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New Forum Rules: General/Chat

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & Events' started by Memel0rd, Dec 4, 2017.

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  1. Memel0rd

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    Mar 4, 2017
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    We, our moderator team, decided to update a few of the general rules.
    The whole thread made by Rinny can be seen here. The rules as they were are good, but aren't precised enough for us to moderate certain incidents properly, as we would like them to be.
    We also updated the rules a bit as well as making the warning system more strict. You can read about that update here.

    These are the more precised rules that will apply to any moderation from now on:

    • 1. There is to be no backseat moderation. Feel free to contact any of the mod team via personal messaging or the public chat if they are around. The issue will therein be relayed into the moderator group. If a moderator is to not be found, use the report function with substantial evidence, or politely direct offenders to the rules. Be stern, but respectful, newer members may not be aware of the rules.
    • 2. Heated discussions to a point of personal attacks will not be tolerated, both in the chat box as well as threads. Any post whose sole purpose serves to derail the original post or provoke other members is unwelcomed regardless of the manner of language used. This includes behaviours such as: Calling another user an injector/cheater without any evidence; Stating that an opinion is idiotic/moronic/stupid/not worth hearing/sharing; aggressively pointing out that a user’s opinions is unwelcomed/or plainly disregarding them altogether and discouraging them from posting again. When such an occasion does happen and is brought to our consideration, a public post will be made by a staff member to discourage said heated discussion. If the participating user persists with their attitude, they will be banned from that thread.
    • 3. Excessive flaming is to be avoided in the public chat. Occasional heated discussions can happen, but they are to be abandoned before they develop beyond tolerance and causes concerns for other participating chat members. Failure to do so may result in a chat ban.
    • 4. There is to be no racist, xenophobic, or discriminatory speech in any section of the forum. Users found to be engaging in said activities will be banned from the thread.
    • 5. Spamming, which includes one word/letter posts or repeatedly posting the same thing over and over is frowned upon and will be deleted. Low-effort content as well as trolling will be considered as spam.
    • 6. Keep topics of a sexual nature to a minimum. We are an FFBE forum and not a porn site. Jokes are one thing, persistent or graphic discussion is another.
    • 7. Keep account trading in this section. Staff members have no control over people’s actions regarding the trading of accounts, and are as such not responsible for any bad trades/lost accounts. You are responsible for your own accounts! If you do not trust the person, do no trade with them. However, if you felt like the person is a blatant scammer and can provide the moderator team with substantial evidence, feel free to contact the moderator team and we will properly act if deemed necessary. Note that account selling is against the rules and will be deleted immediately.
    • 8. We do not tolerate selling anything, the advertising of lapis reselling, injection, or as a matter of fact, any illegal activities related or unrelated to FFBE. These posts will be deleted and the original poster banned from the forums.
    • 9. English is recommended as most of our users only speak that language. Our subsection provides discussion in other languages.
    • 10. Gumi's ambiguous stance on the use of macro have been a cause of concern for the community. While we cannot remove all discussion of macros from the forums, it is not advisable for people to just be blatantly discussing about using it. However, the choice is yours whether or not to openly state your opinion regarding the matter. Understand that we do not want any FFBE accounts getting banned due to the use of macro. Because of this, posts that outright link any macro websites/tutorials/scripts or any which supports its use will be deleted. You can find Vincent's thread regarding everything you need to know about macros here.
    Please note that while an instant ban can be instated towards any members that are involved in any activities which may cause legal issues for the forums or any over the top actions/posts, warning(s) is to be given for people who blatantly disregard forum rules. When allotted enough warnings, said user is to be temporarily banned from the forums. If they continue to further disregard forum rules, ban time will be increased with an eventual permanent ban from forum activities.

    This forum aims at being a safe and kind environment for people to discuss and enhance their experience of FFBE. Even though many behaviors - such as being particularly edgy, direct or terse in the way of addressing to other users - may not be strictly against the forum's rules, they can still be detrimental to others' forum experience, especially when iterated for prolonged times.
    Every forum's user is therefore encouraged to keep a friendly, helpful and open attitude towards others' opinions and mistakes, if not to help in building that safe environment, at least to not contribute actively in demolishing it.
    Avoiding a ban by creating a new account will lead to a permanent ban.

    ~ Memel0rd
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