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My 3* Carbuncle Experience

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Ceris, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Ceris

    Ceris Ascended Member

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    Jun 28, 2017
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    A2, Tidus, eTT, Bonus Unit
    This isn't so much a guide as it is simply my experience, my trials, failures, and eventual success.

    My winning team was comprised of:
    CG Nichol
    Lexa (Friend Unit)

    I built Mystea with approx 8300 HP, 575 SPR, and 80% light resist.

    CG Nichol built for Max MP

    Ayaka my normal healer build, nothing special

    9S built quite basic, but equipped with a Dark Element weapon (Ogrnyx)

    Barbaricca built as a normal magic DPS but with Safety Bit equipped.

    And a friend Lexa, I chose her instead of another Barbie so that my Barbie with the Safety Bit would be targeted by the ST Death.

    First turn:
    Mystea covers
    Nichol SPR buff and Light/Dark buff
    Ayaka defends
    9S normal attack
    Barb and Lexa defend

    Turn 2:
    Mystea Clear Veil
    Nichol Damage Mit. and MP
    Ayaka defend
    9S normal attack
    Barb and Lexa defend

    3rd turn:
    Everyone defends

    At this point, Carbuncle switches modes and it becomes a simple game of rotating skills, SPR and Light/Dark buff, Damage mit. and MP, Wall and Veil. And healing with Ayaka when necessary (Carbuncle cast reflect on Mystea the second time I got him in light mode, so I had to use other healing skills instead of spells), breaking MAG with 9S and chaining Tornado and Aeroja.

    Once I had the rhythm, it was a breeze, Mystea kept herself pretty well self healed with mechanical heart, and I finished with 0 deaths, and I believe about 15 turns.
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