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For more tactical value

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestion Box' started by crimsonflash, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. crimsonflash

    crimsonflash Ascended Member

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    Aug 20, 2017
    Do you guy think ffbe need an overhaul of the targeting system,like, i'm tired of just ST and AOE version of damages , how about collum, line and gradual damage.

    1/-Ra and -Ga spell can be retrain to target 2 enemies and 3 enemies respectively,so need to think harder on who you're gonna fry first.And, meteor and ultima still get to hit all enemies cuz them "ultimate" statue;of course one might argue that why not use those ultimate spell instead of the now-nerfed -ga spell;that is precisely why we need to up the mana usage for ultima and the like.Additionally, their damage will now decrease according to the order of target.Said, target 1 eat 200% dam , then no2 takes 150% and the no5 takes 50% for example,so you have to manually choose your target this time around instead of spamming it like crazy.
    2/beams need love too, as they are an inferior version of -ra and ga, now if they can hit a front row , or in a straight line(2 enemies at the same time) then that would up their damaging and tactical value by a lot.
    3/And before long, people rant and say" mag is nerfed now , let's just switch to dps-phys ".You know what, let's nerf that too, moves like blaze blizt and hit-all area of effect to front row only(along with other phys-moves ,abilities and equipments) ,as it should be more realistic that way.Gun and mag can now serve the purpose of sniping background unit as they are the only means to reach those targets(providing the front row unit's still standing), really breath a new life into gun(from my personal ex- gun users are only useful for chaining and such,they need more to be able to stand out)
    4/Introduce the new status, "burn".In a form of gradual damages.So poison has you take % of damage at the end of the turn right?So you are free to sit on your status and plan your strategy during your turn.But with burn you take damage overtime:idle thinking, posing ,strategy planing, flashy combo , chaining layouts, everything now costs you your health.
    5/More stuffs like olive Mortar Beacon which affect at the beginning of the enemies' turn, with less damage and cost of course.
    6/Dancer and singer need something to do , not just dancing till they drop.Add sumthing like dance of destruction: rain down fireball on 3 random enemies each turn and boost 3 target allies for 3 turns or dance of omen: inflict 2 random status on an enemy while having esuna effect on target ally,......

    What do you think about the above changes, will it break the game? will it make us think more than just aoe all the time ? or it's not worth the effort.Tell me your thought
    All ideas and suggestion are welcome.
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