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News Neo Vision

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by KeybladeMaster97, Aug 18, 2020.

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    Aug 16, 2017
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    Neo Vision

    Neo Visions ::nvcrystal:: are a new rarity introduced with the FFVII Remake summon banner.

    Neo Vision can be strengthened up to 3 times with EX Awakening that grant bonuses with each awakening. EX awakening for NV only units require Unit Fragments, gil, and Transcension Pearls. At EX +1 the NV unit gains the "Brave Shift" ability (Detailed below). Rewards are also given when performing EX awakenings.

    EX +1 - Brave Shift unlocked, gain Unit specific Vision Card (Detailed Below), Metal Gigantuar Enhancement Card for Vision Cards (detailed below) x3
    EX +2 - 100% Unit specific STMR moogle, Metal Gigantuar Enhancement Cards x5, 1/10 NV Summon Ticket x1*
    EX +3 - gain Unit specific Vision Card, Metal Gigantuar Enhancement Card x7


    Certain 7* units can be awakened to NV. For the unit to be able to be awakened to NV is to have 100% Super Trust Mastery, and to have the materials (unit fragments, Ascension Pearls and gil) needed. For EX awakenings, NV awakened units use Ascension Pearls with Transcension Pearls only required for EX+3. The rewards for EX awakening using NV Awakened units are different from base Neo Visions.

    EX +1 - Brave Shift unlocked
    EX +2 - Metal Gigantuar Enhancement Cards x1
    EX +3 - Metal Gigantuar Enhancement Card x2


    * 1/10 NV Summon Tickets can be exchanged to summon a random NV base character after collecting 10 tickets
    Brave Shift
    Brave Shift is a new ability that will allow the unit to change appearance, allow use of different equipment and new abilities. Brave Shift is unlocked for a NV unit at EX +1. Certain conditions may be required to activate Brave Shift.​

    Some units allow for different equipment to be equipped during the Brave Shift


    Brave Abilities

    Brave abilities are special abilities that can be strengthened using the new materials Brave Insignia and Forticite (both materials comes in different varieties based on the ability). Some Brave abilities can be used in both forms (Static Brave Abilities) while others are only active during Brave Shift.


    Grandis Abilities

    Grandis abilities are new abilities, similar to magnus abilities, used by some Neo Vision units. However, while the number of uses for magnus abilities are counted in "charges" on the left side of the ability icon, grandis abilities are counted in numbers indicated directly on the ability icon itself.


    Fragment Conversion

    Materials needed for EX and NV awakening (unit fragments, Transcension and Ascension Pearls) can be obtained through the shop, login bonuses, campaigns, event rewards and Fragment Conversion. NV Units and NV awakenable units can be exchanged for the materials needed for EX and NV awakening.


    Vision Cards


    NV units have the ability to equip a new type of equipment known as Vision Cards. These cards are obtained through summoning NV units, EX awakening NV base units, and through events. Vision cards have the ability to boost parameters and activate abilities when the requirements are fulfilled. Vision Cards can be enhanced using Metal Gigantuar Vision Cards.


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