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FFBE Global: How to Optimize Unit Builds

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Jet Stingren, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Jet Stingren

    Jet Stingren Ephemeral God VIP

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    386, 889, 987
    Ever wondered? How should I set up my unit? What should I give him to make him/her good? If you're struggling on how to build your teams, and units this is the post for you. So, sit back and enjoy your post.

    Note: I'm not covering any additional boosts from Trust Mastery Awards, I'm going over the units kit, and stats alone since this is would be the main part of building units in due time when Trust Moogles release. I'll update this on new, and better builds. But, Craftable abilities will be used here as examples!

    So, to get started follow these steps below.

    1: Choose the unit + Include any stat buffs they get during level up.

    Simple enough, pick the 1 unit you wanna invest yourself in for example purposes we will be using Vaan. After you can use various resources like reddit, forums, or wikia to find the units stats at their max level since Vaan is a 5* unit we will be looking at his stats after 5*

    Vaan 5* Stats: HP: 2639 | MP: 110 | ATK: 99 | DEF: 97 | INT: 87 | SPR: 88
    Stat Buffs: +20% ATK, +20% DEF, +20% HP

    From here, you see that Vaan is highest stat is ATK this is what you wanna start working on so how exactly do you wanna build your Vaan? This is a good question given his stat build he can go a number of ways he can be straight ATK user, Offensive Tank, Offensive Debuffer, or Mixed Attacker. And so on and so forth. You wanna pick the one that best goes with his equipment options for this example we gonna be going with Offensive Tank for this example. So, you wanna ask yourself a few questions.

    1: Does this unit have the stats to be a tanky user?: Looking at Vaan stats, yes he does. To be effectively good in my opinion the unit has to have a stat that's 100 or higher and since Vaan has pretty much hits this on both of his ATK/DEF stats are near 100, and he also has a high HP not counting the 20% stat increase yet. So, yes he can be a tanky user with his overall stats.

    2: Can he effectively do the role I am setting him to do?: This extends more into his movepool, before you start to add options from crafted materials. Vaan has Focus, and Full Break which helps him be a great enough tank and provide a great support role for your team by debuffing the enemy, and boosting his meh SPR so he is more willing to take special hits which is pretty awesome if you ask me. So, he fully passes in his role as a Offensive Tank.

    3: Does he have the equips for the role?: For Vaan his equips are of the following:

    Weapons: Dagger, Sword, Long Sword, Rod, Staff, Hammer, Spear, Mace, Claws
    Shields & Armors: Shield, Clothes, Armor, Heavy Armor, Rings

    This is where his stats, and equips come into play. As I've noted before Vaan's highest stats are his ATK/DEF so as I've said before you wanna build off this to make the role you making him stronger and better find whatever you can use to generally make him better in stats since we're focusing on Vaan alone we gonna take some of the best possible options.

    Weapon: Cat Claws (Claw): +36 ATK; no added effects.
    Shield: Mythril Buckler: +30 DEF; no added effects.
    Head: Iron Helm: +10 DEF; no added effects
    Armor: Paladin Armor: +32 DEF, +10 SPR; no added effects.
    Accessory 1: Hyper Wrist: +10 ATK
    Accessory 2: Muscle Belt: +10% HP, DEF +5


    As you can see from the build list, and snapshot all of my equips are geared towards his ATK/DEF stats! Which was well, the plan from the very beginning haha! This is what it takes to build a unit to the way you can use them for squad purposes. Who says that this unit is only deemed to be a Attacker, or something else right?

    4: Esper Support: As it stands, we have 4 epsers right now. Siren, Ifrit, Shiva, and Golem. In the game, if you equip a unit with a esper they get a 1% carryover from their stats to the unit. From here, you wanna pick the best one who supports the role you are aiming for this can be done by looking at their best stats which is listed below:

    Siren: SPR
    Ifrit: ATK
    Shiva: MAG
    Golem: DEF

    From here, we can easily detect what esper we wanna give to Vaan, Since we are aiming for a offensive tank role we need to give him Golem as it's our first priority to be a tanky as we can be while delivering our debuffs, and buffs from Focus. So, we give Golem to Vaan for him to have a boost in his stats, and a higher boost in DEF in total.

    5: Craftable Support:

    Lastly on this list is the amount of materia a unit can hold, and the support options that can be given to a unit. This stems from Vaan's Magic Levels, stats, and abilities from their esper. As equippable options, I went with DEF +10% x2, Silence Blade, Cura. As his equippable options, I know you may be asking. Why give him Cura isn't his MAG his lowest stat? Normally yes, this would be a problem for Vaan but I'm not using him as a main healer, and he has a way to at least help his low MAG stat by Focus which is a MAG/SPR buff which is the two main key elements when healing is taken into effect. I would be effectively using him more so as a backup healer when my main healer has to cure status, or is unable to cure units. With Focus being active, he can at least heal for a useful amount on that turn.

    Lastly, I wanna throw a few things out there:

    1: Do Not Assign Units Roles They Cannot Do!: This one is simple, but from reading if you understood it. Build on the best units stats, and moves to use that stat. There is a few oddballs like Miyuki who has a higher MAG than ATK but that doesn't mean you build from their just yet you look at the attacks first. As she has more moves that take from the ATK stat rather than the MAG stat.

    2: Test roles as often as possible: Take on something hard in the game, like a 2* Esper battle, or WD and see if the unit role that you gave him is working as effectively as you set it out to be. Ask yourself is this unit performing well in this field, did this unit have trouble maintaining his role etc. See what changes you can make as well.

    3: Ask for help anywhere and always: It's better to get a full understanding of the unit before you put the time into investing into that role. Say you wanna build Offensive Duane ask around especially if you do not know the game well enough, it's also good to get others opinions on what you trying to build it van be good to use something unorthodox to clear the content coming ahead.

    So, that's all about it really, You've made the unit you set them out to be. Go forth, and clear all the content!
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
  2. David

    David New Member

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    Jul 2, 2016
    So I got 3 really good units cod exdeath and firion any suggestions so I don't mess them up? I was thinking high mag and mp for exdeath with shiva, for firion I'm not to sure not sure what he specializes in, and I think cod is a physical affacker so maybe Ifrit for him?
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  3. Phritear

    Phritear New Member

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    Jul 2, 2016
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    Exdeath Cecil Kefka Firion Golbez
    CoD is a tanky Physical fighter that gets no ability slots until 6* later but doesn't really need them since she gets 50 to all. Resists and 10% to all status resists as base. This alone makes CoD a tank unit. Exdeath is also quirky because how his gear isn't really designed for him to be a super powerhouse (no robes, clothes or hats) but his spells are strong enough and his stats alone are worth it. Firion at the moment is kind of a jack. Of all trades who can go a couple Different directions due to his flexibility with magic and almost all equipment. He gets mostly attack/support kind of abilities though. My 4* Firion has blade bash now which is awesome. Also, most/ a lot of these units don't come into their own until 5 or 6*,with the exception of Exdeath because I believe he gets his Ga spells as early as rarity 4. I know he's limited to basically gravity and osmose at 3*, bartz doesn't get barrage until 5* lvl 80 cap, Vaan full break at 78 or 80 at 5* for example.
  4. David

    David New Member

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    Jul 2, 2016
    Nice thanks for the info my cod firion and exdeath are all 3* it's kind of hard to use exdeath at 3* because those 2 skills are terrible for him.
  5. Arsenic

    Arsenic Well-Known Member

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    Jul 10, 2016
    Guys i get 3 of 4 awaken hero which is krile luna bedile and then i have3 star vaan russel golbez kefka rain laswel paul edgar terra medius galuf... well what is the best party of five? Any reccomedation ? Thanks

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