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Squall: A more casual review

Discussion in 'Unit Reviews' started by Fishking!, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Fishking!

    Fishking! Member

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    Jul 26, 2018
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    A young man from another world where sorceresses pass their power down through the ages. Squall detests interacting with others and often isolates himself. Regardless, he is a star pupil at Balamb Garden, a military academy founded for the purpose of training its students to shoulder the burdens of tomorrow. He also boasts of having passed the entrance exam required to join the elite mercenary force known as SeeD. The scar he bears on his face was the result of a blow from his classmate and rival during a training match.

    Unit Introduction:

    For the love of all things sacred and holy please, I beg of you, PLEASE do not try and build him for DW. Just don't.

    Limit Burst:
    Since this is my first proper addition of the limit burst column into my reviews (Reimi was supposed to be first, but more of that in the post-scriptum) it's gonna be a little rough.

    Squall's limit burst is pretty straightforward being a MASSIVE physical ST 17-hit move, ignoring 50% of the enemy's defense. Now I assume Lion's heart works similar to Tidus' LB, a multi-hit move with the last hit being delayed acting as a finisher. If I'm wrong call me out on it. Like I mentioned in the Fayt review, I don't go digging around researching the frames for unit's moves.

    (Potted in parenthesis)

    5* ATK:120 (144) MAG:89 (105) DEF:96 (112) SPR:100 (116) MP:124 (164) HP:2844 (3084)
    6* ATK:156 (190) MAG:116 (142) DEF:126 (152) SPR:130 (156) MP:162 (229) HP:3698 (4088)
    7* ATK:203 (268) MAG:152 (192) DEF:172 (212) SPR:178 (218) MP:211 (301) HP:4808 (5348)

    These stats are absolutely off the charts. Even without pots Squall has the highest base ATK so far in the game. His stats are just really good. His MP doesn't even cause an issue since he comes with a +50% MP increase. It's absurd. HOWEVER, Squall comes with no MP refresh meaning you'll want to have an external source of MP for him.
    There isn't anything else to say about his stats. They're JUST SO BEAUTIFUL.


    5* SeeD: Increase HP/DEF by 30%, Increase MP by 50%
    5* Inherited Charisma: Increase SPR by 40%, grant immunity to blind, poison, paralyze, and Petrify
    5* Junction: Increase LB fill rate by 50% and grant one LB crystal every turn
    5* Gun Mastery: Increase ATK 50% when equipped with a gun
    6* Orphaned Cub: 20% chance to counter both Magic and Physical attacks with Orphaned Cub. (Max of 1 trigger per turn)
    6* Gunblade Wielder: Increase ATK 100% when single wielding any weapon. Increase accuracy by 25% when single wielding any weapon
    6* Large Sword Mastery: Increase ATK by 50% when using a Great Sword
    7* Sorceress' knight: (MUST have His own TMR equipped) Mitigate magic damage taken by 10%, increase LB gauge fill rate by 50%, and ATK by 30%
    7* True doublehand: Increase equipment ATK (50%) when single wielding any weapon and Increase accuracy (25%) when single wielding any weapon
    7* Guardian Force (GF): Increase espers bonus stats by 10%
    7* DEF +20%

    OH BOY.
    Squall's already good stats get EVEN BETTER with these passives. Literally, every stats he has gets increased. Granted this is to be expected of the first 7* unit but you get my point. His innate passives are absurd when in 7* form, but even without the awakening his 6* form is still really good. Great immunities and LB passives too. I don't know what else to say about him.

    Squall comes equipped with two TDH passives (one is a little weaker than the other) and can be geared for either Guns or a great sword. Because of the Sorceress' Knight passive though, you want him equipped with his own TMR. You could equip him with some other great sword of course, but considering having Lion's Heart equipped gives him so many nice little things I would just keep it on him.

    Orphan Cub is also pretty neat. A 20% chance to grant 15% Damage mitigation with 120% self ATK buff? Sure odds are it won't be SUPER (aside from the ATK boost) helpful, but its a nice little thing to have. Odds are you'll have another source that's higher but even still it's nice.

    Active abilities:
    5*) Rough Divide: Physical Damage (2.7x) to one target. 1 hit, 24MP
    5*) Fated Circle: Physical Damage (3.75x) to all targets. 1 hit, 36 MP
    5*) Draw: Remove MAG break from one ally. Increase ATK 120% for 3 turns to the caster. 16MP
    5*) Flame Barret: Fire physical damage (2.25x) to one target. Reduce fire resistance by 60%. 5 hits, 18MP
    5*) Wind Barret: Wind physical damage (2.25x) to one target. Reduce Wind resistance by 60%. 5 hits, 18MP
    5*) Thunder Barret: Lightning physical damage (2.25x) to one target. Reduce lightning resistance by 60%. 5 hits, 18MP
    5*) Light Barret: Light physical damage (2.25x) to one target. Reduce light resistance by 60%. 5 hits, 18MP
    6*) Blasting Zone: Physical damage (2x) to all targets ignoring 50% DEF. 1 hit, 48MP
    6*) Keen Edge: Physical damage (3x) to one target ignoring 50% DEF. 2 hits, 52MP
    7*) Renozuken: Use all abilities twice EXCEPT Lion's Roar and Draw.
    7*) Lion's Roar: 4 Turn cooldown, available turn 4. Remove all debuffs from the caster, Recover HP (100%) and MP (50%) to the caster. Increase LB gauge (30) to caster

    His playset is what I expected for someone with his kit. Squall is built more so to be a finisher rather than a chainer. Sure, MAYBE he can chain by dual-casting his elemental barret abilities (Depending on the frames) but for the most part, his overall hit count doesn't support chaining properly. (Other than his Limit burst I mean)

    His elemental barret skills are pretty nice. I like them. A respective 60% element imperil is pretty good to have. Nice set up for elemental chains and finishes. Frankly, I would prefer to have an Ice imperil over a Light imperil but that's fine I suppose. Going off of that, the fact that he doesn't infuse himself with an element is unfortunate but ill cut him some slack. He is the proper First 7* unit we got.

    Lion's Roar is a pretty good ability. 100% HP + 50% MP restore with break removal isn't so bad, but the fact Lion's Roar grants him his limit burst is really whats more appealing from that ability simply because how powerful Squall's LB is. Thinking about the move a little more, it's okay. Nothing to fawn over. Once it unlocks odds are you'll be too busy dealing damage to lose out on said damage for a self-restore. Also, since he has LB passives you might not even use the ability for that. Probably just for the break removal. ( This is just me though. All my teams have MP regen and Healers so this isn't great for me. If you don't run healers though this probably looks much better )

    Renozuken is (I think) His best ability. Renozuken allows him to use all his skills ( Except Lion's roar and draw )twice. This allows him to essentially be a DW user but with TDH power. (Which is crazy)

    Draw is nice. Helps out your mages and hybrid damagers while buffing his own attack.

    All his other abilities are really straightforward and don't need explaining. ::calling::

    He's mediocre here. I don't particularly see too much use here. He has two AoE Skills that can't really chain and even with Renozuken Squall proves less than ideal. (This is only because of the arena damage cap at 999 damage.)
    Touching on the lack of a Reimi review...
    I really wanted that to happen simply because it would've served as more practice for me at the very least. Unfortunately, things kinda went a little downhill. My best friend's father got badly injured and that occupied the better part of Sunday and Saturday for me by doing my best being there for her. (Frankly at that moment Reimi was the least of my issues) On Monday I tried to sit down and type it out but I just wasn't feeling it that day and Reimi's kit wasn't interesting enough for me to struggle through it. By that point, I just gave up and Scrapped whatever I had of the Reimi Review.

    ANYWAY. I should have the Rinoa review up soon. Maybe late Friday or early Saturday. Personally, I won't be pulling super hard on this Banner. Sure I'll be left in the dust by the meta, but neither of these two 7*'s really call out to me. Good luck to anyone who does though, may the RNG be ever in your favor.
    As always, stay safe and have a good weekend!::serah::
  2. Vash426

    Vash426 Scary VIP VIP Spooky Supporter

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    Jul 7, 2016
    Thank you for this quick review. I don't plan to pull either beyond some bonus units but its always nice to see people take the time to share useful and helpful information. Keep up the good work.
  3. Sotoy_yuk

    Sotoy_yuk Ascended Member

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    Jan 7, 2017
    I think it will be better if the lb section explain what is the different between level 1 and level 30. It will help people decide whether they should max the unit lb or not

    Thank's for the nice review sir
  4. S1eww

    S1eww Scary VIP VIP Spooky Supporter

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    Sep 22, 2017
    Ty for you work!!
  5. SlightlyDubious

    SlightlyDubious A Wild Dubs Appears! Spooky Valkyrie Æsir Chocobro VIP Spooky Supporter

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    Jan 31, 2017
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    eTT, Event/Trial units
    Awesome! Great review! ::rudecat1::

    It would still be great to see how Squall compares to other units, what his BiS is, and limit burst level differences, but for a quick casual review this is fantastic!
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  6. Goddess Nyx

    Goddess Nyx Spooky Spooky Chocobro Spooky Supporter

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    Dec 9, 2016
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    Thanks for the review! I think it is great to have a more casual one, since Meme already covers all the maths and in-depth comparisons.

    I'd like to see more!
    Fishking! likes this.
  7. hcpoirot

    hcpoirot Ascended Member

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    Aug 23, 2017
    Thx for the review Fishking.

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