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My current iNichol build, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Unit Discussion' started by Fabell, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Fabell

    Fabell "Hall of Fame" Member Supporter

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    Jul 6, 2017
    Global ID:
    Elena,Sylvie,Zeno,SS Charlotte,Olberic
    I built iNichol towards two main strategies: being a master of support abilities, and having some minimal survivability in the 7* era. I'll explain why I chose the various abilities below, and then please if you have any suggestions, tell me how this guy can be improved. I don't have any other usable Nichol at the moment, so building this guy into someone I can use with any team is important to me.

    Illusionist Nichol 6★
    Right hand: Dreamwaker HP+12%, MP+20%, ATK+19, MAG+15, SPR+49, SPR+7% (IW :MP +5%, SPR +7%, HP +12%)
    Left hand: Metal Slime Shield DEF+49
    Head: Frozen Crown HP+500, DEF+16, SPR+50
    Body: Butler's Uniform HP+10%, DEF+21, SPR+38
    Accessory 1: Rikku's Pouch DEF+3
    Accessory 2: Ignis's Food Notes DEF+8, SPR+8
    Materia 1: Cowered Courage DEF+30%
    Materia 2: Mood Maker HP+30%
    Materia 3: Cradle of Horns
    Materia 4: Resentment HP+30%
    Esper: Carbuncle HP+56, HP+10%, MP+72, ATK+28, DEF+63, MAG+55, SPR+77
    Total: HP:8761, MP:543, ATK:183, DEF:334, MAG:314, SPR:441

    Together with his built-in abilities, he can do any of the following things on a given turn:

    Break ST ATK/MAG by 50%
    Full-break AoE 30% (with some ailments)
    Imperil all elements by 20% (ST)

    Dispel an enemy
    7-hit chaining magical ability (chains poorly with Chaos Wave Awakened)

    Turn a unit into a physical cover tank + boost SPR/DEF by 80%
    Give 2 physical hits evasion to any unit

    Reduce physical damage (30%)
    Reduce all damage (10%) + buff DEF/SPR by 100%

    Restore 2000 HP + buff DEF by 100% and remove DEF debuff
    Restore 20 MP + 100 (over 3 turns)
    Cure all status ailments

    Buff MAG/SPR by 100% + LB gain by 100%
    Buff ice resistance by 70%
    Buff water resistance by 70%
    Boost LB gain by 200%

    Plus his regular magic attacks (ice, water, meteor)

    How can I improve him? What am I overlooking?
  2. TwinDragons

    TwinDragons Ascended Member

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    Jun 14, 2018
    A2 and soon Sephiroth
    I kinda skimmed but uhh.... This looks like one of the most OP 4 star base support units I have ever seen lmaoo
  3. Syuri

    Syuri ♥ evade prince, kupo!! ♥ VIP Supporter

    Likes Received:
    Nov 7, 2016
    if you spam cradle of horn (80 mp) - 2 turn only.. ignis book skill , cowered courage , chaos grenade use avg 50 mp he will lose mp quickly, maybe you want to take care of his MP, either by have another support mp regen or give him more mp refresh

    i usually use my unit to 2 or 3 turn rotation.. so when i built a unit, i need to know which skill will be rotate..
    ex : mitigate , AOE breaker, redirect, mitigate , AOE breaker, redirect -> left the buffer spr and def to dedicated buffer unit and i need some additional unit for mp regen
    casting LB or another buff will screw all the rotation -imo-

    i build my i.nichol for 2 turn LB
    because i like my unit to have specific role instead multi role because in the end a unit will have usual 3 turn rotation -imo-
    Total 8 Lb/turn, and refresh 70 mp/turn
    he alternate between LB and redirect + ST ATK/MAG break 50%
    i give him rikku pouch or ribbon instead force armlet or world destroyer instead water god protection if i need extra turn breaker while my tank use provoke/cover skill
    and left the buffer part to dedicated buffer..

    Illusionist Nichol 6★
    Right hand: Arc Arcana ATK+8, MAG+68, SPR+68
    Left hand: Asfales HP+10%, DEF+45, SPR+45
    Head: Trick Hat MP+15%, MAG+35, SPR+35
    Body: Butler's Uniform HP+10%, DEF+21, SPR+38
    Accessory 1: Prodigy's Goggles DEF+15, SPR+15
    Accessory 2: Force Armlet HP+10%, DEF+5, SPR+10, SPR+20%
    Materia 1: Tomb Raider HP+20%
    Materia 2: Domineering Spirit
    Materia 3: Ignorance
    Materia 4: Water God's Protection MP+25%, SPR+25%
    Total: HP:6652, MP:524, ATK:144, DEF:220, MAG:347, SPR:491
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
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