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Confused about which direction to head.

Discussion in 'Team Help' started by Animesing, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Animesing

    Animesing Well-Known Member

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    Mar 1, 2017
    Need help with with rounding out my team and what TMR to get next. Next week i will have enough to get a new TMR and I am wondering what I should get. Currently I run:

    Lunera/Rikku (Dependent on the situation)
    Aileen/(now)Explorer Aileen

    I usually can go Orlando/Orlando (enhanced) and then grab a capper as a friend. I not too long ago went Orlando/Aileen and grab either and Orlando/Aileen friend to try and continue the chain. Just recently I got Explorer Aileen so I was trying to fit her in the group and friend with another Aileen and use ExAileen as my finisher. I can get my Orlando/Orlando combo somewhere around 1134 and 1k respectively when I gear them up. The main issue is that it is hard for me to consistently perfect chain 2 Aileen where we all know that it is easier to chain 2 Orlando.

    I build my
    Lunera (enhanced) so she has about 732mag and 741 spirit. Reincarnation/Kitty Headband/Snow Gown/2x Candy Basket/Adv 5/Spirit 15+20/Lunarion's Hate

    Ayaka with Holy Wand/Frozen Crown/Siren's Robe/Jake's Pirate Ringx2/Love/Hat Arts/Mog Rise/Renewal

    Basch with Gigantaxe/Army Shield/Grand Helm/Protective Armor/Arsha Talis/Vitality App/Vengeful Wrathx2/Mechanical Heart/Resentment

    Aileen (enhanced) with Artisan/Aigaion Arm/Prise's Hairpin/Demon Mail/Champion Beltx2/Dual Wield/Martial Arts Mastery/Loyal Warrior/Atk 30

    ExAileen with Zodiac Spear/Aranea'sHelm/Heavy Drake Armor/Ifrit's Claw/Fury Ring/Tomb Raider/Atk 30/White Knights Soul/Sworn Six Dark


    1. I do have cloud so I can get buster style to use on ExAileen for her finisher. I don't have another Aileen so I can't get another Artisan. Should I use my TMR on that or will my Moogle better be used somewhere else?

    2. What seems to be the next 3 TMR that I should work on if not that buster style that will help my team the most? I don't nec want to use it on 30% hp or ones that I can get later or with ES farming.

    3. I am pretty set for tanks I believe with enhanced WoL, Mystea, VoL and Basch I believe. I should be set with Ayaka for a while. I don't need to really have CG Fina do I?

    4. I am really lacking any magic users, are there some really good ones coming up that I should save tickets for or should I try and see if I can pull for a TT or something of that nature? My best magic user is D.Fina which makes it harder for me to go for certain trials that rely on magic damage.

    5. Is there a thread or can someone tell me of the next upcoming meta units so I can decide if I should keep hoarding to try and pull for something now + stuff for TMR?

    6. Why won't doublehand increase ExAileen stat?

    Thank you in advance for reading all this and responding. I appreciate it.
  2. Animesing

    Animesing Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Mar 1, 2017
    Forgot to name a few TMR i can get. There are alot more but these are most of the 5*

    Zodiac Escutcheon/Pure White Blessing/1 Each of Veritas TMR/Lucii Ring/Rainbow Robe/Desch Earrings/Grand Armor/Fixed Dice/Buster Style etc....
  3. BluesBro

    BluesBro "Hall of Fame" Member

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    Jan 28, 2017
    Global ID:
    680 709 554
    The Muscle from Brussles
    6. It does, if she has a single handed weapon equiped. Zodiac Spear f.e. uses both hands. Therefore you need True Double Hand stuff.

    I would do RoL or Rainbow Robe cause these items will be used regularly and therefor they have a great return of invest. :)

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