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Event Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Raid - No Bed of Roses

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by KeybladeMaster97, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. KeybladeMaster97

    KeybladeMaster97 "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter News Announcer

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    Aug 16, 2017
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    Riku Bartz Folka SS Charlotte Tsukiko
    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Raid - No Bed of Roses
    Event Period: Thursday 2/13 - Wednesday 2/26 PST
    Raid Box Summon Period: Thursday 2/13 - Wednesday 3/4 PST

    Event Exclusive Rewards:
    • Select Summon Ticket
    • (Acc.) Red Petals
      • +15 ATK/MAG, +10 DEF/SPR
      • can be upgraded to Fragrant Flowers
    • (Acc.) Fragrant Flowers
      • +20 ATK/MAG, +10 DEF/SPR
      • Auto-refresh: restore MP every turn
      • can be upgraded to Bouquet of Roses
    • (Acc.) Bouquet of Roses
      • +25 ATK/MAG, +10 DEF/SPR
      • Auto-refresh: restore MP every turn
      • High Power: Fill LB gauge every turn
    • (Materia) Love is Vital
      • +20% HP, +40% MP
      • +10% Fire, Water, and Light resistance
    • (Materia) Love is Magical
      • +20% MAG/SPR
      • Boost MP when equipped with a robe
    Raid Boss
    • Name: Neith
    • Race: Demon
    • Elemental resistances: TBA
    • Vulnerable to ATK, MAG, DEF, SPR breaks

    Wiki: https://exvius.gamepedia.com/No_Bed_of_Roses
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