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Need some help on Pro Event I have a Dark Fina lead 6*

Discussion in 'Add Me Requests' started by Cplkilljoy, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Cplkilljoy

    Cplkilljoy Member

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    Jan 10, 2017
    Global ID:
    Dark Fina, lightening both lvl 100
    I am fairly new to the game but am a daily player and plan to support the game financially.

    My Global ID is 435,947,145.

    My current team is Santa roselia 4* ( may replace with luke) Chizuru 5* Cecil 5# Dark Fina and Cloud of Darkness 4* ( I could swap in a 5# zidane for him) I know I will not be able to get the trust moogle on this event but I would very much like to get the weapon for my Fina.

    If any one could add me for a day or two that could make that happen I would be very grateful.

    Also I would like to thank you all for putting together a forum so full of knowledge for us new comers, it has been very helpful.

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