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News Post Maintenance 11/26

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by KeybladeMaster97, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. KeybladeMaster97

    KeybladeMaster97 VIP VIP Supporter News Announcer

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    Aug 16, 2017
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    AC Cloud AC Tifa Mystina DPFina Cecil

    Thank you for playing

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were required to extend our scheduled maintenance.

    Maintenance extended by 1 hour until:
    Thursday 11/26 04:00 PST

    [Update Summary]
    [Available from 11/26]
    - Free Unit: Young Xehanort (KHDR) available from the Scala ad Caelum event
    - Kingdom Hearts Units Balance Update: Sephiroth (KH), Riku
    - Ability Awakening batch 43: Cloud (KH), Sephiroth (KH), Sora, Riku
    - Vision Cards: New Arrival
    - Trust Coin Item Exchange Update
    - New Events/Summons:
    - Story Arc: 3rd Season Chapter 5 Part 3
    Visions - The Advent of Chaos
    - KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road Collaboration: Scala ad Caelum
    - KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road Collaboration: VS Behemoth - EXT
    - KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road Collaboration: Challenge of the Brave: Let Your Heart Be the Guiding Key
    - KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road Collaboration Featured Summon
    - KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road Collaboration Daily 1/2 Off Summon
    - KHDR Collaboration: Free Daily 10 Summons
    - KHDR Collaboration: Guaranteed Unit Summon
    - Exchange Shop (KHIII)
    - KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road Login Bonus
    - Half Energy campaign for Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3 story quests
    - Amazing Enhancements campaign
    - All Chambers Open campaign
    - Repeating Events/Summons:
    - Challenge of the Brave: Heroes of the Lapis Rebellion
    - Challenge of the Brave: Transcendent Heroes
    - Bundles:
    - Guiding Heart Bundle
    - TGIF Special Bundle
    - Black Friday Mythril Chest
    - Black Friday Adamantite Chest
    - Black Friday Orichalcum Chest
    - Sora (KHIII) Fragment Bundle
    - Riku (KHIII) Fragment Bundle
    - Kairi (KHIII) Fragment Bundle
    - Transcension Pearl Bundle
    - Ascension Pearl Bundle
    - Vision Card Bundle
    [Available from 11/30]
    - New Events/Summons:
    - Neo Vision Cyber Monday Step Up Summon
    - Bundles:
    - Cyber Monday Adamantite Chest
    - Cyber Monday Mountain of Fortune
    - Cyber Monday Exvius Point Silver Chest
    [Available from 12/1]
    - New Events/Summons:
    - World Revisit Quests
    - Dashing December Login Bonus

    - Lapis x100

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