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A little tips and method for Undine - Madam's Manor Ancient Ruins #2

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Syuri, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. Syuri

    Syuri ♥ evade prince, kupo!! ♥ VIP Supporter

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    Nov 7, 2016
    Hello again, kupo..

    did you already get bored reading my post?? *evil grin*
    before everyone got busy for vindematrix (ugh did i spell it right.. its my zodiac afterall..), we have undine boss in madam's manor ancient ruins #2
    its late i know, but in case there is still somebody out there that need some insight for this boss..

    and i rarely see people post about this trial, either because there is no actual reward, or just don't care.. lulz ::mog:: so i just post this since i just finished it..

    prepare for another wall of text, kupo..

    BOSS :

    UNDINE - spirit/fairy
    SKILL SET : lots of water magic, fixed damage, AOE physical attack, null physical attack
    in lower HP : dark attack, deathly skill (death, stop)
    reduced 200% water resist, reduced 100% lightning resist

    1. if she use null physical attack - cast ice magic to dispel it, you can't remove it with normal dispel/dispelga
    2. The boss will counter attack :
    physical lightning element - ST thunder
    magic lightning element - AOE thundaga
    physical + lightning element - AOE thundaja
    this is magic skill, which can be reflect, and undine use this counter magic first before other skill

    1. Decide you will use lightning element or not
    If lightning, then decide how you will counter the lightning counter attack from undine, reflect works or you can raise your lightning resistance..
    *remember undine can reduce your lightning resistance

    2. Decide you will use magic dps or physical dps
    if magic, then you do not need prepare ice to null the physical resist. If physical, then you need ice magic to dispel everytime undine use the physical resist.
    you may want to prepare some dispel unit because undine buff her spr

    3. After your dps, then prepare your tank
    You can choose to use aoe cover physical tank and provoke tank to eat the fixed damage and magic damage
    or you can choose to use aoe cover magic tank and provoke tank to eat the fixed damage, but your party will get damage from aoe physical attack

    4. You can only break undine ATK, thus prepare your OP breaker
    if you use basch or wol as your tank and breaker, you better have offensive freeze/world destroyer equipped in other unit so you can tank and break at the same time in turn 1

    5. Undine can lower your water resistance by 200%
    prepare your party.. or your magic tank to have 300% water
    ex : mystea or basch 200% water resist + buff 100% buff from tidus

    6. In lower HP, prolly < 50%, undine start to use dark attack
    prepare your party.. or your magic tank to have 100% dark resist
    lucky undine doesn't lower your dark resist (if i read the skill set right)

    7. In below <20% HP undine start to use deathly stagnant waters
    which can stop (30%) and insta KO (15%) to one enemy..
    you may want to kill her fast after pass this threshold

    DUN DUN DUN...
    Last Method - Reflect method
    Did you know undine can killed herself by take advantage the gimmick?
    1. Prepare ice magic
    2. Prepare lightning magic
    3. Prepare lightning physical
    4. Marie LB or Carbuncle

    This reflect method can work in 3 turn rotation
    first turn - buff, cover, heal, etc
    second turn - use ice magic to null her physical resist
    third turn - use physical + magic lightning, then cast marie LB or carby
    and watch undine cast thundaja that will reflect to herself... ugh that hurt.. did i already said that undine innate lightning resist is -300%.. and she also cast ability that lower her lightning resistance by 100% more.. so -400%..

    -------------------------------------------THE END----------------------------------------------

    i actually watched some people use olive garden and kill her fast..
    i kinda want to do that too.. but what to do when i don't have olive.. lulz

    then i watched some people use Trance Terra / Christine
    what to do when i don't have TT/xtine too

    so.. i pick my last method to use marie LB.. and dun dun dun.. its more fun.. (nope, actually because i can't kill her using normal way with her HP 100 mill)
    using this method i killed undine in 16 turns and with only 5 unit.. not bad imo.. *happy grin* with this, i already clear all the trial.. hiphip horray.. *throw confetti for me, please*

    My battle plan 3 turn rotation using reflect method
    UNDINE vs 5 unit ll no 7* unit
    1aoe magic covermitigatereraise + curajalove you allsing
    2defendice magicreraise + curajalovely guardsing
    3ST damage ATK breakQFTreraise + curajaLBsing
    - make sure marie cast LB in very last turn so its not get in the way when you use curaja
    - ayaka equipped with world destroyer and use it in turn 1 only, so undine atk get broken.. she hits hard, trust me
    - basch serve as tank and breaker and equip with hammer with lightning elemental
    - BSS pair with shiva to get access to ice magic
    - marie equipment grant her 6 LB/turn so her LB guarantee full every 3 turn
    - bring some smoke bomb to escape random mob.. i mean, use normal attack using 4 unit to try collect marie LB at least half, then use the last unit to escape
    - basch with 250% water resist and 100% dark look so awesome.. ugh.. i got deadly stare from the prince

    I hope this help..
    if you have any question, feel free to comment and ask
    if you already beat it, feel free to share your team and strategy
    if you see/read something wrong, let me know so i can fix it

    -------------------------------------Q & A-------------------------------------------

    Q : can i just use lightning magic in reflect method?
    A : you can, but i'm not recommend it because magic lightning counter is thundaga (1x).. undine almost uneffected by it
    but if you use physical and magic lightning, it will counter with thundaja (50x) and multiplied with your team member.. ugh..

    Q : any other unit to use?
    A : CG lid equip with lightning weapon.. CG nichol for dark and water and more mitigate and mp regen and more stat buff.. LM fina for elemental resist, heal, reraise, MP recovery.. mystea or A. rain for magic tank..

    Q : more tips
    A : kill her fast after 20% threshold since she use those deathly skill (insta KO and stop)
    Break her ATK in first turn

    Q : more tips again
    A : use 7* olive garden ^^

    Q : how about the #1 boss
    A : https://brave-exvius.com/threads/a-little-tips-and-rotation-for-bennu-madams-manor-boss-1.37612/ -> bennu tips

    kupo ::toad:: oh, wrong emot..
    kupo ::mog::

    *Undine cast flood to syuri, syuri stranded in some unknown island*
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
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  2. Alfonso

    Alfonso VIP VIP Supporter

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    Aug 26, 2017
    Global ID:
    Carry units, Fryevia, A2
    How could someone get bored with your post? Great as always I was missing your tips for this trial
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  3. pdark

    pdark "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

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    Dec 12, 2016
    Global ID:
    605 048 728
    Fryevia, Event Units
    Nice, your guide will help those who might have miss out on bringing lexa for the first run.

    This is one of my fav battles, although a short one for me. Always fond of using the classic reflect strategy, and this is one of the few cases that reflecting the enemy's own dmg is actually damaging (the boss is usually immune to its own attacks/elements)!

    Was wondering though, those hints written on the stone monuments... were they actually talking about Marie, seeing that she's the only FFBE character that has the reflect skill??
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  4. Syuri

    Syuri ♥ evade prince, kupo!! ♥ VIP Supporter

    Likes Received:
    Nov 7, 2016
    lulz.. thank you..
    and here's the cake for your anniversary in this forum.. ::blackmage::::blackmage::

    probably.. in Bennu #1 , the stone monuments describe the boss and minion skill and gimmick.. i believe it should be the same in #2
    but with those MAP_TEXTING, i guess we need to wait until the dev fix that.. :(
    btw, Orran also have reflect skill.. oh, wait nvm, he is FFT char..
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  5. Alfonso

    Alfonso VIP VIP Supporter

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    Aug 26, 2017
    Global ID:
    Carry units, Fryevia, A2
    Thanks again, looks very tasty
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  6. NickDoveCot

    NickDoveCot Well-Known Member

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    Jan 19, 2018
    Global ID:
    Uhm vere can i buy moogle nuts
    Yes only marie and carbuncle mon amie ^_^
  7. Dewprism

    Dewprism Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Apr 7, 2018
    Just read it now after clearing first second floor- will take this reference especially for reflect ::haha::

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