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New to the forum? Start here!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rinny, Nov 26, 2016.

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  1. Rinny

    Rinny γγƒŽδΈ€ VIP Supporter

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    May 12, 2016


    Welcome to our community! I'm glad you decided to join us here at Brave-Exvius.com

    Looking for where to get started exactly? Why not start by introducing yourself here in our introduction section? Introductions - It doesn't have to be much, just say hello! You can let us know how long you've been playing FFBE, or Final Fantasy games in general! It's up to you :)

    Where to after that? At that point I'll have probably liked your post (I'm a like spammer sorry) this also opens up your options to edit your signature and preferences more! Head over to your 'personal details' under your name on the top left to see what's going on there, or check out this LINK. Here, you can see your current status or set one, your avatar and other such information. I'd recommend you add your ID number and Lead in the sections to make it easier to find and identify you, and that information will follow you on every post! As for your avatar, GIFs wont display very well so I'd recommend using a regular image, I've found 200 height 150 width to display the best, but it's up to you!

    But what about your signature? That's easy to fix up to! On the top right in your name, you'll also see 'signature' right underneath the 'personal details' option, your signature will display under all your posts, this can range from images to links, whatever you choose! Gifs will display here just fine, I've found most users like to add unit sprites of their current teams.

    Well now you're all set up, what to do next? There's a few directions you can take now, if you're brand new to the game check out these sections!

    Add Me Requests - Add in your request, or look for others to add! Getting strong friends will help you through the game.

    Guides - Some content can be quite difficult for a starting player, but hopefully you can find help that you need in this section!

    Announcements & Events - We generally do a good job keeping up with the games newest events and announcements, posting them and and any info we know about them a few days before they go live! So if you want to prepare for an event, or if you're stuck on one currently, the thread pertaining to the event here will help you on your way!

    Search - Can't find what you're looking for? Try using the search to see if it's already posted somewhere on the forum! If you can't find it, feel free to ask in the chat, or make a thread to ask yourself!

    Moving on..

    So you've made it this far huh? Well I'm glad you've kept up! Maybe you're not a brand new player, and you're looking for something a bit more direct? Did you just draw a neat unit but aren't sure if they're actually any good? Well check out the unit review section! - Unit Reviews

    Or maybe you're interested to learn more about the Japanese version of FFBE? I've heard they have better rates? Well not a lot better. But they do tell you the rate you can get that rare unit atleast. Oh, we have a full dedicated section to that side of the game as well! Along with some helpful and dedicated players willing to help you on your journey - Japanese Version

    Oh, did you know we like to hold our own contests here at Brave-Exvius.com? We've given out almost $500 in giftcards to users in fun events of our own! Check out any current running ones, and ones ran in the past in our Forum Announcements & Events section! Currently, the last giveaway was the holiday event!

    You'll notice other threads in that section such as the Forum Rules(you mean theres rules here??) Don't worry, as long as you're respectful to others you'd never even notice. Our main goal here is to support eachother in our FFBE adventures and share in the frustration and joy of gacha. If you do ever run into any issues with another member or see a post that seems disrespectful, remember to report it! The staff here are:

    Main Staff
    NeoCHI - Owner
    Memel0rd - Administrator
    Arnatuile - Moderator
    Nina - Moderator
    Ashlag - Moderator
    Carnefix - Moderator
    Magoya - Moderator

    Sub mods
    - Guides Section
    Yokana - German Section
    Zilla731 - Account Trades

    But hey, speaking of staff, how do you join that? And what are these other colors I see people with throughout the forum? Check out our Recruitment Zone for some info on that! Here, I'll break it down more since there's a few.

    Supporter - supporters change color depending on the holiday/events going on! Currently coming up on the christmas holiday, supporters are made green! During halloween they were orange. They even get a special title during those events! Check out the Support Campaign

    VIP - These guys are the people who've earned either outstanding status in our community, or FFBE in general! This title isn't handed out very easily. These users can edit their own custom status, and get a bolder name that follows them through the forum. Check out the VIP Application Process

    Weekly/Monthly Arena Champion + Weekly Runner-Up - These are pretty self explanatory, simply place high in the arena and post your results before the weeks end in the contest threads! Weekly Arena Contest - Monthly Arena Contest

    So whats left?

    That should cover most things to our forum! Be sure to look through the main page to see all the different sections we have throughout the place, or even contribute yourself if you have knowledge you'd like to impart!

    You'll meet lots of other social and active people in our Chatbox, and don't forget to stroll through the Lounge for any forum games, and other such things not related to FFBE!

    Best of luck and once again, thank you for choosing our forum for your FFBE adventures! I hope we can experience and learn many things together!​
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