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Orlandeau: A Comprehensive Guide [WotV]

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Seven, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. Seven

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    Jun 9, 2017
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    None; this may be a hard case to crack
    DISCLAIMER: All the stats I used here are assuming a completely maxed out unit.

    Before I get into things, I want to point out that this guide may get more technical than the average player is prepared for. I highly recommend reading up on this guide about damage mechanics for a better understanding of what exactly I'm talking about.


    UR / Lightning
    Click Illustration for Unit Page!

    Thunder God Cid, the powerhouse of FFT, and my favorite unit in WotV: FFBE. Orlandeau is one of the strongest units in the game right now, and apparently, he's pretty future-proof, too.

    Let's take a look at what makes him so great!


    First off, let's start with Orlandeau's stats.

    Total 2800 121 116 317 77 77 59 194 12 3 1

    Orlandeau has pretty impressive stats. His 2800 HP is among the highest of any attacker, accompanied by a massive 317 ATK, which is only surpassed by glass cannon Sterne Leonis. His movement stats are the standard 3 move / 1 jump, nothing special there. His TP and AP are both pretty decent at 121 and 116, respectively; I'll elaborate more about the specifics under each job. Other than that, Orlandeau's DEX, AGI, and LUCK are all decent, meaning he has pretty standard accuracy and evasion.

    Orlandeau's main job, Sword Saint, utilizes 100% ATK / 25% DEX / 10% AGI / 10% LUCK distribution, meaning his effective base attack as his main job is 362. Sub jobs Samurai and Knight both utilize 120% ATK distribution, meaning his effective base attack for those is 380. If you're confused what that means, it just means that with Sword Saint set, his effective attack also uses some DEX and a little AGI and LUCK, and with either Samurai or Knight set, you don't have to worry about anything other than ATK.

    TL;DR: Orlandeau has great survivability, is pretty sustainable, and has excellent offensive prowess. Overall great.


    Now onto resistances.
    Element Fire Ice Earth Wind Lightning Water Light Dark
    Resistance - - -10% - - +20% - -

    Damage Type Slash Pierce Strike Missile Magic
    Resistance +20% -10% +10% +10% -20%

    Status Ailment Poison Blind Sleep Silence Paralyze Confuse Petrify Toad Charm Paralyze Slow Stop Paralyze Immobilize Disable Berserk Doom
    Resistance +50% - - - - - +10% - - - - - - - 50% - -

    As usual for a lightning unit, Orlandeau has -20% to earth and +10% to water. In regards to his damage type resistances, he's moderately strong against strike and missile, strong against slash, weak against magic, and moderately weak against pierce. This is pretty awesome because the vast majority of difficult content (i.e. Brutal Difficulty Iron Giant) we've gotten so far primarily utilizes slash damage.

    In terms of status ailments, he has high poison and disable resistance and a bit of petrify resistance. Disable resistance is great because his abilities are strong. However, he also has one HUGE weakness that also becomes a somewhat effective counter.

    If you can charm him, you can turn his massive firepower against his teamates.

    As a side note, Orlandeau also basically has blind, paralyze, and stop immunity thanks to one of his locked TP abilities, making him one of the most unrelenting damagers in the game. Unless you charm him. Poor old man dude...

    TL;DR: Strong against slash, weak against magic, and watch out for charm.

    Locked Skills

    Orlandeau's locked skills make up the bulk of his kit, which is always a good thing.

    Locked Skills

    Normal Attack

    • 1 diamond / 1 height / ST
    • Slash damage (100%)
    Crest of the Black Lion
    • 0 range / 0 height / ST
    • 2 casts / 18 TP
    • Increase ATK (40%) for 3 turns
    • Nullify Blind Paralyze, Sleep
    Crush Armor
    • 5 diamond / 1 height / ST
    • 5 casts / 15 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (121%)
    • Decrease DEF (25) for 3 turns
    Crush Weapon
    Unlock at 6★ / Sword Saint Level 7
    • 3 diamond / 1 height / ST
    • 3 casts / 27 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (200%)
    • Decrease ATK (30) for 3 turns
    Divine Ruination
    Unlock at 6★ / Sword Saint Level 7
    • 5 cross / 1 height / 5 line AoE
    • 2 casts / 29 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (165%)
    • Decrease lightning resistance (38%) for 3 turns
    Unlock at 6★ / Sword Saint Level 12

    • 3 diamond / 1 height / ST
    • 3 casts / 20 AP
    • Lightning slash absorb HP (121%)
    Swordplay: Thunder God
    Limit Burst

    • 3 diamond / 1 height / 2 diamond AoE
    • 1 cast / 58 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (200%)
    • Haste (42%) for 3 turns

    Before getting into his actual skills, I'd like to point out that unlike most units, Orlandeau has a 100% normal attack modifier, compared to 75% on most other units. This means even his normal attack is a formidable skill that can one-shot many weak enemies.

    The bread and butter of Orlandeau's kit are Crest of the Black Lion and Crush Armor. The former comes with ailment resistances and a nice ATK buff; the latter one-shots the vast majority of enemies. And when it doesn't, it still does major damage and further increases your physical damage for 3 turns.

    Orlandeau's 6★ skills are pretty nice. There's nothing more satisfying than having your enemies line up and then taking them all out with a single cast of Divine Ruination, but even if it doesn't one-shot them, it'll leave them EXTREMELY susceptible to your next lightning attack.

    Personally, I haven't needed to use Crush Weapon much outside of difficult content (i.e. Brutal Difficulty Iron Giant) and occasionally for PvP, but it has an excellent modifier. Only downside is its cost.

    Shadowblade is straight-up overpowered. Why? This is one of the strongest drains in the game, on quite likely the strongest damager in the game. You can forget healing; just use Shadowblade to snipe a squishy enemy, and you're back in business. For only 20 AP.

    Lastly, his Limit Burst. I'll be honest, it's almost never used. But when it is used, oh boy is it worth it.

    Swordplay: Thunder God deals massive AoE damage with a decent range, and then applies Haste. This is a finishing skill meant to take out most everything, then sets Orlandeau up to take out anything left over. Of course, the issue is the massive 58 AP cost, as you won't have the time to accumulate that much AP in 90% of fights.

    TL;DR: Normal attack is already strong. Crush Armor is amazing. Shadowblade is overpowered. Max them both. Everything else is good but more niche.

    Sword Saint

    Now onto which job to pick. Starting with his main job, the unique Sword Saint.

    Sword Saint Skills

    Crush Helm
    Unlock at Sword Saint Level 3
    • 3 diamond / 1 height / ST
    • 4 casts / 22 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (165%)
    • Decrease max HP (?) for 3 turns
    Unlock at Sword Saint Level 3
    • 3 diamond / 1 height / ST
    • 3 casts / 30 AP
    • Absorb TP (40%)
    • Decrease ATK (30) for 3 turns
    Hallowed Bolt
    Unlock at Sword Saint Level 5
    • 3 diamond / 2 height / 1 diamond AoE
    • 3 casts / 23 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (121%)
    • Inflict silence (25%) for 3 turns

    I'll make this quick.

    Crush Helm is a good damaging skill in between Crush Armor and Crush Weapon. Unfortunately, wotv-calc is a little confused about skills involving max HP, so I'm not sure about the exact values of this one.

    Duskblade is niche. Orlandeau only has one TP skill as a Sword Saint, and Crest of the Black Lion's TP cost is negligible. You MIGHT use this on rare occasions in PvP, but that's it.

    Lastly, Hallowed Bolt. The main reason I keep Orlandeau as Sword Saint.

    It's a strong AoE attack with decent range at a low cost, and it one-shots 90% of enemies.
    What's not to love? Behind Crush Armor, this is probably his most-used skill. And in PvP, this absolutely demolishes Mediena.


    Samurai Skills

    Unlock at 2★ / Samurai Level 3
    • 0 range / 0 height / 2 diamond AoE
    • 1 cast / 20 TP
    • Increase BRV (10)
    Unlock at 3★ / Samurai Level 3
    • 3 diamond / 2 height / ST
    • 8 casts / 12 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (137%)
    Unlock at 3★ / Samurai Level 5
    • 0 range / 0 height / 1 diamond AoE
    • 2 casts / 29 TP
    • Increase EVA (25) for 3 turns
    Unlock at 6★ / Samurai Level 7
    • 0 range / 1 height / 1 diamond AoE
    • 4 casts / 16 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (140%)
    • Inflict blind (25%) for 3 turns
    Unlock at 6★ / Samurai Level 7
    • 0 range / 0 height / 1 diamond AoE
    • 2 casts / 29 TP
    • Increase ATK (30%) for 3 turns
    • Increase CRIT (15) for 3 turns
    Unlock at 5★ / Samurai Level 12
    • 3 cross / 1 height / 3 piercing AoE
    • 2 casts / 36 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (200%)
    • Increase machina killer (25)
    • Increase stone killer (25)

    Let's start with Meditation, which is a fantastic skill for increasing BRV all the way up to 97 after hitting the cap in the barracks. You can only use it once per battle, but it has a large range, so buffing everyone should't be too much of an issue.

    Hien is a great skill. It's a ST damage skill with a great range and low cost, and good enough to one-shot most grindable enemies. This is the Samurai's main tool.

    Next, Illusion. A staple of the Samurai job, this provides an increase to evasion. However, Orlandeau already has pretty decent survivability, so you'll usually use this to nab 6 AP on spare turns.

    Nightveil is fine, it's just got a pretty limited range. However, being only slightly stronger than Hien and more expensive, it's best used when the Blind is applicable.

    Finally, Devotion, the Samurai version of Crest of the Black Lion. Devotion has the same ATK buff, but instead of offering status ailment immunities, also increases his critical rate. Criticals mean 25% more damage, so why not?

    Lastly, Kongou. While the killer buffs are pretty niche, considering I've yet to encounter a single machine or stone enemy, it's still Samurai Orlandeau's hard-hitting skill. Considering its 200% modifier and its ability to take out 3 enemies at once, I'd say its high cost is worth it, as you can probably pop one cast right off the bat with a properly leveled Orlandeau.

    TL;DR: Great versatility in support skills and lots of damage opportunities. Use whenever you don't need to hit stuff high up or far away with Hallowed Bolt, or you need to spam ST snipes.


    Knight Skills

    Power Break
    Unlock at 4★ / Knight Level 5
    • 1 square / 1 height / 1 perpendicular AoE
    • 3 casts / 18 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (126%)
    • Decrease ATK (43%) for 3 turns
    Arm Break
    Unlock at 4★ / Knight Level 5
    • 1 cross / 1 height / ST
    • 3 casts / 22 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (191%)
    • Inflict disable (25%) for 3 turns
    Divine Healing
    Unlock at 4★ / Knight Level 5
    • 0 range / 0 height / ST
    • 2 casts / 12 TP
    • Restore HP (20%) for 3 turns
    Magic Break
    Unlock at 6★ / Knight Level 7
    • 1 square / 1 height / 1 perpendicular AoE
    • 3 casts / 18 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (126%)
    • Decrease MAG (43%) for 3 turns
    Speed Break
    Unlock at 6★ / Knight Level 7
    • 1 square / 1 height / 1 perpendicular AoE
    • 3 casts / 18 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (121%)
    • Decrease AGI (20%) for 3 turns
    Trinity Break
    Unlock at 5★ / Knight Level 12
    • 3 cross / 1 height / ST
    • 3 casts / 34 AP
    • Lightning slash damage (165%)
    • Decrease ATK (39%) for 3 turns
    • Decrease MAG (43%) for 3 turns
    • Decrease AGI (25%) for 3 turns

    Before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to start off this section by saying I believe Knight is the worst job for Orlandeau. I'll get into why soon, but for now, you can chalk it up to high AP costs, limited range, and skill overlap.

    Power Break and Magic Break are basically the same skill, so I'll talk about them together. Both have a moderate AP cost of 18, and both have really limited range. In terms of breaking ATK, I'd probably just use Crush Weapon, which has a significantly better range and higher damage, but with a higher AP cost. In regards to Magic Break, Orlandeau can one-shot Mediena, and healers are often kept at a distance, making this skill useless.

    Speed Break is Power Break and Magic Break's third sibling, in that it deals similar damage and reduces a stat, AGI. However, it actually deals LESS damage than the former despite costing MORE AP. Technically, breaking AGI is worth it, but you can decide for yourself whether or not this is any more useful than its siblings.

    Arm Break is Knight Orlandeau's heavy hitter. While, again, it has poor range, if you do manage to disable your enemy, it shouldn't matter too much whether or not you're directly in range of their strongest abilities.

    Divine Healing is great. 20% of Orlandeau's HP is actually a good amount of HP compared to raw healing from spells like Curaga. Considering Knight Orlandeau has to get up close and personal with all his enemies, having healing on hand can be really helpful.

    Last but not least, Trinity Break. You take Power Break, Magic Break, and Speed Break, mash them into one, dilute it a bit, and this is what you get. It's cost 34 AP, but it deals decent damage and throws all three breaks down with slightly lower numbers. Ideal for taking on bosses, or maybe when in PvP your opponent is carried by a single really strong unit.

    TL;DR: Worst job for Orlandeau. Power Break and Magic Break are pretty redundant, Speed Break and Trinity Break are fine, and Arm Break and Divine Healing are solid.


    Support Skills

    Thunder God
    Unlock at Sword Saint Level 3
    • Increase ATK (60%)
    • Decrease slash resistance (8%)
    • Decrease pierce resistance (8%)
    • Decrease strike resistance (8%)
    • Decrease missile resistance (8%)
    • Decrease magic resistance (8%)
    Blade Soul
    Unlock at 2★ / Samurai Level 3
    • Increase ATK (25%)
    • Increase EVA (12)
    • Decrease DEF (3)
    Unlock at Sword Saint Level 5
    • Increase HP (15%)
    • Increase JUMP (1)
    Divine Protection
    Unlock at 4★ / Knight Level 5
    • Increase debuff resistance (15)
    HP Up Lv. 1
    Unlock at 6★ / Knight Level 7
    • Increase HP (15%)

    Starting from the top, we have Thunder God, which provides a massive ATK boost at the cost of damage type resistance. For the most part, I'd say the boost is worth it, but if you ever find yourself in a difficult battle with squishy mages, it may be better to go without.

    Blade Soul seems fine, but as of now we can't tell a unit's DEF or SPR, so I don't know how this is negatively impacting Orlandeau's survivability. Nevertheless, it's a decent skill, and if you plan on going all-out on ATK, this and Thunder God are the way to go.

    HP Lv. Up 1
    is strictly worse than Battlewise, because Battlewise is literally the HP Lv. Up 1 but with an added JUMP boost. There could be scenarios where using both is desirable, but I've yet to go without Thunder God.

    Lastly, Divine Protection. I don't much know what to say about it other than it exists, and it's an option.

    TL;DR: Stick with the Sword Saint support skills for massive damage and added movement.


    Counter Skills

    Unlock at Sword Saint Level 3
    • Chance (30%) to counter damage with restore AP (15%)
    Third Eye
    Unlock at 3★ / Samurai Level 5
    • Chance (20%) to counter damage with increase EVA (10) for 3 turns
    Sword Guard
    Unlock at 6★ / Knight Level 7
    • Chance (20%) to counter damage with decrease damage taken (30%)

    Auto-Refresh is the only option I would go with if using Sword Saint or Knight. Why? Sword Saint only has Crest of the Black Lion to fall back on as a filler AP restoration, meaning other than normal attacks, there's no other way to restore AP. Knight simply has exorbitant AP costs, and every little bit helps.

    Third Eye is an alright skill if you're building an evasion Orlandeau, in which case you'd also have Samurai and Blade Soul. As in FFBE, if you decide to go the evasion route, it's best to go all the way.

    Sword Guard is for survival. Orlandeau is not a tank. It's a decent skill but it just doesn't help him out much.

    TL;DR: Auto-Refresh for the most part, and only use Third Eye if you go all-out on Samurai.


    Sword Saint
    Honestly, the best option. Use this for a good balance while dishing out heavy damage from a distance.

    Sword Saint Samurai

    For versatility. But, remember, if you go the evasion route, it's best to go all out.

    Sword Saint Knight
    Not recommended, as this counters Orlandeau's primary benefits of damaging at a distance and being AP efficient.


    Vision Card
    • Echoing Screams brings high slash damage with ATK break-prevention.
    • Howl of Ferocious Inferno, Ifrit because lots of ATK.
    • Fleeting Tranquility to resist charm Orlandeau, and also comes with a bit of HP for everyone.
    • Metal Daemon, Iron Giant has decent slash damage and slash resistance for everyone BUT will reduce his AGI.
    • Secret Orders has slash damage for everyone, plus extra AGI at the cost of 5 SPR. Since we don't know Orlandeau's SPR, it's impossible to tell how significant that is.
    • Odin because ATK and slash damage.
    • Ramuh on another unit can come in handy with lightning imperil.
    • Iron Giant is literally Odin but slightly worse.
    • Engelbert because tanks synergize with everyone. Also, slash damage.
    • Frederika is the only other notable lightning damager, and also happens to attack from a distance.
    • Ayaka because healers synergize with everyone. Also, Haste and heals.
    • Gilgamesh is another strong slash damager, and offers additional versatility that can benefit your whole team.
    • Miranda for the same reasons as Gilgamesh, but different.
    • Kitone for slash chaining and versatility.
    • Robb Hourne for samurai synergy.
    • Gaffgarion for distance slashing. Also, FFTeam!
    • Owe for slash lightning chaining.
    • Schuzelt for slash lightning chaining.


    Orlandeau is a very well rounded damager.
    For the most part, you're going to want to set him up specifically for damage, meaning Sword Saint all the way. On a few occasions, you might decide to choose versatility, or for some reason use him as a breaker when Mont is free, in which case you should still keep his Sword Saint skillset in mind.

    Compared to other top-notch slashing damagers (namely Gilgamesh, Thancred, Ramza, and Miranda), he's definitely a lot more specialized to deal damage. However, Orlandeau maintains a good balance between survival and sustainability, and dealing lots of damage.

    Overall, Thunder God Cid fits well in with everyone else, and easily completes a team!

    PvE: 8 / 10
    PvP: 8 / 10
    F2P: 8 / 10
    P2P: 9 / 10
    Versatility Rating: 6 / 10
    Synergy Rating: 9 / 10
    Personal Rating: Old Man Dude / 10

    ::rudecat5:: Thanks for reading! ::rudecat5::
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  2. wawandck

    wawandck Member

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    May 28, 2020
    I don't have orlando, but thanks for the reference. Especially about normall attack modifier 100% for orlando and 75% for else. I need to look more into those.
    Thankyou very much.
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  3. newzombie

    newzombie Member

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    May 7, 2020
    thanks for great guide. I have Orlandeau LB3 and awake 6 now. Waiting for his shard return. I have a different question not about Cid: I have Mont lv99 and Engelbert LB3, Awake 6, lv79, which should i choose as a tank? I have lv99 Gaffgarion too, i want to build an arena team! Thanks
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  4. Seven

    Seven Mildly Active Member VIP Supporter

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    Jun 9, 2017
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    None; this may be a hard case to crack
    I run with Engel 100% of the time due to superior stats and AI. You should be able to get him to LB4 if you keep running his shard quest. Mont may be better if he's all jobs maxed, though.
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