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Chaining Families: an alternative

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Diaskeaus, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Diaskeaus

    Diaskeaus "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

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    Jul 6, 2017
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    Fryevia, 2B, WKN
    The following tables are my personal chaining families for the various units in the game.

    Please note:

    1. This is a Work-In-Progress: the data in the following tables has been compiled from my former list I put on reddit. No significant changes have been made since it was posted 4 months ago.

    2. The tables below do not include: 7* units, units added after July, or unit awakenings that changed the chaining sequences after July.

    3. The chaining sequences below do not have attack frames, only animation frames. Furthermore, many of the moves have the final 2-3 hits using a different timing sequence. Therefore, I make no promises that the abilities below have the capacity to spark chain. This is not a spark chaining guide.

    How to use this guide: The "number" stands for the frames between each hit. Obviously, lower numbers indicates a shorter time frame between each hit, while a larger number indicates a longer time frame between each hit. The "Initial" number stands for how many frames until the first hit happens, and the "Hit" number stands for how many hits the ability has before it finishes. This guide does not consider backloaded hits, nor does it consider if the last two or three hits are out of sequence.

    I will be updating these as I can when my time is available. At my work I can no longer log in to reddit, but I can access the brave-exvius.com forum. However, I wanted a resource I could check at work, and I also wanted to create a resource helpful to the community that could be updated with the latest units as they came out.

    I apologize for any mistakes I made in the construction of these tables. This guide is a continual WIP.

    If you are looking for a more in-depth guide (that is far better built than mine) you can check this guide, also posted in Guides. My guide is simpler, with less numbers and not being someone who is remotely interested in building meta teams, I find this alternative approach easier to digest.

    ((I'm not sure why some of the tables get broken into two parts. Seems to be a bug in how the BB code is responding. When I posted this initially everything was correct.))

    ((It seems every time I edit this the code gets changed, and when I fix it the code actually gets worse. Anyone know why??))

    Chaining Families - version 1.0 (as of July, 2018)

    The "Dirty Chainers" are not only fast, easy to break, but also really varied and often don't work well together unless the initial hit is the same. They work best with duplicate units (dupes) and are available on many units that new players will receive an abundance of, as many of these units are 3* units (meaning they will be very easy to acquire, especially Chainsaw units).
    CorSlaughtering Blade08
    YangAll-out Scuffle26
    Atoning Dragoon KainSonic Gale27
    CamilleEarth-Shattering Blade27
    Explorer AileenPiledriver Finish27
    Lara CroftOpen Wound27
    KunshiraBlazing Threat210
    KunshiraCalm Waters210
    KunshiraRoaring Thunder210
    KunshiraGlittering Light210
    Jiraiya*Purgatory Fire Slash107
    BeatrixSaint Bringer128
    VaanAssault Strike228
    Wadow*Super Dog Attack Earth254
    Wadow*Super Dog Attack Light254
    BeatrixThunder Slash268
    YuriWhirlwind Evasion308
    OrochiC-C-Cold Breath+2406
    Ray JackLuminous Strike426
    MiyukiKunai Rain426
    Cupid LunaChainsaw427
    RugglesSpecial Hammer427
    Lara CroftFull Auto Shotgun427
    ZidaneLucky Seven427
    Mercenary RamzaBlade of Justice428
    ZidaneFree Energy428
    2B*Steel Pipe428
    LorenBlade Prison4210
    Goken*Dragon Kick4210
    Goken*Tigerclaw Fist4210
    YuriEarthsplit Evasion506
    WadowEarthsplit Evasion506
    Illusionist NicholPhantasmal Forces507
    YuriWhirlwind Evasion 2598
    GrinfieldBlack Formal606
    Trance Terra*Chaos Wave Awakened6010
    Christine*Snow Burial6010
    Tinkerer CarrieRobot Soldiers6210
    YunBlazing Combo+2828
    CloudMeteor Rain848
    Tinkerer CarrieMechanical Yeti855
    Lotus Mage FinaSacred Burst1627
    "Outcast Chainers" are generally people don't consider chaining units, but contain difficult to pair chaining abilities or are on units that normally you wouldn't be chaining with -- in most content. For example, Ashe and Grim Lord Sakura are often used in Arena and sometimes paired together for trials, but many of the units mentioned are barely used as chainers as they serve a more specific purpose elsewhere.
    210A100: Decoy24
    VargasFlare Ride+25
    FohlenSonic Blast107
    LilaTojin Combo107
    Nameless Gunner JakeDueling157
    Emperor SheraEnde Streiten168
    Emperor SheraEroberung168
    YuriAnti-Inset Stance424
    CharieLight Blade Dance425
    CharieSnow Dance425
    Black Waltz 3Evil Strike425
    KamuiSacrificial Flame426
    GokenFirm Punch426
    KaedeHalberd Dance426
    Nameless Gunner JakeFlame Assault426
    Nameless Gunner JakeIce Assault426
    Nameless Gunner JakeElectro Assault426
    Nameless Gunner JakeLight Assault426
    AsheSword of Kings427
    RaslerPatriotic Slash427
    RebertaMystic Thrust427
    Jiraiya*Thunder Strike Stance427
    SephirothOctoslash (katana)428
    (Pod 153)R020: Mirage428
    Goken*Wolfclaw Fist428
    Goken*Falcon Kick428
    PromptoCircular Saw428
    EmiliaFuneral Knife429
    Randi*Torrential Slash4210
    JiraiyaTorpedo Stance455
    PromptoCircular Slash468
    AuraHundred Thrusts478
    AuraThousand Thrusts4712
    Pure Summoner Rydia*Chocobo Kick505
    GokenLight Kick506
    (Toxic Rain)Toxic Rain507
    Grim Lord SakuraSoul Barrage6210
    TidusEnergy Rain674
    UkiyoUkiyo's Light Spell728
    AsheHeaven's Fury7210
    RosaMystic Charge Shot806
    HeltichOriginating Swirl827
    Heavenly Technician LidSunlight Beam928
    Nameless Gunner JakeFatal Barrage928
    Grim Lord SakuraEldritch Flames1105
    WadowEarthsplit Evasion 21208
    YuriEarthsplit Evasion 21208
    Heltich*True Originating Swirl12012
    Chic Ariana*Enhanced Quake Verse1405
    Chic Ariana*Enhanced Frozen Verse1405
    The "Storm Chainers" all tend to cast storm spells that not only do massive damage but also imperil that specific element.
    NyaluCat Hook24
    (Frozen Hurricane)Frozen Hurricane8012
    RikkuTidal Wave+213312
    Pure Summoner RydiaTornado8012
    The "Chaos Chainers" are hard to use, and very, very fast. These chains break easily, especially if you aren't paying attention to the sequence of your taps. If you want to use these chainers, you will generally need to practice in the Tower of Wind, if possible, to make sure the chains don't break.
    PrisheAsauran Fists27
    PrisheRaging Fists28
    Atoning Dragoon KainPiercing Darkness814
    Atoning Dragoon KainPiercing Aqua814
    Atoning Dragoon KainPiercing Air814
    LilaHeaven Shift814
    ChizuruPhantom Shadow225
    Pirate JakeFeed the Fishes226
    2BR050: Spear226
    MoogleMog Barrage+22211
    CamilleSwift Tidal Attack2212
    TidusQuick Hit2212
    ChristineAbsolute Zero4011
    A2Offensive Heal Combo4014
    CarrieAuto Crossbow425
    ConradAuto Crossbow425
    EdgarAuto Crossbow425
    MediusAuto Crossbow425
    PromptoAuto Crossbow425
    Knight DelitaHallowed Bolt426
    OrlandeauHallowed Bolt426
    SetzerPrismatic Flash427
    AngBlaze Arrows457
    AngTempest Arrows457
    RikkuLightning Rod459
    Ray JackLightning Strike466
    BranThunder Clap477
    ConradMissile Shelter505
    KelsusMissile Shelter505
    PeneloSword Dance726
    GrinfieldCrack Stitch1156
    Most of the "Element Chainers" are limited units (other than Duke and Nameless Gunner Jake) and do elemental-based chains. They were part of the King's Knight collab banner, a game that no longer exists.
    BarusaPrimeval Howl27
    KalivaPiercing Shot85
    KalivaWater Shot85
    DukeHexa Thrust286
    Nameless Gunner JakeVaporiser466
    Ray JackSacred Strike466
    Ray JackMorning Star (sword)466
    KalivaAquatic Implosion (staff)466
    TobyTortoise Toss466
    TobyTornado Alley466
    Explorer AileenAssault Rifle606
    Lara CroftAutomatic Pistols606
    UkiyoDragon Charm1125
    Ray JackHoly Affliction1326
    "Elegant Chainers" are by far the easiest chainers to use, the most preferred chainers to use (in the meta), the most difficult chainers to acquire (most are 5* base units), and the most powerful chainers in the game. They include both the "Onion Slice" and the "Divine Ruination" ability families.
    Loren*Greased Lightning28
    Loren*Swiftwind Blade210
    A2Dash Attack97
    Onion KnightOnion Slice4212
    SephirothAelian Onslaught4212
    Onion KnightFull Speed Bladeblitz4212
    Onion KnightSplendor of the Earth4212
    Onion KnightSplendor of the Water4212
    Onion KnightSplendor of the Fire4212
    Onion KnightSplendor of the Wind4212
    Emilia*Throwing Fall4212
    Onion KnightOnion Cutter (sword)4216
    ChristineIce Shards4910
    BarusaCarpet Bomb (shield)4910
    AceTri-Beam Laser+2647
    FryeviaFrost Flower Blitz+2707
    AgriasDivine Ruination+2707
    OrlandeauDivine Ruination707
    SephirothThe Heavens Wept707
    Veritas of the DarkDark Punishment707
    AngArmor Piercing Arrow825
    UkiyoTengu Charm1229
    "Intimidating Chainers" hit hard and fast, but so far are quite limited to mostly 5* bases (other than Cedona). They also tend to be either on units that don't normally use those specific chaining abilities or need to be unlocked (Nier units) by using other abilities.
    Veritas of the LightDivine Shot427
    2B*Avoid Attack428
    A2*Heavy Attack4210
    Knight DelitaCommanding Blade518
    GlaucaDaybreak Darkness1028
    "Ultima Chainers" are mages who can cast the multi-hit form of Ultima. This form of Ultima must be unlocked through ability awakenings.
    Veritas of the LightUltima+21407
    Dark FinaUltima+21407
    Trance TerraUltima+21407
    Seabreeze Dark FinaUltima+21407
    "Quake Chainers" all have the spell Quake in their kits.
    Pure Summoner RydiaQuake1608
    "Meteor Chainers" aren't actually chaining abilities and I don't even know why I included them in this list. I guess if you are using these three in a team, you can get up to a nine digit chain? For new players this might be worth something, since both Terra and Exdeath are easy to acquire, and Victoria is a 4* base. Meteor is a great finishing move if you have two other chainers who can power up your meteor strike and you time it right.
    "Oddball Chainers" are basically chainers who don't have that many other chaining partners and have odd patterns. Be sure to check the (#) to see the frame of the ability.
    Veritas of the HeavensHeavenly Wind (15)4010
    Veritas of the Waters*Aqua Prison (15)425
    Veritas of the Waters*Swift Current (15)1005
    AdamBullet Wave (20)324
    SilviaSunlight Gem (20)904
    YuriAnti-Plantoid Stance (20)1204
    Veritas of the LightBlowback (20)3705
    DraceRevolt (24)7010
    VictoriaOverflow (24)5710
    RikkuBurning Soul (25)409
    Veritas of the EarthCrushing Press (25)674
    SilviaCold Gem (30)504
    SilviaHeat Gem (30)504
    SilviaBlast Gem (30)504
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
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  2. Fayleen

    Fayleen GLEX admirer and Summary maker VIP Supporter

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    Mar 12, 2018
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    7 star GLEX units
    I remember using Setzer "Red Card" and Chizuru "phantom Shadow +2" as chaining damage, need to tap differently so both can chain really good
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  3. Diaskeaus

    Diaskeaus "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

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    Jul 6, 2017
    Global ID:
    Fryevia, 2B, WKN
    Apologies for the tables. When I first posted this everything was perfect. I edited the post to add some comments in the introduction and suddenly everything got doubled, and every time I try to change it more formatting errors get added into the mess (one spoiler even tripled itself).
  4. Kaladin

    Kaladin Ascended Member

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    Feb 23, 2018
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    TT or event

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