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Begginer's guide to sucess

Discussion in 'Guides' started by S0r4, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. S0r4

    S0r4 Well-Known Member Supporter

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    Jul 14, 2018
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    Well hello there!
    If you are having trouble understanding how to play this game, this guide may help you, even if this is actually, your first RPG game.

    First of all you must know that the most important thing around here are called "UNITS". With out then, you can't do anything here.

    They are split in 5* types of rarity which you can SUMMON:

    -->1* Obtainable by summon via friends points. No one use then.
    -->2** Obtainable by summon via friends points. No one use then.
    -->3***Obtainable by summon via rare tickets, events,ex summon, step up 10+1 summon, 5+1 summon and also by summon via friend points. A few are worth using, but since you are a begginer, you will use then quite a lot at first.
    4**** Obtainable via rare summon tickets, 4* guaranted summon ticket, 10+1 summon 5+1 summon step-up and events, this is where things get interesting, there are a few units here that even I still use nowdays, as begginer, this will be your best bet for a while until luck decides to give you a 5* unit.
    5***** Obtainable via 5* select ticket, ex summon, 10+1 summon 5+1 summon , step-up and 30/10% 5* ticket. Now we arrived at where all the players in ffbe aim for: 5* units, they are the best without a single doubty but hard to come by.
    And they are split in 2 more rarity which you can " upgrade" then:
    6****** Only 3* units(just a few of then though), 4* and 5* can be "upgrades" to 6* which I will be refering from now on as "awakening", that's what you're Gonna see on the game anyway.
    And the awakening are done by speding a few materials that you obtain while you play the game.Then go to the menu, TAP on the unit, and TAP on " awaken", it will show you what the unit needs to be awaken.(First of all level up the unit until lv max)
    7******* The newest rarity, it is obtained by fusing a 5* unit prism into another version of her 5* via awakening menu...

    And you just think "ohh it's hard" YES IT IS, the low chance of getting a 5* unit together with getting two 5* from that same unit? Very rare.

    Okay, now let's make an overview of what an unit actually has:

    -->HP: " Hit Points". It's the life of your unit, if it reaches 0 then...
    -->MP: "Magick Points" It's the "ammunition" of your little army, it will be nescessary for almost everything that you do on battle
    -->DEF, it's how much your unit can resist to physical attacks.
    -->SPR, it's how much your unit can resist to magical attacks, and healing skills such as CURAGA, relies on this stat to heal better.
    --> MAG, it's how much magic damage your unit will be able to deal to the enemy(,mitigated by the enemies SPR of course.
    -->It's how much physical damage your unit can deal to the enemie.( mitigated by the enemie's DEF)

    Each unit has 6 slots for equipment:

    -->Right hand: Usually a weapon equipped here..
    --Left hand: Usually a shield is equipped here.
    <<Note: There are especial things that can break this rule, Like Dualwield or Doublehand.>>
    Head: Usually a hat, a helm or a heavy helm are equipped.
    Acessory slot1 and Acessory slot ,2:
    Can equip up to 2 acessories, which may be good...maybe not...

    ...And each unit has something called materia slots, which can be equipped with rewards from events, trust masters and other things.
    There are a max of 4 Slot in each 7*,6*, and 5* unit (awoken, not base) and 3 slots in 4* units.

    Now for the trust master of unit...

    ALL the units (except the ones you obtain playing The story mode) have a TMR, which is a value that starts at 0% and needs to arrive in 100% to be obtained, each battle have a chance to give 0.01% of TMR points to one unity.

    Wow it will take years for me to obtain it! I don't think so, there's something called trust moogle, which are itens which acellerate this process by a LOT. They can be obtained by Daily login, events, challenges, and much other things!

    There's the STMR, but...let's...not talk about it please.

    Each unit has a limit burst, which is a special power than they can use when a bar(LB for short)above their HP are full, red and shining. It can be filled by attacking the enemies(abilities, magic...)and making then drop red crists, it will be those red crists that will fill your lb gauge.

    Elements: There are Eight elements:
    --> Lightning
    --> Ice
    --> Fire
    --> Wind
    --> Earth
    --> Water
    --> Light
    --> Darkness
    If a unit has 100% of resistance against...let's say...Fire, any fire attack on this unit will be totally useless.

    Now a unit has 0% of resistance against fire, that unit will receive normal damage from fire.
    Now a unit which is 100 weaker to fire will receive much more damage than the normal. Watch out when gearing your units.

    Status aiments: Nasty those, get hit with a few of those and it's game over.
    There are Ten status aiments, eight are shown on the unit profile, and two are hidden in the most hard battles...
    -->Poison: The less harmful, HP damage to the unit affected.
    --> Blind: Harmless on mages, but on Physical damage dealers, it is a little bad, but still, nothing to worry.
    -->Silence: Same as blind, but this time, mages are affected.
    -->Sleep: The unit cannot act during battle. Bad one...But still, the unit can be awakened by a physical attack.
    --> Paralyze: The unit cannot act during battle. A worse version of sleep.
    -->Confusion: The unit gets confused and start attacking your team. Nasty one. Because that unit lose a turn, a may kill a unit of your team.
    -->Disease: Decrease 10% in all stats. Well...This one is...harmless, at least if you look at what effects like confusion can do.
    -->Stone: Turn a unit into a stone. If all your party gets this status, it's game over, if someone gets with this, he can't act.Very nasty, but at least doesn't lose a turn like confusion does...

    Before going for the two hidden status, I higly advice you, find a way to be immune to at least stone or confusion, those two are the worse that can be prevented

    -->Stop: This status is like paralyze, but worse, because you can't be immune to it, unless you somewhat managed to summon the 5* unit named Ayaka, run from any enemy who can stop your units( which, to our luck are just a few).
    -->Charm: Even worse than stop, because actually, because to cure it, you will have to attack yourself with fingersnap, or other ability that can remove status effect.

    Note: 3* Esper Lakshime hás a way to make you immune to those last two, but it is quite a fight...

    And now we arrive on Esper's sector:
    Esper's are things that you can evoke when that gauge above all your party member's selection menu are full and shining. But keep in mind a few things:
    --> To summon an esper you just first equip him at the unit menu.
    -->With the exception of the units called "summoner's" a unit can only summon an esper which is equipped on him/her.
    -->Equipping esper's makes your unit gain some stats bonus from their stats(1%) you may think It's not much but..it is.
    -->Keep in mind which esper you will equip to each one of your units, each esper has a sinergy with an type of unit(support, healer, damage dealer...)

    There several Esper's among this game, I'm not gonna list then all because they need all an tutorial on how to find then, and I'm too lazy for it.

    Now let's move on a things called breaks/buffs.

    Breaks are when you decrease the ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR of an enemy( one, two or all of then)By an amount(currently, The max is 74%)

    ALWAYS break the enemy ATK/MAG, first, after that think on DEF/SPR, because how are you going to deal damage if you're dead?

    Buff's are the oposite of breaks, they upgrade your stats by a lot.

    There are two types:

    -->ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR upgrade, which again I repeat, choose survival over damage, ally DEF/SPR first! There's units which can do 200% on self.
    -->Physical/magical mitigation/All mitigation --> Mitigates all damage taken

    There's too the elemental buffs/debuffs which can increase the elemental resistance of some elements(or decrease then)

    And there's Something called imperils...which I'll be posting a link because It's very well explained how it works:

    Now let's talk a bit about the game mechanics:

    Chaining: It's when one units attack procs with other units attack(i.e the time diference between their attacks it's almost, or zero)

    There are there types of chaining:

    --> Normal chaining: Happens when an unit attack a enemy within a certain time after another unit.
    -->Elemental chaining: Happens when a unit attack a enemy within a certain time after another unit with the same element.(i.e Fira/fire)(two weapons of same elementos)
    -->Spark chain:Happens when two units attack a enemy at the SAME time.(it only work well for Android users )

    Notes: Spark chaining and normal chaining can't happen at the same time.
    The higher the chain, higher the damage will be!

    Upgrade your units!

    -->There's those things called Metal cactuars, use then to level up your party.
    @ How? Here's: Go to unit menu, enhance, TAP on the cactuars you have and zap! Much faster.

    --> Short on Gil? Sell thoses things called " Gil snappers".
    @ How? Go to unit menu, TAP view/sell, select well on your upper right part of screen then go sell!

    Now we arrived on the most importante part!

    Let's know a bit more about what type of units we have in this game:

    -->Healer's: Simple and clear, heal your team from enemies damage, remove status aiments and revive any KO unit.
    Best healer's for beginner's: Refia, Aria and Rosa. Best healers: LM fina and Ayaka.

    -->Tanks: Their fuction are: Take all the damage for you. But let me say to you... There are 3 types of tanks.

    Physical cover tank: Cover all your party from all attacks, while taking all the damage with some mitigation.
    Best begginer tank: Warrior of Light Veritas of Earth. Best physical cover tank: Wilhelm/Basch

    Magic cover tank: same as above, only it's magical attacks. Best begginer tank: Mystea/ Shylt
    Best magic tank: Awakened Rain/Basch

    Provoke tank:Draw enemies attack to himself( because you want your tank to be attacked...right?) while mitigating the damage and countering. Best begginer's tank: Veritas of Earth/ Cagnazzo.
    Best tank: Willhem( Yup! He's a beast!)

    A few notes:
    Cover tanks cover ST( single) and AoE( attacks that hits all your units) While Provoke cover only ST attacks, simple enough.
    Physical cover and Magical cover can't be used together(sigh...Basch)

    --> Supporters: They support you, simple enough. Either casting buffs on your party( group of units). Or breaking your units. Best begginer's support: Rikku, enhanced Soleil.Best supporters: Roy, MS Nichol. Enhanced Soleil( Yup, everyone used her before MS Nichol and Roy came)

    -->Now the damage dealers(DPS):
    Which are split in there types:

    --> physical damage: There are two types of this too :).
    @ physical chainer: Has abilities that split their damage into several hits building a high chain with other abilities.
    @ physical finisher: Has abilities that focus their damage into one hit, finishing a chain built by two chainers.

    --> Magical damage: Same as above, only it's magic.
    @ magic chainers: Same. Only it's magic.
    @ magic finishers: Same. Only it's magic.

    --> Hybrid damage: The damage will be half Physical and half Magical.
    @ Hybrid chainer: Same, but the damage will be half physical and half magical.
    @ Hybrid finisher: Same, but the damage will be half phycal and half magical.

    Why didn't I out The best DPS for begginer's?
    There's tons and tons of DPS in the game, can't keep track of then all. I will be putting here A link instead.
  2. S0r4

    S0r4 Well-Known Member Supporter

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    Jul 14, 2018
    Global ID:
    Now if you want to battle in Arena...
    Here's some tips:
    First of all, make sure at least one of your units have status Aiment protection AND can cure then. That would be your healer.
    I recomend Refia for this job, if you have her. Or any meta healer.
    Second: Defence over Ofense. Here the damage cap is 999 so higher attack won't change much things around here. Make sure your team can survive the other teams attacks, you have to be alive to attack then.( you won't be the first to attack every time).
    Third: Forget about tanks and stuff, Arena works very differently from you are used to fight, using a tank here is a waste of space( unless it is someone like Awakened Rain or Willhem)
    Here status ailments actually WORKS, so use and abuse of this: Always have a debuffer around:
    I recommend Setzer with cursed card and amelia with Ricochet shot( they can chain too). But it doesn't stop here, there are several units who can do the job too, you just have too search for " Inflinct random status ailments on enemies" abilities.
    Oh... And from time from time, the game will "lock" some abilities( which are called forbbiden abilities) and you will be unable to use then making that awesome temas of yours into a useless one. So before you enter blindy into a fight, be sure to check which abilitiesy use, and which you may not use.
    So...if you are some what lost and still doesn't know what to do... This can help you:
    Q: What is a perfect general team for Arena:
    A: It is usually composed by a healer, 3 DPS( people who can damage( and chain)) and one buffer/debbufer
    Q: What to do in a fight?
    A:First of all, take down the healer, while using your debbufer to...well debbuf the other team. Then just finisher then.
    Q: Which are the best units for Arena?
    A: In general, Awakened Rain, Hyou, Veritas of Dark, LM fina, Dark Fina,Trance Terra, Ayaka, Rena, and Noctis( if you see a team with at least two of those, run away screaming for mom).
    A: For begginer's: Amelia, Setzer, Refia, Rikku, Terra( amazing one) Ashe,Cloud of Darkness, Exdeath and maybe Cecil.
    **Do note that those are the ones I remember**
    If you have Rikku's pouch: USE IT. This is the most broken acessory in arena's story.
    --> Your team got debbufer? No problem, pannacea can cure all the nasty status.( minus stop)
    -->Having trouble with the other team? Just TAP Chaos grenade, and see chaos spread on the other team in the form of breaks and status aument
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