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A2, just A2 (easy build)

Discussion in 'Unit Builds' started by Fabell, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Fabell

    Fabell "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

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    Jul 6, 2017
    Global ID:
    Elena,Sylvie,Zeno,SS Charlotte,Olberic
    There's no resists on her, so take this build as you will, but if you do IW right now and get the level 4 rare ability, A2 is surprisingly easy to gear.

    Just one STMR on her (Lucid Lenses, from Queen), and if you've been playing for awhile you probably have 2 or 3 of her anyways.

    Throw The Subservient on her and she jumps to 2571 ATK, so it's nice that you don't need to feel like that's a necessity to hit high ATK with her.

    Note that this build does require Unforgiving Blade (that was in the paid bundle last month). I don't know if that's still available but I think the bundle is gone.

    The GS she is using has a +42% to ATK, so it's worth running IW for that sweet rare GS ability if you can. Helps tremendously as well with her innately low HP.
  2. Vatenkeist

    Vatenkeist c[_] + ( ( ) = ? VIP Supporter

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    Aug 23, 2017
    The Mugs to the chair.
    I dont know but i´d take this A2 over yours tbh,

    u also could Slap on an Lightning GS (especially good for machines).

    400% Attack Cap and the regen mitigates her LB damage she takes once it kicks in. Thanks to multiple Hightide it fills up fast.

    If u have someone to imbue en element or just want evade build w I nichol (the counters will put DRain to Shame)

    would be that. If there are no Ailments u can add more attack to them. All o these builds include ailment immunity by default.Beast Lord wants the regen on it tho.

    The GL passives she got suck big time as i feared and unless u can activate trust ability w STMR then i mixer the last A2 i would need for that cuz that would mitigate some of her GL Exclusive shit kit she got. On GL they should have kept her TDW. really. But since we copy paste JP kit we have to nerf adjust the unit to Meta ...,unjustified too since her 5* banner counterpart shits doubles her damage and breaks better. so much for "Different Game™. " *rant over*

    (Meanwile on JP her Evade ... lol Esper Sylph needs to be set for the 5% that are missing)
    or ailment immune + evade.

    And this is what we should have gotten.

    2826 atk with Khould STMR. Elementless.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
  3. Masvroh

    Masvroh "an elder brother" VIP

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    Apr 8, 2018
    Global ID:
    Trance Terra, A2, Hyoh, Lilith
    Indeed, by equipping her own TMR she gains 250% DH. Very easy to reach high ATK with only one DH/TDH gears of 50%. But, her hard build with elemental GS is much more stronger than Beastlord build. The reasons are obvious that using elemental weapon is much easier to chain with element chain and gain advantage of imperil. Even DW elemental build is stronger.

    A2 7★
    Right hand: Beastlord HP+45%, ATK+125, ATK+20%, DEF+20% (IW :Rare lvl4, HP +15%, HP +10%)
    Left hand: Lightning Saber HP+35%, ATK+125, ATK+30% (IW :Rare lvl4, HP +15%, ATK +10%)
    Head: Prishe's Hairpin HP+10%, MP+10%, ATK+45
    Body: Hyoh's Clothes ATK+28, ATK+30%, DEF+42
    Accessory 1: Desch's Earring ATK+45
    Accessory 2: Desch's Earring ATK+45
    Materia 1: Hero's Vow - Dark ATK+60%
    Materia 2: Large Sword Mastery ATK+50%
    Materia 3: Adventurer V ATK+40%, DEF+40%, MAG+40%, SPR+40%
    Materia 4: Necropolis
    Esper: Fenrir HP+102, MP+71, ATK+105, ATK+10%, DEF+57, MAG+103, SPR+57
    Total: HP:10248, MP:514, ATK:2003, DEF:504, MAG:315, SPR:413

    (DW build is easier to reach the 400% cap, so the last materia slot is filled with Killer)

    With simple damage math for comparison, with your build, 2523 ATK × 2 [from dualcast] = 5046 damage
    With the DW build, with imperil advantage of 50% [thankfully, all of current 7* breakers work as imperiler too]
    (2003 - right hand weapon ATK value) × 1.5 + (2003 - left hand weapon ATK value) × 1.5 = 1878 × 1.5 × 2 = 5634 damage. This Will also increases if the killer is triggered.

    The DW build is better if one doesn't have full TDH set. Thankfully the DW build is also easy to gear. Though if you have someone that can grants external imbue the Beastlord build is much stronger. Which is hard to add in the team since most of the current imbuers are DPS who can't chain with A2 or a finisher (CG Sakura). Only 7* Ignis who can babysit elemental-less A2 easily.
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