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Optimized Unit Builds #1: Vaan

Discussion in 'Unit Builds' started by Jet Stingren, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Jet Stingren

    Jet Stingren Ephemeral God VIP

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    386, 889, 987
    So, unsure how you wanna build you unit for content? Or just want something to go off of til you build your own build? Well, I'm introducing a new type of threads I will be doing to give you guys some tips, and equipment options for your characters so you can in return be able to clear stuff on your own, or have something to use. I have a few things I wanna say first.

    - This list is gonna be Global items only that ARE released. I may include some future items if they are to be released.
    - No Trust Masteries from Rare Summon will be included. I denied this cause not everyone is gonna be farming trust masteries or have the necessary units to do so.
    - Materia will extend from the characters MAG affinity, and stat boosters.
    - Not gonna be saying what stats are gonna be after espers & equipment as people may not all have it, or maxed their levels.

    If you have any questions, please directly PM me. Thanks!

    Anyway, we're gonna be talking about Vaan today. There's alot of things I can say about the roles that Vaan can play for a team, today I am gonna be showcasing off two roles you can try for your Vaan builds. I will be leaving locations for all the equips and how you can get them. You ready to use Vaan? Well, let's goooo.

    Max 5* Stats:
    HP: 2639 MP: 110 ATK: 99 DEF: 97 MAG: 87 SPR: 88
    Magic Affinity: Black/White/Green MAG: Level 4
    Stats Overview: Vaans stats aren't too bad, they aren't super high, or really low. They're mid-tier if you ask me he has nothing over 100 on base unless you add his stat boosters which we will get into later. His stats are good enough for the content ahead and he got alot of support to help out those mid-tier stats of his. Vaan has a ATK/HP/DEF +20% all in separate levels. Which at least helps his main stats out more his MAG, and SPR don't get boosts but can be helped by other means. In all honesty, Vaan has well all his stats covered which is a pretty great feat for any character. Anyways, let's get into this build eh?

    Build 1: Attack Now! I Got Your Back! (Support Tank)
    Weapon: Giant's Axe: +51 ATK (Award: Colosseum INT A-5)
    Shield: Mythril Buckler: DEF +30 (Award: Colosseum BGN B-3)
    Helm: Iron Helm: DEF +10 (Shop: Village of Kol)
    Armor: Force Armor: +51 DEF, +10 SPR +10% resistance to Fire/Ice/Thunder (Trial Boss: Devil Chimera)
    Accessory 1: Muscle Belt: +10% HP, DEF +5 (Chest: Zadehl Westersand - Exploration)
    Accessory 2: Angel Ring: (Award: Colosseum INT S-4)
    Materia Slot: HP +10% (Trust: Rizer)
    Materia Slot: Cura: (Award: Colosseum: INT C-5)
    Materia Slot: DEF +10% ( Award: Colosseum INT D-3)
    Materia Slot: HP +10% (Trust: Rizer)
    Esper Support: Golem
    Best Moves to Use?: Full Break, Focus, Provoke (Golem)

    How this build works?: This is a pure support build for Vaan to use to help support the team as they deal the main damage. His greatest asset to him (or anybody in the game right now) is Full Break which will help greatly in chunking down enemies from your teammates. He also has Focus which is what I talked about earlier to help his lower MAG, and SPR stats and what even makes Cura usable for him. On base, 87/88 MAG/SPR would not heal alot even after esper support. But, due to Focus he would have 121 MAG & 123 SPR which is usable enough alongside other healer to fully heal teams back up to full. This is a great safety net if you don't either have Curaja, or take a huge amount of damage from a boss.

    You wanna keep your MP as high as possible, do NOT use it after you've buffed yourself with Focus, and the enemy is debuffed. You can spare to use normal attacks for a while til the need to heal comes, or otherwise. You can if you've raised Golem to 2* levels make the enemy attack him more often with Provoke so that he can tank the hits protecting teammates from either critical deaths, or unnecessary damage. In the least with his Angel Ring he can heal a tad bit of the damage that was done to him which can go a long way if you got good support.

    Lastly, I recommend any high DPSers you can bring to the squad, Vaan would work great with mages cause of his Focus buff so a mage team he would fit great in, he could also work in melee teams if you have Fina for a full 40% buff to all your stats which is pretty awesome to have! Vaan isn't mean to deal that much damage to bosses but to debuff, and cripple them down with FB. You can also throw some status on Vaan if you're not feeling Cura, or the extra HP/DEF buffs from materia. Silence Blade would be a good option to stop bosses who rely on MAG to deal damage, or protect your teammates from status depending on the attack. You could also throw the Shining Bracer if you want a free auto-protect effect for Vaan instead of HP regen.

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  2. CeciRose

    CeciRose Ascended Member Supporter

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    Jun 28, 2016
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    Yow @Jet Stingren This is a cool new segment! You da man!

    This is exactly how I envision my Vaan for my second account though instead of having 2 +10%HP I am planning to use 2 +10% DEF as it is easier to manufacture.
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  3. Vash426

    Vash426 VIP VIP Supporter

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    Jul 7, 2016
    I wish I had Vaan. I spent the whole two weeks I had to the end of the reroll event trying to build a Vaan account but I could never seem to roll one. Vaan from what I saw to me was the unit I sought after the most. The 3 times I got him in the end after a week and a half of not getting him at all, was I would only get him. Nothing else. Not even a kefka or golbez. It was so weird. Lol. I am like "yay! Finally a Vaan!!!.... Oh..... nothing else at all!?" I even kept that account for a few days but then had to get rid of it so I could roll more. I still really want a Vaan account badly though.
  4. DanT

    DanT That deaf, dumb and blind kid... VIP Supporter

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    May 14, 2016
    I like Superior Blade on my Vaan over Giant's Axe. The blind chance on physical attacks is really great on him, imo, even if the damage is lower.

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