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How I like to level up my toons

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Jecht Shot, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Jecht Shot

    Jecht Shot Member

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    Jul 26, 2016
    I like to solo/duo explorations and EXP Vortex.
    What you need:
    1. Either a strong healer or friend with a strong healer lead
    2. Either a strong attacker (I prefer Chizuru w/ 220+ AT) or a friend with one
    3. Immunity to and healing from detrimental status effects (Stona and blindna/poisona or esuna depending
    on the area)
    4. Cura and a keen eye on your units' health. Curaja makes it impossible to lose.

    What to do:
    1. My 4* lvl 45+ Lenna and a friend with 5* lvl 50+ Chizuru and whatever other unit I am leveling at the
    time can clear Wolfsfang Peak exploration thanks to Light Shell and her Limit Burst while Lenna heals
    and removes poison/blindness.
    2. On another I account I was able to clear all the explorations on Kolobos with Roselia (pre-max) and
    Chizuru (yeah a friend's maxed Chizuru made it easy) alone.

    Why solo or duo when you need to level up your whole team?

    1. Well, in my case I have a Kefka, ExDeath, Tellah, Leo, Lenna, and Garland all 4* currently. I definitely
    need to get all of them maxed ASAP. But, getting Lenna and Leo maxed as fast as possible will give me
    a lot of needed "tanky-ness" and versatility.
    2. Once Lenna or your Roselia (and honestly a strong Maria should be good enough as well) is maxed
    you will have a permanent hand-holder as there isn't anything I have faced yet in explorations that can
    OHKO either one.
    3. Your friends will appreciate a maxed toon over a slowly leveling toon! My next one after Leo will be
    Kefka or ExDeath, because I have benefited from them with my friends for major crowd killing soloing
    EXP vortex with my newly awakened units. And my friends will be able to do the same!
    4. Wolfsfang nets you 31k exp. Kolobos Marsh nets you 43745. All that EXP goes to one, maybe two
    5. One maxed character I have found can carry a whole unit many times as opposed to a mediocre/weak

    Why explorations?

    1. Better experience leveling, esp Wolfsfang Peak until you get to Kolobos
    2. You are not just EXP grinding, you are farming for magicite, megacrysts, and other needed
    3. Not to mention Rank EXP! Shrine of Decay gets you 511 RP! Also easily cleared with strong
    Roselia/Lenna and a Chizuru

    Some final thoughts:
    Yes, explorations are not the most time efficient areas so do other things when time is not a resource you have. Vortex, Colosseum, story etc. Pick areas that you need to farm certain materials from. Westersand for fire megacrysts and red magicite. Wolfsfang for ice megacrysts and blue magicite. Kolobos Marsh for violet and orange magicite etc. All you need is a good friend! :)

    I hope this helps!
    Need to mention the stats I get came from the FFBE WIki, a great resource! Apparently, I am unable to link the wiki! So Google it!
  2. S3PHIR0TH

    S3PHIR0TH You need more HP :3 VIP Supporter

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    Aug 11, 2016
    Japan ID:
    Onion Knight | Tidus
    Get a WoL friend with 250+ attack and he could clear everything by himself. Get a few ethers or turbo ethers and run shrine of decays. By himself, two blade blitz should be enough. He can heal himself and has a great defense. And the boss is easy with full break. A 300+ chizuru should work but you need a healer. If you want add me. My friend ID should be in my profile. Tell me your username. I have a 300 attack chizuru.
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  3. Jecht Shot

    Jecht Shot Member

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    Jul 26, 2016

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