals a 1000% mod from 1 to 6 times and +500% mod for each use. It sounds great in theory but you can only cap 2~3 of those hits because they use his regular attack animation and you can't wait until you get the strongest shot because... you don't know if you will get it. So again, quite RNG reliant. You do get his Finishing Blow afterwards though, which in GL got an effective 200% mod boost for a total of a 1400% finisher.
    Balthier overall is quite good even with his RNG moves, though VotF is quite ahead of him due to reliably having a 3000% finisher every 4 turns. He can also be effective as a solo DPS as long as you get good rolls on his CD ability.
    Would I use two of him or get his STMR? Definitely the STMR as he is a finisher and his STMR can be very useful for himself, Olive, future NG Jake or even way in the future enhanced Squall or Regina.

    [​IMG]Fohlen (Finisher + Chainer + Tank?)
    Rating: 6/10
    Future Proof: 3/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase ATK (40%) and DEF (20%)
    Increase physical damage against beasts, birds, and aquatics (50%)
    STMR: Rider's Armor (Light Armor) - 40 ATK, 14 DEF, 18 SPR, 80% Wind Resistance

    Fohlen also got changes in the global version.
    With his own helmet, which is a 28 ATK one with 60 DEF, he gains an additional 40% ATK and 20% DEF as well as 3 50% killers. While 2 of them aren't too common, it's still nice to have them in case you do proc them.
    His 7* kit didn't change much of his past kit and focuses now on his CD move and a timed jump. The CD move is available every 4 turns which makes it able to maintain the buff. An AoE 30% damage mitigation buff as well as 100% wind resistance and a 75% AoE wind imperil is quite neat and as long as there are no dispels this can be maintained. If you are using him as an evade dodge provoker, it might be helpful and quite supportive.
    His other new addition is a 150% ATK self buff that upgrades his jump. From a 230% regular jump to a 600% timed jump with a 550% AoE extra modifier. This is a serviceable finisher though not too amazing and originally in JP it was a regular 1500% + 550% jump. The 900% change in modifiers for the addition of timed jumps I am not a fan of. If they kept the modifier and made it a timed jump he'd be an excellent finisher but not exactly broken. If they lowered it to ~1200% it'd still be really strong. But 600% is mediocre. Even with his 100% jump passives.
    Overall Fohlen's provoke tank role does better now due to a bit more support but he still doesn't shine in any of his 3 roles as either provoker, finisher or chainer.
    Would I use two of him or get his STMR? Unless you want to use him as a chainer (which I somewhat doubt), I'd go for his STMR. On magic tanks against wind bosses this is a huge boost in resistance and for damage dealers it's also a major boost in ATK compared to most TMRs.

    [​IMG]Pyro Glacial Lasswell (Chainer + Finisher)
    Rating: 8/10
    Future Proof: 7/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase equipment ATK (40%) when dual wielding
    Increase LB gauge (2) per turn
    Increase esper's bonus stats (40%)
    Upgrade LB
    STMR: Zantetsuken (Katana) - 174 ATK, 50% LB fillrate, 10% Esper Stats

    PG Lasswell ALSO got global buffs.
    With his Trust Ability you gain more in GL than you did in JP! First up you get an extra +10% TDW, which goes up to a total of 40%. He gets higher stats from espers as well as some auto LB, but his Limit Burst now also unlocks a new chaining move with a 1300% modifier for the following 2 turns. This one has AT frames thus chains with Machina and Dracu Lasswell so far. Statwise PG Lasswell also got 40% more ATK in total.
    His previous finisher moves got quite the mod upgrades and his non-elemental unlock finisher goes up to a total of 1600%, making PG Lasswell a decent TDW finisher option for anyone.
    What does change him a lot though are his two new chaining moves. He has a 520% Divine Ruination move that imperils ice and wind by 60% and another AT move that does not have to get unlocked with a 900% modifier! In JP this one had a 690% mod, thus the GL upgrades really did him well.
    Now PG Lasswell is a versatile TDW damage dealer that can chain with a currently common family and in a future commonly featured family. His damage is lower than Hyoh's but not by a whole lot, around 10~20%. The more often you can get his LB for his AT unlock move the more damage you will dish out. Future enhancements (way down the road) make him also quite a lot better.
    Would I use two of him or get his STMR? You can do whatever feels better to you, though personally I'd go for his STMR as he can chain with so many different units anyway.

    Magic Damage

    [​IMG]Blossom Sage Sakura (Finisher)
    Rating: 8~8.5/10
    Future Proof: 7/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase LB gauge fill rate (50%)
    Increase equipment MAG (50%) when single wielding any weapon
    Increase equipment MAG (50%) when dual wielding
    Increase LB damage (20%)
    STMR: Sakura's Robe (Robe) - 14 DEF, 77 MAG, 42 SPR, 50% Lightning Resistance, 1 Auto LB

    BS Sakura (definitely not bullshit Sakura) is back!
    She gained a few new toys. First up with her trust ability you gain either 50% MTDW or TDH, which is a great boost in MAG either way. Her TMR already boosts MAG by 40% thus you will be able to reach quite high stats with her. It also makes it easier for her to obtain her LB while making it stronger, pushing it to a 2160% modifier. I still would recommend using Trance Terra over her as non-elemental chainer, but I couldn't stop a few people to begin with.
    Her old thunder stacking move that goes up to a mod of 1500% now gets a 150% mod boost. With her W-Ability this means we are getting 3300% now instead of our previous 3000%. Compared to her previous version this isn't a major upgrade, but with her pentacast it is. One of her CD abilities is available on Turn 1 with a 5 turn cooldown and grants you pentacast for your 3 thunder moves, most importantly the stacking move. This means, if used at max stacks, we are looking at a 8250% finisher! Well... in theory. Quick Final Thunder has a slow animation, making you only able to fully finish 2~3 at max with most chainers. Though if you want to have some fun, I can recommend using two Luneths as chainers, but don't take it too seriously.
    That's not it though. Her other CD ability is focusing more on a supportive move. It recovers 10k HP and 100 MP to your team (except her), buffs everyone's stats up by 130% (except hers) and fills everybody else's LB gauge by 10... except her! Instead of MP though it costs her 40 LB crysts, which is her entire LB gauge. It can be useful but I wouldn't rely on it.
    For Hyoh users BS Sakura offers something unique: A ST thunder imbue! Yey! You can run a 2h Large Sword on Hyoh now if you use her at the same time.
    Her enhancements in the future make BS Sakura also a lot stronger, though it needs a lot of time to get there.
    Would I use two of her or get her STMR? Unless you are into BS Sakura LB chaining, STMR it is. Her STMR isn't locked to females unlike Dark Fina's and has a whopping 77 MAG stat as well as 1 auto LB!

    Hybrid Damage

    [​IMG]Fryevia (Chainer)
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Future Proof: 7/10
    Trust Ability:
    Enable dual wielding of one-handed weapons
    Increase equipment ATK/MAG (30%) when dual wielding
    Increase ATK/MAG (30%)
    STMR: Florid Hairpin (Accessory) - 25 ATK/MAG, 50% Hybrid TDH, 25% Accuracy

    Fryevia! One of the most anticipated units in a long time and immediately upon her announcement the hype train arrived! Does she hold up to our expectations though?
    Her trust ability is weird to many people. With her own TMR she gets DW as well as 30% TDW on both ATK and MAG. But Fryevia has innate W-Ability at 7* so there isn't much of a reason for this. It also boosts your ATK/MAG by 30% and later on you will receive another 30% ATK/MAG boost when holding an ice weapon, thus the combination of these two isn't too bad. Could have been a lot better but she still gets some boosts out of it.
    The kit focuses a lot more on the TDH mechanics now. She gains W-Ability and through her CD move she can triple cast for two turns, after her LB for one turn. The CD moves are both W / T-castable, making them way less clunky, though her T-cast unlock CD is on a 7 turn cooldown. It does selfbuff 200% ATK/MAG though and grants her a strong MP regen.
    Her old Frost Flower Blitz got a 200% mod upgrade (total 1200%) and her new octaslash move has the exact same modifier with no element. This means you can technically equip her with e.g. a water sword without mixing up your elements. If you do that I'd suggest trying to max your ATK instead of MAG.
    Her other CD ability is available at turn 3 and is a 2100% hybrid finisher with innate ice element. Since her survivability got almost no upgrades at her 7 star, using this in a few trials can be helpful due to its 150% DEF/SPR buff though often enough these won't be a lot higher than what you already had. Possibly even irrelevant. Many claim they have no problems self capping this, but consider that the dummy is placed perfectly for tests like these. Two discord reddit users weren't able to self-cap reliably against other enemy positions.
    Damage wise Fryevia does ranks lightly higher than Hyoh, but loses out big time against Kurasame. It is important to note that Fryevia is way easier to chain as more and more people lose their access to perfect spark chaining. Also if you can consistently self-cap Riposte she does pull ahead compared to hyoh even further, but doesn't reach Kurasame
    Would I use two of her or get her STMR? Oh boy, I've seen a ton of Fryevia friends already. I think it's perfectly fine to grab her STMR without risking anything. 25 ATK/MAG with 50% ATK TDH and MAG TDH is a great STMR, though when I calculated the damage gained for e.g. Kurasame, I wasn't pleased to see that it only upgraded his damage by 3%. For mages it's a lot better than actual hybrids.


    [​IMG]Loren (Breaker + Chainer)
    Rating: 9.5/10
    Future Proof: 9/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase LB gauge (2) per turn
    Increase equipment ATK (50%) when dual wielding
    Upgrade LB
    STMR: Chrome Sphene (Large Sword) - 170 ATK, 20 DEF/SPR

    Another anticipated unit back to back.
    Loren's TMR ability might seem confusing first because she already has innate DW and her materia grants DW. Just... ignore that part. With her own TMR ability she has 30% innate ATK as well as 50% TDW, which is quite a lot, 2 auto LB and makes her Limit Burst bonkers. At max doesn't only have an AoE 79% Lightning, Wind and Light imperil for 3 turns but ALSO an AoE 74% 3 turn fullbreak. As before, it grants her access to her unlockable moves. It costs 30 LB crysts but after the next move you will see how easy it is to get there.
    Loren's CD ability ladies and gents: Available on turn 1 with a 6 turn cooldown, AoE 3 turn 70% fullbreak and an AoE 200% 3 turn LB fillrate buff. Incredible and in combination with her LB this easily makes her the best breaker in GL right now. The 200% LB fillrate buff can be super handy if you use units such as Zargabaath or Hyoh, while it also makes it a lot easier to get her LB. If the enemy dispels itself she can re-apply a 50% fullbreak at any time through her enhancements, which isn't too bad. Assuming you don't have her LB / CD up.
    Other than that she gains access to two new chaining families: Onion Slicer, which means she can chain with Hyoh, Sephiroth and Onion Knight, and Aureole Ray! Which are common in GL. Lunera (with her GE buffs partially), Lucius, Lilith, Viktor, Malphasie and in the future even more units such as Kunshira, Nagi, etc. There will be quite a few units with these frames, making Loren a decent support chainer.
    IF you do not have HT Lid or Machina and only have one copy of Loren, this is the first unit I'd recommend you to UoC. Her breaks are very valuable and even though we will get Auron somewhat soon-ish, you might not want to pull on him or you might fail to get him.
    Would I use two of her or get her STMR? It actually depends. You can run two Lorens to ensure that you have the breaks up at all times even with self dispels, but generally I'd not run two of hers unless she's your best damage dealer. Her STMR is decent for TDW units and grants 20 DEF/SPR. Not too bad.

    [​IMG]Lunera (Buffer + Chainer + Finisher)
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Future Proof: 4.5/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase MAG (40%) and HP (20%)
    Increase physical and magic damage against demons (25%)
    STMR: Force Mysterion (Materia) - Increase physical and magic damage against demons (100%)
    Increase dark resistance (30%)

    Lunera comes quite late on the GL side.
    ... and received GL buffs! But let's talk about her trust ability first. With her own bow that boosts damage against demons she will gain even more demon killers alongside 40% MAG and 20% HP. With enhancements and innate passives this means she has innate 220% MAG and later on gets another 70% MAG TDH. Weird number, but it's actually a good addition with our latest 4* unit Magna, who got a 50% MAG TDH TMR.
    Both of her old stacking finishers received a 500% mod increase, meaning they go up to a total of 2000% while her Aureole Ray goes up to 940% now. This was quite underwhelming on the JP side so GL decided to change things a bit.
    Her CD ability that is available on Turn 1 with a 5 turn cooldown recovers 13500 HP, 135 MP to everyone and buffs their stats by 135% for 3 turns. Not too shabby. In GL it grants her access to W-Ability for the two following turns. This include her chaining move as well as her old finishers and the new non elemental one that goes up to 2500%. So you can either make her a support chainer or support finisher. Do keep in mind that you won't have 100% uptime of her buff so you either need to rotate into her song or need a second buffer.
    The issue is, as a chainer that won't save her. 2 turns of W-Cast on a somewhat low-mod chain with no imperils within her own kit AND having two elements on her chain hurts quite a bit.
    You can somewhat work around it with her LB. It has a 1800% modifier with 30 hits, but costs a bit too much with 30 crysts to be maintainable at all times.
    Would I use two of her or get her STMR? If you really are into Lunera, using two of her while trying to maintain her buff uptime is finicky because only one Lunera will have the W-ability up at a time. Her LB deals a good amount of damage though. And on the other hand, her STMR is one of the most niche ones you can find. A 100% demon killer... it'll have its uses against demon trials such as Ultros Reborn or Bloody Moon Reborn, but you can easily skip it.

    [​IMG]Roy (Buffer + Breaker)
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Future Proof: 5/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase SPR (30%)
    Increase resistance to paralyze and petrify (100%)
    Upgrade LB
    STMR: Two-Headed Dragon's Harp (Harp) - 20 ATK, 70 MAG, 156 SPR, 30% HP, 20% MP, 30% SPR

    Roy got no GL upgrades this time but got a significant change that does remind me of Elephim quite a lot.
    His trust ability makes him more reliable through increasing his SPR even further, adding status ailment protection and changing his LB. Instead of a 3 turn duration his LB only has a 1 turn duration now but grants you access to a new song.
    That new song lasts 2 turns, buffs all stats by 140% and fullbreaks all enemies by 60% while also having a decent MP regen and an AoE 150% LB fillrate buff. It's decent but Roy has a similar issue as Elephim:
    Roy is a bard, thus locked into songs. If he gets dispelled on the first turn of the song he will be useless for the following turn. If he dies he will lose access to his song and has to use the LB again. Roy also doesn't have any elemental resistance buffs nor reliable mitigation, which other meta supports often provide. He is easier to use than Elephim while also offering an MP regen without making her LB quite risky, but if you can make Elephim work she has essentially higher numbers than him with the same weaknesses. Roy is perfectly serviceable if he is your only buffer, but compared to our current roster and the future units such as Yuraisha he does get the short end of the stick.
    If you use any other song, Roy can get access to 180% ATK/DEF or MAG/SPR songs that feature some slight mitigation. If the threshhold only focuses on e.g. magic damage, that's great, but mostly these are useful for bursting the enemy as 180% buffs are high.
    Would I use two of him or get his STMR? Just grab the STMR. Sadly it's mostly good for him or Elephim as they are the only real harp users. It can be used on Eiko in theory, but she'd lose out on her TMR ability. It's a pretty underused STMR because of the 2h limitation.


    [​IMG]Elfreeda (Provoke Tank + Chainer?)
    Rating: 7/10
    Future Proof: 5.5/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase DEF/SPR/HP (40%)
    Increase equipment ATK (50%) when single wielding any weapon
    Increase accuracy (25%) when single wielding any weapon
    Auto-cast First-Rate Weaponry at the start of a battle
    Increase counter chance (100%)
    STMR: Truth Seeker (Materia) - Increase HP/DEF/SPR (30%)
    Increase equipment ATK (50%) when single wielding any weapon
    Increase accuracy (25%) when single wielding any weapon

    Elfreeda also got a GE boost! Yeeey, GE boost for everyone (but Roy / Loren), whooo!
    Her trust ability seems odd at first because Marshal Glove is a TMR designed for damage dealers, but it is worth it. 40% HP/DEF/SPR is a lot for an accessory slot! You do gain another 50% TDH at the same time... if you really want to... you know.
    There is more though. It increases your counter chances by 100%, making her e.g. ice imperil incredibly easy to proc which might be interesting for Kurasame users, though this mostly shines in the arena. Elfreeda also receives a 10% phys / mag mitigation buff at the start of the battle, making her quite a lot tankier right off the bat. Something she was lacking previously. Later on Elfreeda receives an additional 50% DEF/SPR alongside a champion HP regen. With previous passives we now hit 60% HP with 140% DEF/SPR. Even with her relatively low-ish basestats this makes for decent tank stats.
    Elfreeda becomes a fun to use chainer. She gains a 20-Hit ice move with a 600% modifier and her LB can also perfectly chain with a dupe and a 1400% modifier. With her high innate TDH you can get her up to decent ATK stats, though it's more fun to use in the Arena than in actual trials.
    One of her GE buffs lies within her first CD ability. Both of them are available at Turn 1 with a 5 turn CD. The first one in Jp originally boosted your own damage mitigation by 50% for 3 turns while applying an AoE 100% ice imperil. In GL it also gives Elfreeda a provoke for 3 turns, making it perfect to start battles! High mitigation with provoke for the first 3 turns as well as an AoE 100% ice imperil. This is literally perfect for many ice chainers. If you use Fryevia with her octaslash move or Kurasame with his insane Turn 1 burst this will make them so much stronger WHILE STILL APPLYING THE PROVOKE.
    Her other CD has an AoE 10k HP recover with a 130% DEF/SPR buff, not too shabby.
    Elfreeda also has Entrust, which can be handy for other units' LBs as hers outside of fun chaining isn't that great.
    While Elfreeda isn't nearly as tanky as Wilhelm, you can fix it either through evasion or enough gear. She should be able to survive most trials. She is a really interesting choice for ice teams, especially Kurasame who lacks early ice imperils.
    Would I use two of her or get her STMR? It depends. If you like her for Arena, where she is really strong, skip it. Her STMR can be used on many units though. 30% HP/DEF/SPR can make it onto a tank any day of the week, but it also increases TDH by 50% making it either really good for your TDH units without losing too many ATK stats when you need them to survive (e.g. against Gilgamesh Reborn) OR as I said on your tanks.

    [​IMG]Gladio (AoE Physical Tank)
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Future Proof: 5.5/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase DEF (40%) and SPR/HP (20%)
    Chance to counter physical attacks (20%) with First Aid (max 1/turn)
    Chance to counter magic attacks (20%) with First Aid (max 1/turn)
    Upgrade LB
    STMR: Shield of the Chosen King (Materia) - Increase HP (50%) and DEF (30%)
    Increase DEF (100%) when HP drops below 80%

    Gladio the MAN of FFXV.
    With his trust ability he gains 40% DEF as well as 20% HP/SPR. When considering how good his regular TMR is this is a large boost. He can reach a huge HP stat while keeping DEF at a decent level. Later on he will get enhancements to boost his survivability even more by adding higher mitigation onto his cover as well as giving it a higher chance to proc as it currently is quite low. The trust ability can give him a chance of proccing First Aid, which is a 25% HP/MP heal. Neat. Also upgrades his LB to include a 50% damage mitigation for one turn while also breaking the enemy's DEF by max 60%. The mitigation helps him survive the initial provoke turn, though having your provoke on an LB is quite unreliable, especially during the early phases of a fight.
    Gladio gets access to a higher Dawnhammer (with 800% total mod now) and a new 900% DEF finisher. It's nice but not really mandatory as he won't use DW. With Genji Blade he gets a 200% ATK boost, which is pretty much a meme and can make his LB / Dawnhammer hit somewhat hard. His CD ability does a pretty similar job: 1000% ATK finisher with a 1 turn 50% mitigation.
    Gladio has a fun kit but the lack of utility wears him down by a lot. Currently without enhancements he's not a super great option, after enhancements a perfectly serviceable tank though loses in comparison to others because of his lack of additional support. Fun to use though.
    Would I use two of him or get his STMR? 50% HP with 30% DEF.... hello? Grab that ASAP!

    Special Units

    [​IMG]Noctis (Buffer + Everything)
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Future Proof: 2.5~3.5/10
    Trust Ability:
    Increase physical and magic damage against demons, humans, fairies, and undead monsters (50%)
    Increase esper's bonus stats (20%)
    STMR: Hexatheon's Revelation (Materia) - Increase HP/MP/ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (20%)
    Increase fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, and earth resistance (20%)
    Increase LB gauge (2) per turn

    I've listed Noctis here because he doesn't really fit anywhere else.
    Noctis' trust ability isn't too bad if you are planning to use him offensively or as a dodge tank. Ring of the Lucii is a massive TMR and upon equipping it he gets 4 50% killers as well as 20% bonus esper stats. Not too amazing but the killers are appreciated.
    His GL buffs make his CD move available at Turn 1, though still has a 6 turn cooldown. It buffs Noctis' own stats by 150% for 4 turns, grants him huge regens as well as filling up his LB entirely and grantin him access to his Point-Blank Warp-Strike for the next 3 turns and to a new move for 3 turns.
    That new move is a 9-hitter that can chain though does break between casts. Noctis with a dupe isn't reliable at this though as it casts randomly 3 to 8 times, which means one Noctis might stop at 3 whereas the other goes up to 7. It has a decent modifier though with 5.5x each cast and if you get really lucky this means you'd have a 4400% mod on a chain. Very unreliable though.
    Even though Noctis has access to a really easy to get LB, he already had that before post his enhancements and with his 7* the LB barely changed. The damage went up by quite a bit and the buffs went up by 10%, making it ... pretty mediocre.
    Noctis also gets random flasks that combine different effects depending on the role such as % of breaks, % of stop chance, modifiers, % of status ailments, etc.
    Noctis overall though is still in a very similar position as opposed to before his 7 star.
    Would I use two of him or get his STMR? His STMR in GL got a buff. +5% ele res and 2 auto LB. For some it looks quite underwhelming but for anyone it's pretty good to maintain tanky / offensive stats while boosting elemental resistances. This will be crucial in future trials or at least quite helpful. I'd definitely grab it.

    This batch isn't too exciting as earlier ones because many of the listed units should have been here earlier and the GL buffs didn't make up for it.
    PG Lasswell got a massive GL upgrade and can actually get to Hyoh's level while having important future frames, making him a lot better than he would have been without them. In fact, so far these are the best damage dealer buffs on an awakening batch.
    Fryevia is also quite a powerhouse that's a lot easier to chain than Kurasame. Many have been waiting for her and here she is. Not as strong as many wanted her to be but still strong. Use her if you want to!
    Loren easily wins this batch though, she is a huge breaker and a consistent one at the same time who also offers more than just breaks. You can also give her Barusa's TMR or a Pod to boost physical resistance on the off turns. If you don't have Machina nor HT Lid and won't plan to pull on Auron, I can only recommend you to UoC a dupe Loren (if you already had one) as she makes a lot of content way easier.
    Most of the other units you see are serviceable, though Blossom Sage Sakura is also an interesting pick for Hyoh users due to the ST thunder imbue. Elfreeda is actually tempting to use for Kurasame users, his Turn 1 burst is massive compared to everybody elses but he was only lacking ice imperils until the LB.... I am tempted at least.
    Overall a serviceable batch with a few nice surprises!

    Interested in the other batches?
    7* Batch Overview #1
    7* Batch Overview #2
    7* Batch Overview #3

    I personally grabbed my Fryevia STMR and equipped it onto my Kurasame. It's time to share a message.

    Memel0rd out
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
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  2. Greenito

    Greenito Ascended Member

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    Aug 2, 2017
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    Nice work that was quick, thanks

    EDIT: Can we have comparison between GL exclusive unit Fryevia with Kurasame?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  3. Mcleod

    Mcleod Der Langrisserlord - Retired VIP Supporter

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    Feb 17, 2017
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    TDW Chuck Norris

    as i thought i guess ill be getting moogles from Noctis, while actually using Fry and PugLasswell...

    LAFORGUS "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

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    Mar 28, 2017
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    Ask on Chat
    Thanks for the hard work!

    To bad Loren is the only worthy to chase, but with that 0.5% of Pulling her.... Trap.. Trap... TRAP!
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  5. Phoenix_Greyy

    Phoenix_Greyy Ascended Member Supporter

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    Aug 3, 2017
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    041 228 944
    Hyoh | eTT
    I was waiting for this to awaken my units but I got impatient and just awakened Fryevia and Loren only to come and fine this thread staring at me.

    Looks like that was the right call. Now to decide if I NEED Gladio's STMR.

    Thanks Meme!
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  6. Nina

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    Jul 8, 2016
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    CG Nina
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  7. Dragoon87

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    Mar 10, 2018
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    Raegen, Zargabath, Yuna, Noctis
    No bad units only bad players
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  8. TuanMuda

    TuanMuda Ascended Member Supporter

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    Mar 26, 2018
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    My Gladio only rated 5,5 ::rudecat4::

    Fair I guess, cause without enhancement he's got a low mitigation. But after enhancement he will have a 100% stop resist which is neat ::old::

    Thanks, Meme
  9. Gully

    Gully Ascended Member Supporter

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    Nov 8, 2017
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    Thanks Memel0rd , next week Uoc Loren and looks like i can build her with 2k dmg more than my Hyoh
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  10. Scoustar

    Scoustar VIP VIP Supporter

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    Dec 25, 2017
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    Finally Loren ::rudecat1::

    Alas poor Lid will have to take a back seat for a while.

    All this Kurasame talk makes me wanna pull a second one of him. 3 x 30% & 10% tickets are in real danger....
  11. Volfan4life87

    Volfan4life87 VIP VIP Supporter

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    May 15, 2017
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    YES thank you meme, great info as always. Very disappointed in Gladio. I was hoping he would do more for me than hog unit slots.
  12. aa25

    aa25 VIP VIP

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    Jan 9, 2018
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    Thanks for a fast overview. Somehow, the stars from this batch for me are Gladiolus & Elfreeda. I also have Noctis and BS.Sakura + her STMR. Neither of them excites me that much though. Not sure how they will perform but at least they both quite an upgrade from what I have. Elfreeda's skill set always interests me, so that is quite a plus. I usually run S.Nichol, so he can help her a bit with damage mitigation. Gladiolus got overshadowed by Lilith a bit, but once he gets his enhancements he should perform better. I am waiting for Elfreeda's as well. Having a 3 turns provoke should smooth out her rotation a lot.

    Edit: do you think it is worth mentioning that Elfreeda also has Entrust?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
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  13. Lótus Haddock

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    May 20, 2018
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    Great review as always Memel0rd!

    I have two 7* of the three best units of this batch... PG Lasswell and Loren. My pain right now is Loren don't chain with my great Dracu Lasswell and PG Lasswell can! But Loren can break! A decision so hard to take of who I'll level first...

    Eventually I'll level both, but right now I only have 10 max king minituar =.=
  14. Isaac

    Isaac "Hall of Fame" Member

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    Nov 30, 2017
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    702 220 272
    So quick! Well done (again) Memelord!
  15. Tanatos

    Tanatos Guest

    Crying for the prince ::rudecat4::::rudecat6::
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  16. Demo

    Demo Light Weight, BAABBBYYYY!!!!! VIP

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    Jul 8, 2016
    should i replace lid with my 7* loren? i am currently running hyoh as my main dps.
  17. Envoy

    Envoy Well-Known Member

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    Feb 8, 2018
    You make want to reveiw noctis again and look at his 110 ability on exvius wiki you may change your idea on him and would explain why they didnt really give him chaining abilities
  18. Hacho

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    Aug 16, 2018
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    KFina, Zeno, ALasswell, Bonus Units
    Man, @Memel0rd, you are so fast... ::up::
    Perfect overview, thanks!

    I easily picked Loren (lvl 120, TMR and STMR) and PG Lasswell (still maxing atm) from my 7*-ready units in this batch after maintenance, and so far I'm perfectly satisfied with them. :)
  19. D4NT3D3V1L

    D4NT3D3V1L Ascended Member

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    Sep 9, 2017
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    Randi, Fryevia, Orlandeau
    Guess I'm getting a dupe Loren then.
  20. Forza971sbh

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    Jul 13, 2017
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    Circe / Jecht / Folka
    very interesting batch for me at least.... I've been waiting for a strong breaker for so long... and a way to use lunera again...

    a team build around the Lunera/Loren duet is incredible on non FTKO scenarios...
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