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Another 5* Coin summon help request

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by Bardiel, Jul 31, 2020 at 9:18 PM.

  1. Bardiel

    Bardiel Ascended Member

    Likes Received:
    Sep 28, 2017
    Global ID:
    So, I've gone like 12 times through the unit list in sell for the coins and only now I did a full list of my possibilities. From now on I don't think I'll get any huge amount of 5* in a single go as today since I finished all boxes on boss-rush tickets, so got something around 15 rainbows with all those tickets.
    As of now this is the list with all the units that I already have together:
    CG Lasswell x5
    CG Sakura x1
    CG Fina x5
    CG Jake x5
    CG Lid x4
    CG Nichol x5
    A.Rain x5
    Hyoh x4
    Citra x2
    Sieghard x1
    Folka x2
    Ignacio x3
    Cid x3
    Raegen x3
    Charlotte x3
    Zeno x3
    Akstar x3
    Aloha Lasswell x4
    Fina&Lid x3
    Folka&Citra x1
    Kimono Fina x2
    Chocobo Fina x2
    Sol x2
    King Rain x3
    King Lasswell x1
    W.L. Dark Fina x1
    Physalis x3
    Nichol Epsilon x1
    D.P. Fina x1
    I.F.Rain x1
    F.W. Physalis x1
    W.H. Raegen x1
    H.E. Charlotte x2
    M.E. Lasswell x1

    Now, since my team composition is composed of H.E.Charlotte, Healing Avatar Lid, Doctor Aiden and 2 Bolting Strike chainers (Elena and Esther), my choices are heavy on getting a second W.H.Raegen and then the most useful STMR like Zeno's, S.S.Charlotte's or Fina&Lid's.
    OR I could use the other coin to get one of these units to 7* although I don't see any use in any of them apart from W.L.Dark Fina...
    I already have wuit the Mages collection and a fully levelled and potted Lilisette to couple with Raegen too.
  2. Alfonso

    Alfonso VIP VIP Supporter

    Likes Received:
    Aug 26, 2017
    Global ID:
    Carry units, Fryevia, A2
    I suggest you to get wr reagen with the prism coin and max him bc is much better than elena and esther and many people have him so you always can find a dupe and with the unit coin get zeno’s stmr, is by far your best option to get stmr bc ss charlotte is good but you can get other good shield but even the trial rewards and the sacred castle shield+ is good enough, fina and lid is good but imo not so useful, I have 2 of them and I barely use it, besides zeno stmr is strong for any unit that can wield katanas.
  3. victor sant

    victor sant "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

    Likes Received:
    Aug 7, 2016
    Global ID:
    437 540 226
    Edward, XuanWu, Kryla, Physalis
    I would get WH Raegen Prism and MI Lasswell unit (so you can get two of his TMR instead of two of Raegen's), Both will be a huge upgrade to your physical damage. They will more than triple your damage while you don't need to rely on friends.
  4. Bardiel

    Bardiel Ascended Member

    Likes Received:
    Sep 28, 2017
    Global ID:
    Well...I just got another M.I.Lasswell from the revisit quests, along with a 3rd Golbez and a 4th B.B.Rem...and here I UOCed her AND used a STMR moogle on her as soon as I got her the second day of her banner -_-

    EDIT: Also, I don't exactly know what to do of 2 M.I.Lasswell's TMRs since I already possess 2 Aileen's STMRs that just for the killers are impressive and gives more atk too :x
    Although I do have over 25k% of trust moogles laying around

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