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Optimized Unit Builds #7: Amarant

Discussion in 'Unit Builds' started by Jet Stingren, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Jet Stingren

    Jet Stingren Ephemeral God VIP

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    Jun 3, 2016
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    386, 889, 987
    Not sure how you wanna build your Amarant? Well, I am here today to give you all a recommended build list of Amarant hopefully you'll enjoy this build. As usual, ask any questions, or comment with any suggestions of your own. This was also requested by @Nick6228 hope you enjoy the build.

    Amarant's Stats At Max 5*: HP: 2760 | MP: 101 | ATK: 108 | DEF: 100 | INT: 80 | SPR: 80
    Extra Passives At 5*: +10% HP
    Stats After Passive: HP: 3036
    Equipment: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Stats Overview: Amarant has some decent stats all in HP, ATK, and DEF. He's even got a reasonably high MP for him to do what he needs to do, he is lacking in the bonus stats as he only gets a HP +10% buff it's still helpful as it pushes him over 3K HP naturally which is good, I would've liked him to get a DEF boost as well to help with his role. But, in the end his stats are reasonably okay for the content we have now, he may fall off sooner than later due to him not being able to keep up sadly.

    Anyway, here is the build on Amarant.

    Build 1: I Tore The City Down (Tank)
    Weapon: Cat's Claws: ATK +36 (Shop: The Village of Marlo)
    Shield: None
    Hat: Green Beret: HP +50, ATK +10, DEF +10 (Shop: Felicitas Town)
    Clothing: Mirage Vest: DEF +28, SPR +15, Enables Mirage (Quest: The Wolfsfang Terror)
    Accessory 1: Moon Bracer: (Award: Colosseum BGN S-4)
    Accessory 2: Muscle Belt: HP +10%, DEF +5 (Chest: Zadehl Westersand)
    Materia 1: HP +15% (Event: Into The Abyss)
    Materia 2: Mental Break (Silver Chest: Lanzelt Highlands)
    Materia 3: HP +15% (Event: Into The Abyss)
    Materia 4: DEF +10% (Award: Colosseum INT D-3)
    Esper: Golem

    Note: The Into The Abyss Dungeon is only temporary! So Grind Now!

    How this Build Works?: Well, basically Amarant is limited so it was hard finding him some super niche things. But, with this build, this is basically a full on tank Amarant I gave him the Moon Bracer so he would have a slight boost to his SPR this helps him take on some of the now directed MAG attacks better if of course you have a buffer like someone with Focus then you can slot it for another Muscle Belt, or whatever you deem as necessary. HP +30% is pretty much his TM just more materia slots to fill, in the current content we don't have much to fill in slots that's well free and takes little time. So, it's better if we just use this stuff here. With the Mirage Vest, you can use Mirage which actually doesn't hurt him he gets the chance to avoid two free attacks and he CAN still counter back cause he was targeted by the attack which in return triggers his counter which is pretty good, pretty much Amarant could be a tank without taking much damage with Mirage + buffs up. I gave him Mental Break as it helps more with his build. With his innate Power Break, he can cut the offenses of any boss, or enemy making it easier for your team to deal with them.

    As always, I recommend a buffer for him. He doesn't really need a healer this time around as he has a better healing move than all the tanks we got in Chakra which is a fixed 30% HP/MP heal which should be enough to serve him as long as you don't drop him low. And with the way he is setup he won't be dropping to far into the red zone.

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2016
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  2. Ghost42

    Ghost42 Active Member

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    Sep 5, 2016
    Yo, I like the write up but I think there are a couple of things worth mentioning.
    I believe Mystery Veil (+7 Defence, +16 Spirit from Int Colosseum S-2) is worth mentioning, the +16 Spirit is the equivalent of Auto-Shell from Moon Bracer (80*0.2 = 16). If you compare Mystery Veil + Hero Ring to Green Beret + Moon Bracer they give the same Attack (assuming no other +Attack %) and Defence but the former gives 3 more spirit (assuming no spirit buffs) and the latter gives +50 HP (~7 HP per Chakra). Not saying Hero ring is better than Muscle Belt, just that Mystery Veil should be considered along with Green Beret.

    In addition you mentioned giving Amarant Mental Break, I believe you're thinking of Magic Break which we don't have access to yet outside Shiva and a few select units.
  3. JustinHChrist

    JustinHChrist Well-Known Member Supporter

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    Aug 11, 2016
    Orlandeau, Noctis, Olive
  4. Gatsu

    Gatsu Ascended Member Supporter

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    Aug 4, 2016
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    Black Garb also works well if your running a counter attack setup with poison claw and aren't in a fight against heavy magic damage. Black Garb = 5 atk 35 def ; I think that's the highest def chest amarant can use right now?
  5. Orbis

    Orbis Ascended Member

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    Jul 11, 2016
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    Great write up! Amarant isn't ready for Prime Time right out the box like Cecil, Leo, or WoL. He will only come into his own with better gear in later expansions, or else heavy grinding during events (like the HP +15% materia) and TMs (like Black Cowl and Kaiser Knuckles). One very important note I think you missed is HP levels required of ANY tank, especially Amarant. He needs at least 4,500 imo, having used him through many a boss encounter- the last on that Dinosaur trial boss where he got Snorted away, before landing like 10 counters on it. Amarant has great potential, but it's a long road before he achieves it.

    Personally, I'm grinding Dual Wield, Lunge Combo, Black Cowl, Rising Sun, and his own HP +30%. Because my 4 Lightnings, 20 Chizurus, and 2 Fencer Friends deserve me. I mean Amarant.

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