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STMR ranking

Discussion in 'General' started by daima, May 8, 2020.

  1. daima

    daima "Hall of Fame" Member

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    Aug 19, 2017

    Little disclaimer :
    This ranking is based for the rare STMR moogle usage.
    This ranking is not (totally) which STMR are the best.

    This ranking is based mainly for new players so they have easier decisions to use their STMR moogle.

    That said, it's my point of view. It's totally biased. You may disagree with it.

    A C-tier STMR doesnt mean it's useless, it's just means for me most people will not use their precious STMR moogle for this STMR. If you get it with dupes, it could be still a great STMR or some part of high whale build or BIS.


    In italic, the limited items.

    Tiers are organized with weapons first, then shield, hat, armor, accessories and materia.

    Sss tier
    (ones without peers)
    - [​IMG] Master Mind Xon's Crimson Butterfly : best weapon in the game. BIS for evade tank/support, units with non damaging LB, some DPS, dragoons, and so on.
    - [​IMG] Seeker of Freedom Vaan's Durandal : another beast weapon like MMXon's one. 30% physical evasion, 30% provoke. If FFBEEQUIP is to be trusted, the 30% provoke dont stack if you can equip two Durandal. Ask gumi to not pull any vaan after the 4th one.
    - [​IMG] A.I. Katy 's upgrade package : best accessory in the game. Enough said. Time limited unfortunately.
    - [​IMG] Malphasie's Ravenheart : all your dual wielding gonna love this (Hybrid, physical and magical attacker). Never forget it also brings 25% physical and magical demon killers.
    - [​IMG] Elena's warriors of the crystal : so good on all (T)DH characters (hybrid, physical and magical attacker). If not, unconditional 60% ATK/MAG. On JP, they got recently Warlock Charlotte with 50% TDH for magic and physic with 40% atk/mag on a TMR on the seiken densetsu 3 collab. This STMR gonna lose all this value then if we ever get it.
    - [​IMG] Gilgamesh (WOTV) Wings that transcends time : so good on all DW characters (hybrid, physical and magical attacker). Time limited.

    Ss tier (so good, so hard to replace)
    - [​IMG] Lockes' dagger : worse than MM Xon's STMR but still good.

    - [​IMG] Zeno's Searing Ember : such a beast. 180 atk, 40% atk, 75% human killer. It makes me really sad some units cant use katana.
    - [​IMG] Quistis's Save the Queen : save the queen and whip her. I like the idea of that. 165 mag and 50% mTDW on a weapon. I feel sad for everybody that didnt get it. Dont forget upgrade package gives "equip whip" and 50% (no tdw) mag if you have one.
    - [​IMG] Sterne Leonis's Lion Armor : Pretty good cause it's a high armor. For heavy armor users, AK Rain's TMR is good enough for now. As LB units get more and more powerful this STMR gonna be better and better.

    - [​IMG] Nagi's yin yang dual hand : slightly worse than gilgamesh WOTV STMR but not limited. It also gives a run for their money to Sora and Riku STMR.
    - [​IMG] Kaito's sea dragon : 30% evade. Pretty good. Lose some value if you have MM Xon dagger and can reach 100% evade easily. A great materia paired with the STMR like Dodge Roll and the new Run Away from Cactuar trials.

    S-tier (still godly, but are they worth everyone's stmr moogle?)
    - [​IMG] Agent Olive's Black Sparky : 174atk, +50% atk (+90% atk with rare on IW), +30% LB damage, +50% damage from variance. A beast !
    - [​IMG] Lone Lion Squall's Lion Heart+ : The best 2hd greatsword. But not even BIS for Squall himself and nobody worthy to wield it atm.
    - [​IMG] Eleven's Supreme Lord of Light : 180 atk, 5% positive variance and +50% LB damage. BIS for AC Cloud.
    - [​IMG] AC Cloud Fusion Sword : 190 atk one handed great sword making it a real epeen sword. Pretty strong swords paired with mad dash.
    - [​IMG] Karten's Wildfang : pretty badass weapon for fist users. Still, if you have ravenheart, upgrade package, gilga or nagi STMR, maybe it wont be used much.
    - [​IMG] Lightning's Zantetsuken : same as Karten, badass weapon but depends on your others STMR. Dont forget the +30% LB boost for AC Cloud.
    - [​IMG] War Hero Raegen's Atrithr : i'm glad i had to write it and not pronounce it.
    - [​IMG] : Syphilis's Peacekeeper : another high atk weapon with 50% TDW. Let's keep the peace with syphilis launcher.
    -[​IMG] : Rico Rodriguez's SW9 Assault_Rifle : same as syphilis peacekeeper but with one more atk and some more lb damage for Rico.
    - [​IMG] : Rakish Thief Zidane's Ultima sword : another high atk weapon with 50% TDW.
    - [​IMG] Awakened Dragon Akstar's Novis Ember : your generic high attack weapon with 50% TDW. Just dont use it as a TDH weapon as it has no positive variance, it's only a one handed katana.
    - [​IMG] Sakura of the Delta Star Black roselia: 172 mag, +50% mag, 30% LB damage. Whale stuff for sure but damn good for your Elly, Ace and Rem. You just have to 6 of them to BIS all of them and maybe cap the hardest mage stages in DV. Worth it !
    - [​IMG] Umbral Dragon Dark Fina's Dark Empress Birch : for regular mages, it's as good as Quistis's whip. For ace, rem, elly, it's worse cause it's dark imbued.
    - [​IMG] Angel of Death's Brumal Cores : the active damage buff doesnt stack with other forms of active buff that do the same (+10/+15% more damage with light on poopy). The +10% damage is a bit better than the flat mag that gives dark gambanteinn for Kuja when he buffs his mag. But this rod is also not better than killer rods when they proc.
    - [​IMG] Nyx's dagger : +20% hp, +20% all element resistance and high tide + from IW. Still pretty solid to this day. Also fire weapon with high attack can be useful.
    - [​IMG] Ramza's Escutcheon : first shield in the ranking. He's a no brainer on most units that can wear shield.
    - [​IMG] Aileen's Scanning Goggles : 52 atk and 4 killers at 50% (stone, plant, bug, machine) makes it still an awesome hat.
    - [​IMG] Kryla's veil : the title of this tier could be named for this one.
    - [​IMG] Krile's Scrunchie : 60 mag, +100 mp and ribbon. Yup, insane. But are +36 more mag from hairpin of purity worth a STMR moogle ?
    - [​IMG] Yuraisha's Hairpin : best defensive hat in this game with high SPR and 30% HP. Also BIS for the twins.
    - [​IMG] Freya's Empress Garland : you are not totally useless girl. Gimme your hat. High mag, def, spr and hp.
    - [​IMG] Wilhelm's Imperial Armor : With this kind of armor, why zoldaad is so weak in the game ? They should be unkillable.
    - [​IMG] Elephim's Dress : high SPR, 20% HP, 50% LB gauge fill rate. One of the best robe in the game.
    - [​IMG] Rivera's formal suit
    : high SPR, 30% light/dark resist and 30% mp reduced. Pretty good on support and on not full evade Kryla.
    - [​IMG] Aerith's Clothes : 80mag, 70spr, 28 def and 50% mTDH. It's pretty strong ! Most new NVA mages are TDH oriented and have no x6 cap, so going TDH is the way to go. It's BIS for all mTDH mages (without cheking anything!).
    - [​IMG] Infernal Fire Rain's battle garb : high attack, 50% fire resist, 50% beast killer. It's an awesome cloth to have. It's rain's clothes dammit. Yummy.
    - [​IMG] Zenaida's Warlord Leg Guards : For now it's there. It's certainly future proof as the TDW cap gonna increase in some months. It's still the highest flat atk accessory in the game. The 100% TDW is often overkill but your dragoons gonna love it for now.
    - [​IMG] Emperor Shera's ring : so much stats for tanks or supports, also with the often forgotten +50% fire resist. Now Luka's TMR sweet earrings exists and make it slightly less valuable.
    - [​IMG] Chocobo Fina's Feather Accessory : Luxury accessory but so versatile and can be used on all units. +45 to all stats, 5% MP refresh, 3LB per turn and one guts.
    - [​IMG] Sakura and Ayaka Floating hearts : totally niche item with good defensive stats and death resist. Awesome still.
    - [​IMG] Rem's Betrothal ring : awesome ring but it has lost some value cause of malphasie STMR which is better on offense for mages. A good offensive/defensive item for one slot.
    - [​IMG] Aerith's Choker : yes more power to holy, the best spell to clear mission "kill X with magic". Also uber SPR stats and the always useful +50% dark resist.
    - [​IMG] Sabin's coin : that item makes all fist users BEASTS with high survivability and insane attack.
    - [​IMG] Lively Steward Shinju's Sterward's Pumps : Worse than Sabin's coin for fist users but can be used by everybody. Give those to your most muscular and bearded characters to make them even more awesome.
    - [​IMG] Lilisette Moonshade earring: where is the flat SPR on it ? Else pretty awesome ribbon for damage dealers.
    -[​IMG] 2B's Executioner : up to 80% attack and 50 human killer. Give us Nier again !
    -[​IMG] A2's Gentle Traitor : 80% attack with GS and 50% machine killer. Give us Nier again !

    - [​IMG] Force Mysterion: Insane boost to damage against demons for mage and physical attackers. Also with +30% dark element resistance.
    - [​IMG] Chow's Everlasting Kindnesses : +80% SPR with robe, +20% HP/MP. That's a good boy STMR.
    - [​IMG] Edward Elric Knowledge of the truth : +50% atk/def and fire, water, wind and earth resistance (60%). Awesome STMR for such a short unit.

    - [​IMG] Sweet Luka Valentine Recipe : 40% HP/SPR is already pretty strong on most units if you forget beryl broken TMR exists. Give it a water, wind, and light resistance at 60% and it seals the deal. Luka has really such sweet TMR and STMR.
    - [​IMG] Ardyn Undying Vengeance : another form of ribbon with 20% HP and 60% unconditional atk for your damage dealers.
    -[​IMG] Firion's weapons specialist : 60% atk and physical killers (75%) against humans, stone monsters and birds. Totally awesome for arena. ::kupo::
    - [​IMG] Regina's battle intelligence : 60% atk and physical killers (only 50%) against demons, machinas and fairies. Two good killers.
    - [​IMG] Flammie's Soaring Legendary Dragon : 60% atk and three killers beasts, fairies, and undeads (75%). Better STMR than Regina's one to kill fairies.::kupo::
    - [​IMG] Serah's Last Guardian : 80% unconditional attack and 75% physical killers against dragons and machina.
    -[​IMG] Dark Mage Exdeath's Overcoming Death : 60% mag and magical killers (50% goddamit) against humans, insects and plants. Finally some killers for mage.
    -[​IMG] DQ's Lucius's Supreme Sentinel : 60% atk/mag and physical and magical killers against humans, 75% at that. Pretty busted on a crappy banner.
    - [​IMG] Irvine's Valued Memories : if your valued memories are to kill machines and beast for 100% physical killers, please stay far away from me.
    - [​IMG] Elly's Mother's Return : 60% mag with some resistance 60% (fire, water, wind, and earth).
    - [​IMG] Riku's Heart's Darkness : 70% atk, 50% TDW, 50% light resist. Awesome but gilga STMR says hi.
    - [​IMG] Sora's Heart's Light : same as above without light resist. Should be lower, it sucks. Yup.

    - [​IMG] Zargapatate's Judge's oath : 30% HP/DEF/SPR and 20% all element resistance. Still awesome to this day.
    - [​IMG] Rinoa's Winged Heart : four high element resistance (fire, ice, lightning and wind at 60%) + ribbon.
    - [​IMG] Mystina Gifted sorceress knowledge : Diabolos sol STMR but with real stats. I mean 80% mag with 80% element resistance to fire, wind and dark. Wow.

    - [​IMG] Selphie's Love for Trabia : insane for old mages with access to DW, 50% mag and 50% mTDW. New mages have innate dual wield for most of them.
    - [​IMG] Fina & Dark Fina's Double Catharsis : 50% mag and 50% mag TDW with the added boost of 50% light/dark resistance.
    - [​IMG] Serah's Enchanting Archer : 60% mag 100% mTDH and +20% mag with bow makes it slightly better than archmage Kefka's STMR. ::kefka::
    - [​IMG] Archmage Kefka's Corrupted Mage : 60% mag and 100% mTDH. Slightly worse than Serah's STMR.
    - [​IMG] Cloud's Master of Fate : 200% TDH. It's great but not as great you think.

    A-tier (Pretty good to have, but atm STMR moogle are too rare to use them on that in most cases.)
    - Emo boy Noctis's ultima sword : would be put a tier under last week before AC Cloud.
    - Vossler's Nightmare : a good greatsword when you need more bulk on your character. You dont lose much attack by equipping it.
    - Sephiroth (KH) Masamune : Awesome two handed katana with high stats and 50% human killer.
    - Supreme Diva Akstar Quadra katana : Pretty good katana for his owner. We'll see at the end of the month if Akstar catches up with the meta.
    - Emperor Poo's Third Nirvana : pretty niche usage but also devastating with the right setup. The ability to fill all LB on turn 1 for epeen trial clear or DV is one of its best use.
    - Benevolent Beauty Rem's Orichalcum Dirk : for old mages with no innate DW, it's pretty good with its 171 mag. It's also good on support with 250% high tide with IW and 120 SPR. Not worth chasing but still a nice asset.
    - Dethroned Heroine Ashe's Sword of Kings : ATK+120, DEF+22, MAG+171, SPR+22 and a passive 25% magic damage mitigation. It gives also a nice spell : Magic damage (12x) to all enemies // Decrease MAG (75%) for 1 turn to all enemies // Nullify next spell spell cast for 1 turn. Seems like the kind of STMR that is totally broken for only one fight throughout the whole game and just a stat stick for the rest. Interesting weapon nonelethess and good stats. A-tier. (Recent mages that can use a sword : BB Rem, Penelo, Selphie, Bahamut Dark Fina and ofc this Ashe)
    - Sacred Shield Charlotte's Honor of Grandshelt : impressive stats for a heavy shield.
    - Karlette's Red Hellebore : also named the epeen hat. There are often better options but it's good on physical DD/mage and hybrid. Good investment.
    - Glorious Head piece : maybe should be higher cause AC Tifa would love that. But no she would be ugly with it.
    -Veronica's crown of eternity : 61 mag and 30% mp reduced makes it another niche item but also pretty good. Operative Zyrus gonna love it. Kryla too but there are often better options.

    - Bruce's Dark Hat : 51 atk, 15% physical evasion and the always useful light/dark resist to 30%. The 15% could be most of the time be a 10% as durandal, xon and locke's dagger, dodge roll and so on dont match well with it. Great hat all around.
    - Saintly Castle : worse than Imperial Armor in most case, 20% HP is much better than 30% general mitigation you gonna replace throughout the fight. Have a niche spot on preemptive attacks and if your tank is called Kenny.
    - Toy Soldier's Uniform : i'll put a comment when gumi enhances him and the other forgotten one.
    - Olberic Surcoat : pretty awesome stats for a medium armor.

    - Gran Reverie : high attack especially for fist users and niche stop resist. Would be higher if Karten TMR wouldnt exist.
    - Glacial Battle Garb : Pretty high attack with 50% ice resistance and 50% dragon killer. Aelia armor makes it a less desirable than Ifrain armor.
    - Calming Garb : lots of HP and one evade at the start of battle or after rez. With this your healer is just impossible to kill.
    - Storm Bunny Jacket : now imagine a real DPS wearing this !!! 50% mechanical and stone killers, +800hp, +40 atk makes me wonder why it's only on A(s)-t(h)ier.
    -Wizardess Shantotto's Minstrel's Coat : 85 flat mag, +150MP and 10% MP regen. BIS for mages atm if you can go all out on damages.
    - Barret's Clothes : 52 atk, 3lb per turn makes it a pretty awesome piece of clothes as LB users get more and more prominent. You get an additional 40% atk with gun.
    - Rinora's Conductor Uniform : 1700hp, 50 def/spr and 3lb gauge per turn makes it already a solid pick for defensive/support/healers. It adds some niche machine mitigation on top of that.
    - Awakened's Rain's Knight's Medal : boring item, yet good on DV.
    - Garland (FFIX)'s Garland's Cloak : the full mage version of Awakened's Rain STMR. Awesome in the right circumstances to gear some more killers and stuff in DV. Not that useful else as 60 MAG alone is around TMR power level.
    - Edgar's Coin of Fate : the other side of the coin is better. Lilisette STMR is arguably much better.
    - Red XIII's Limited Moon : high flat attack accessory in the game with some high tide and +30%mp. Not gonna beat the accessories in SSS tier. You can just wonder what an unlimited moon can do now.
    - Rena's Shortcake : Glorified ribbon. Star Ocean rerun when ?
    - Rikku FFX-2 High class dagger : +6 lb per turn and + 30% HP. Pretty niche items but also could be so powerful.
    - Maria's Guardian of Shevat : +5 lb per turn, 60% mag with rod. Could be pretty good if we had a LB magic user.
    - True Hero : seems good, is not in most cases. New units comes with 150% TDH natively. Maybe gonna be interesting with 400% TDH cap of NV units.
    - Marie's Original Arrival : my healer always get one by default. Yet it doesnt deserve higher. Her TMR is better than her STMR.
    - Nichol of Epsilon Star's Exceptional Ingenuity : a different form of the STMR above. You lose the 50% spr with staff for some MP 30% and 3 LB per turn.
    - Randi's Secret of Mana : the best game of my childhood. Awesome on Randi to get rid of his TMR and pretty good on others.
    - Onion Knight's Mission : 80% atk with sword and 50% undead killer would be rated higher if it was on android waifus. Also it's less valuable. For me.
    -Balthier's Zodiac Shot : pretty good but gun's users max their attack quite easily on globals already. Machinas killer is always welcome.
    - Warrior of Dawn Galuf's Warrior from Another World : nice name. HP/DEF at 40% and light/fire resist at 50%. Allows galuf to use other weapons than his sword. Pretty awesome if you use Galuf as your tank.
    - Foltra's or Cilka's Cool Beauty : ice, water, and dark resistance (60%) and HP/MP (50%). Pretty good but why more MP? Who wants more MP?
    - Fid's Beach Girls : lightning, water, and light resistance (60%) and def/spr (50%). Slightly worse than Cool beauty imo.
    - Awakened Onion Knight's Twin Sword Mastery : hello glorified radiant lightning TMR. Can be cool on daddy Cid with Machina's Excalibur.
    - Roy Mustang's Ishval Hero : doesnt work if it rains. And FFBE is the world of Rain.
    - Christine's winter child : malphasie, nagi and gilgamesh tells you no. Yet mDW is rare enough for it be high in the tier list.
    Daughter of Destiny's Oerba's Boon : 60% MAG/60% SPR is already a lots of stats and it's versatile enough to be used on a lots of units. The death resist is the cherry on top.
    - Yoshikiri's Spirit of the Shinobi : we tell you shinobi, you think immediately about their high spr and one handed staff. Good for you, that's exactly it.
    B-tier (Not worth a STMR moogle for 99.9% of players.)
    - Akstar's Ashen Ember : two handed katana, pretty rare. But powercrept by supreme deva akstar katana.
    - Cloud (KH)'s Buster sword : 10 more attack than Cloud ultima weapon doesnt make it much better.
    - Rain's Obliterating Crimson Saber : 184 attack greatsword with +10% damage from fire attacks. This buff doesnt stack with the buff from NV Rain and he can buff himself and others for 15%. Worse than Squall's STMR most of the time.
    - Crimson's Centurio : Fire two handed GS. Can ease some of your rotations maybe if you dont need to imbue.
    - The lord of shadows's sword of shdows : Dark two handed GS. Can ease some of your rotations maybe if you dont need to imbue.
    - Angrim's Bahamut's Tear : Lightning two handed GS with 30% LB damage. Good weapon but for who ?

    - Paladin Cecil's Mythgraven Blade : PCecil is so good. Making him slightly better is always huge. For people who doesnt have Lilith Mace. C-tier else.
    - Lightning's Overture : free and almost as strong as paladin cecil's STMR just above.
    - Beryl's Fallen Angle : 142 MAG/SPR, High tide + with IW and 40% light/dark resist makes it awesome. Could be used easily on support, tanks and mages.
    - Star Player Tidus's Caladbolg : 169 atk two handed sword with +30% LB damage.
    - Sword of Paine : this weapon is surprisingly good. 176 atk one handed GS with 40% resist to fire, ice, lightning, water can ease your pain when trying to build units for DV without losing too much on offense.
    - Machina's Excalibur : Only here for TDW daddy Cid.
    - King Lasswell's True Purple Lightning : the additional effect of this weapon is pretty good to read when you cant sleep. Could be SSS tier only for that.
    - Citan's Mumyo Sword : 176atk one handed katana with 75% human killer. Yup pretty good but also totally worse than Searing Ember and from a limited unit.
    - Aloha Lasswell's Beach Umbrella : good atk, 40 def and 10% evade. It's not bad.
    - Yego's Fast Lash : wtf man, whip sucks. Yes they do. But remembers upgrade package allows to equip whips too. Trash tier else.
    - Levinson's Bag O Toys : atk +150, mag+140 and 50% p/m TDH. IW is 40% HP. It's not that bad but you wont use it.
    - Onion Blade : this weapon makes me cry all the time.
    - High Seraph's Ultima's High Seraph's Dagger : nice name isn't it. Not so bad if we had a magic unit that would like to spam his LB.
    - Aurora Fryevia's daybreak : one of a kind sword for hybrids. Firion TMR seems as good for pure physical DD with his higher variance.
    - Warrior of Light's Lenna's staff : finally a staff who isnt on C-tier. With dispelga and high stats, it's pretty good for Dr Aiden and Folka. This STMR could be A tier if you one of them as main healer. Also XWQL can have light elements without imbue and without losing much stats.
    - Tsukiko's Inari Broom : good rod with 50% mTDH.
    - Lezard Valeth's Tome : slighty worse than inari broom above and limited. But Lezard Valeth laughs makes it as good.
    - White Lily Dark Fina's True empress Birch : oh yes, whip me mistress. I was pretty, pretty bad today. Good whip with 50% mTDH.
    - Operative Zyrus's Holographic Transceiver : high attack and two killers. Lose some value with the free Asura rod.
    - Awakened Warrior of light's shield of light : only to get rid of his weapon and to activate his (S)TMR passive. S-tier if you use AWOL, B tier else.
    - Sieghard's Attractive Shield : Good but just slightly stronger than ziedrich when you dont need the heavy 80% earth resist.
    - Sylvie's Spring basket : worse than Honor of Grandshelt. The owner prefers to use moogle plushie.
    - Mercenary Ramza's Reverie Shield : nice bulk.
    - Knight of Pluto Zidane's Knights of Pluto Shield : light shield 52 def/spr and 20% evasion. Great. Magic evasion and the +atk on a shield are both worthless.
    - Kimono Ayaka's Hairpiece : yuraisha's hairpin is just better with 30% more HP.
    - Tyro's Keeper's Cap : horrible stats but the 50% Lb fill rate is rare on a hat.
    - Adam Jensen's Trenchcoat : could be slightly higher. 35 atk +50% atk with gun is good. Yet you should be ashamed to have hard pulled on deus ex banner. Deus ex rerun when ?
    - Dark fina's Amiculum Nigra : Lordly Robes exists.
    - Sakura's Robe : not much better than free lordly robes. Gives 50% lightning resistance.
    - Palom and Porom's Sage's Robe : high mag robe with 70% fire resist. Gonna be used sometimes.
    - Fina's Kimono : on the upper tier of B tier with nice mag/spr and ice/light resist.
    - Seaside Nichol's Summer Trunks : good stats but who would want to put the trunks of Nichol. Ewww.
    - Yuna's Clothes : good for XW or QL. But marie's TMR stills gives it a good fight as summoner sucks.
    - Rabanastre Dancer's Clothing : no resist on it but could be good enough for the rare times you dont cap your mag stats with the others stuff.
    - Seabreeze Dak Fina's Summer whip : what's the difference between summer whip and winter whip ? Had its uses and has good stats.
    - Golbez's Armor : If mages werent such weaklings, it could be much higher.
    - Veritas of the Dark's Armor : 80% dark resist and 34 atk.
    - Veritas of the Flame's Armor : 80% fire resist and 38 atk.
    - Raegen's Overcoat : looks badass.
    - Fayt's Clothers : pretty good on Cid. Star Ocean rerun when ?
    - Steadfast Soldier Machina's Pluviale : it's fayt's clothers but free during the event.
    - Gothic amulet : BIS for evade Demon Rain? Who? Exactly !
    - Reno's Googles : a good free guts passive, sadly no 100% chance. You can be trolled by it.

    - Barbariccia's Bangle : not a bad item with +50mag and some 20% HP/MP and 50% wind resist.
    - Sophia's Hairpin : Pretty good if you capped already TDH/TDW. Also high SPR and 30% fire resist. Would be rated higher if the passive wasnt only for Sophia. Star Ocean rerun when ?
    - Sol's Heliolite : Cursed Doll+ is free and has higher flat mag. The +30% mp reduced makes it gain a whole tier for mp glutton like zyrus.
    - White mage Rosa's Earrings : some def, some SPR, 2 LB per turn, 100% LB fill rate and kinda free. Yup good STMR. Healers and support gonna love it if you have nothing better.
    - Tidus's Dream of the Fayth : 150% LB fill rate makes it a nice filler materia.
    - Knight Delita's Dark Aspirations : glorified human killer.
    - Livid Shantotto's Witch Cackle : 80% mag with rod and 5% mp refresh. Is maybe worthy of C-tier.
    - Unquestionable Loyalty : yes HP and SPR.
    - Shield Of the Chosen King : yes HP and DEF.
    - Truth Seeker : Worse Zargapatate STMR. Still good bulk.
    - Sweet Nichol's Icy Passion : TMR stats but with 80% ice resist. Could be almost C-tier.
    - Marquis de Leon's The King of Beasts : some niche beast killers. Only B-tier cause it was free for some lucky people.
    - Ellesperis's Vampyrism : good stats but killers are only at 25%.
    - Yunalesca's Originator of the Final Summoning : lots of stats, gonna be good when summoners finally become meta.
    - Lunafreya's Duty to the world : could be stronger later when summoners get good. Atm it's only ice, lightning, water and earth resistance up to 50%.
    - Bart's Margie's Wish : 60% unconditional attack, 100% lb fillrate, 50% physic and magic machine killer. Could be a tier higher if machines were more common.
    - Erik Nickers's Knack : so much k ! Totally niche but also great if you can make it work.
    - Marchenko's Secret : 80% def with heavy armor. Deus ex enhancements when ?
    - Lilith's Malefic Heart : people who got this STMR are not that malefic cause they didnt keep their Lilith to troll people on Arena or they are ultra whale. As Lilith mace is awesome, it's a good materia.

    C-tier (Rainboooooooowwsss ! Oh no, my 14th XXX :( )
    - Kimahri Spirit lance : RIP Dragoons !
    - Lightning's Omega weapon : not a bad STMR. But we have trial swords that are better, we have lots of STMR better than this one. And DV sword poos on it. This weapon was used a lot but time to rest.
    - Pyro Glacial Lasswell Zantetsuken : Muramasa from trials is much better.
    - King Rain's True Crimson Saber : worse than lion heart+.
    - Cloud's Ultima weapon : worse than lion heart+.
    - Seifer's Hyperion : worse than lion heart+.
    - Assassin Shadow's Kagenui : see above.
    - Thunder God's Sword : the light meta is over for quite some time now.
    - Sylvando's Shamshir of Light : the light meta is over for quite some time now.
    - Regis's sword of the father : a worse dagger.
    - Hyoh's Ultima Weapon : worse than trial rewards.
    - Jecht's Iconic Sword : Totally iconic in the C-tier.
    - Auron's Masamune : even Auron wont use it :( (one handed).
    - Warrior of Light's Bartz's Blade : wind generic sword.
    - Kurasame's Iceblade Himuro : has seen some usage. Not much now.
    - King Bradley's Sword of wrath : Not bad, not great.
    - Ignacio's Ignition Axe : nope buddy, give fire to our others DPS and do nothing. Also i dont need you at 7* to do that.
    - Siegnacio's Massive Bouquet : nope, keep it to yourself.
    - Quina's Bistro Fork : strange weapon but the stats and effects are not that bad. Could be good on Tetra Syphilis.

    - Ace's Black Trump : could be trash tier. I dunno. I have one, i dont think i've ever used it. The name is funny. We all want to see a black Trump, president of USA like a fusion between Obama and the new clown.
    - Blue Sky Belle's Fran : good bow with niche killers but nobody would use a STMR moogle on that if it wasnt free.
    - Tiana's Flask of Uncertainty : could have forgotten it like Gumi did last christmas.
    - Maritime Strategist Nichol rod : summoners are trash atm. Kinda looks like a TMR else.
    - Mediena's Lunar Eclipse Rod : whatever rod.
    - Circe's Sybil Crescent : whatever rod with 5 10% element resistance.
    - Morgana's First Nirvana : whatever rod, quite better if you have two. But 8 Morgana, ouch. I'm sad for you.
    - Mordegon's Staff : could be trash tier with that name when it's a rod. Highest flat mag out of any rod (except DV rod).
    - Black mage Vivi's mace of zeus : pretty good on vivi and vivi is awesome.
    - Rab's godbird sceptre : high atk for a rod, good for hybrids.
    - Citra's Badrosa : summoners are trash atm.
    - Ayaka's Serapia's Staff : nice staff for XWQL.
    - Folka's Staff of Ripples : less HP than Ayaka but more MP and 50% water resist.
    - Myra's Mic Stand : who is the fool who brings a microphone to a fight ?
    - Dr Aiden's Medical Staff : another generic staff.
    - Bye Who and Sue Kwe's Celestial Bandagers : only good for XWQL and not much better than their own TMR.
    - Mediena's Lunar Eclipse Rod: whatever rod.
    - Prompto's Executioner : guns with DW and some SPR.
    - Vincent's Death Penalty : Power=[10+(Vincent′sKills/128)]/16
    - Flame of Rebirth Jake's Fire-Type Energy Bayonet : Guts on a DV unit? Are you crazy ?
    - Dressy Aileen's Type A sniper rifle : 5 more atk than vincent STMR. Lazy Alim/Gumi.
    - Godrea's GE-98 Photon Gun : a gun to heal people, what an idea. Despite that, high attack.
    - Four winds Syphilis's Blue Storm : good only for her, trash tier else.
    - Yuna's Tiny Bee : still hits hard.
    - Holy night Amelia & Emilia's Red-Nosed Reindeer : two girls, one gun. Also same STMR as Tiny Bee just above.
    - Yuffie's Conformer : not bad weapon statwise. Maybe if Yuffie get well treated with enhancements...
    - Ignis's Zwill Crossblade : daggers are always worth something cause of high tide.
    - Nameless gunner jake's boom boom stick : worse than black sparky.
    - Duke's Virtue Drake : not much better than Reberta TMR.
    - Tifa's premium hearts : it's premium at least.
    - Lid's Mechabo Hammer : always yells Mechabo haaaammmma when you use it, if you use it. Would be a good weapon if it wasnt a hammer.
    - Healing Avatar Lid's Hammer : nothing to say.
    - Roy's Two-headed Dragon's Harp : Good weapon for elephim.
    - Draconian Princess Fina's Pulse : good bow for herself.
    - Qin's Fifth Nirvana : highest mag item in the game (except DV). For who ?
    - Gilgamesh's Genji Helm : the Gilgamesh from FFBE have a better TMR than this. +30% dark defense doesnt put it in trash tier.
    - Rydia's Headband : summoners are trash atm.
    - Hein's Hat : high atk mag with 3 resistance at 20% on it.
    - Veritas of the Light's armor : light resistance is a bit less valuable than fire or dark.
    - Immortal Garland's Cornelia Knight Armor : kinda free. kinda looks like a TMR too.
    - Luneth's Clothes : still a good cloth with high attack but nothing to brag about.
    - Fei's Clothes : Karten's TMR is almost as good as this STMR.
    - Lucas's Fortified Cuirass : worse than imperial armor when the resistance doesnt proc. Fire (+30%), Lightning (+30%), Dark (+30%)

    - Olive's Journal : sorry girl, your diary doesnt interest us much.
    - Kunshira's Control Ring : looks like a good TMR to me.
    - Queen's Lucid Lenses : Chocobo feather accessory is just much better.
    - Frey, nope, Frevya, nope, frigid elf's Florid Hairpin : Not good, not bad. Totally could be trash tier in 2020 too.
    - Trance Terra's three stars : trash tier without Kryla. But Kryla have better options like Rivera STMR.
    - Lulu's Booster cactuar : looks like a TMR except for the +50% water resist.
    - Lotus Mage Fina's Pure Lotus : Filler materia, could be trash tier if you have lots of good materia already.
    - Noctis's Hexatheon's Revelation : okayish filler slot but also not much better than garnet's TMR.
    - Emperor's Corrupt Emperor : pretty outdated for most contents. Have some usage though.
    -White Knight Noel's Legacy : he can keep his legacy to itself. It's not good, not bad.
    - Yun's Combat Finesse : it's trash tier, but some french player with a pink avatar scares me. SSS tier for her ofc! Please, dont haunt me.
    - Grim Lord Sakura's Grim Brilliance : Not a brillant item by any means.
    - Ang's Sharpshooter : BIS for bow users meaning C Tier.

    - Beatrix's Loyal General : looks like a TMR to me.
    - Eiko's Essence of summoning : summoners are trash atm.
    - Gentiana's Mark of the glacian : 50% unconditional mag and kinda free.
    - Dark Spirit Sol's Diabolos Synergy : Mystina STMR laughs at this one. But he's not limited. It allows to get rid of his own garbage TMR to get the passive. Could be S-tier for Dark Spirit Sol players.
    - Neverending Hope's Shining guardian of hope : 100% light resist on a TMR. Have some niche during DV.
    - Reberta's dragoon wisdom : +70% ATK, +20% HP/MP and +100% jump damage. Dragoons are dead. You can get +60% atk from TMR. It lost a lot of value.
    - Graceful Champion Fang's Memories of Ragnarok : worse in every way than reberta STMR. Other dragoons have maybe not the slot to use it. If you have Fang, go for it as her TMR is a big NO.
    - Dark knight leon's Dark Knight Authority : +100% atk with sword and heavy armor. Pretty restrictive. Is it BIS for anyone except himself ?
    - Magitek Warrior Terra's Love Whereabouts : pretty garbage, could be trash tier if terra wasnt nice.
    - Y'shtola the sorceress, wise in the way of magic : kinda free, kinda a tmr too.
    - XWQL's Heavenly Presence : worse Chow's STMR. Can someone explain me why it boosts LB Damage ?

    - Squall's A lion hearts : Bad STMR, Heart overcoming hatred is as good. Would have been trash tier before AC Cloud banner as you cant stack those materia. Having one of each can maybe make your Cloud stronger.
    - Primrose's Faith shall be my shield : 60% SPR and one guts. Worse than Oerba's boon which is not limited.
    - Serena's Divine intervention : 60% SPR and one guts. Wow so original, where did i see that again. Ah yes just above. Worse than Oerba's boon which is not limited.
    - Kitone's Night blooming flower : sorry girl, go bloom somewhere else.
    - Mont Leonis's Lion Emblem : get it for free during the event then procede to never use it. Job done.

    - Rufus's The New boss : too specific and not even pretty good. Nagi, gilgamesh(wotv), KH's Sora and riku are much better.
    Trash-tier (The best items to equip your main units before leaving the game !)
    - Prishe's Godhands : worse than trial rewards.
    - Loren's Chrome Sphene : boring great sword.
    - Shadowlord's saga singer : boring sword.
    - Estark's Hell Sabre : boring sword.
    - Jiraya's Kurokasumi : wow.
    - Dark Knight Luneth's Murakumo : lose 30% HP, do 5x damage. Wow.
    - Xande's rod : bad but kinda free.
    - Aranea's Skylancer : buster style is the same cause there is no good TDH spear unit.
    - Dragonlord's Sceptre : TMR like.
    - Kain's Lance : only for people who missed the free spear from FFX event with kimahri.
    - Nalu's Ayaya : nobody ever gonna use it.
    - Cid's Sky Feather : could be good if we had wind spear user.
    - Dragon knight Freya's Holy Lance : say hello to your neighboorhood.
    - Jade's Split-Pot Poker : spears with 3 killers ! Beasts, birds, machinas! ouch! 25% only ! ouch ouch !
    - Beowulf's Chaos Blade : Chaos is trash.
    - Lenneth's Soothsayer bow : worse than sagittarius from Best Sexy Booty Fran.
    - Alphonse Elric's Shoulder Plate : i'm harsch with this one but i gonna stay with my initial feeling.

    - Best Unit Ever's Subservient : Could be SSS tier if you wanna have some slots on your friend list. Put it on your main unit, wait some days, tadaaa free slots.
    - Dark Knight Cecil's Dark Sword Arts : was good on Olive with sparky. Kinda.
    - Demon Rain's Demon's Gambit : BIS on Demon Rain, it allows you to unequip a totally bad TMR. Bye buddy, i loved you.
    - Untamed Wolf Edel's Fenrir Synergy : just there as a reminder Fenrir is not a good esper for your friends.
    - Wild Card Ace, Vermilion flag : as a french, i prefer white flags. Sorry ace.
    - Popstar's Katy's pendulum : your inventory space is filled with one more crap.
    - Immortal Flame Katy's empowering earrings : one more crap.
    - Lovely Katy's Golden earrings : The best of free katy STMR.

    TMR but with STMR Power (So op, you'd consider using prism for)
    - Lilith's Midnight Star
    - Shiva Lasswell's Ice Demon's Crown
    - Marie's Rainbow Robe
    - Karten's Scarlet Moon
    - Doctor Aiden's Trench Coat

    - Sweet Luka's sweet earrings
    - Aloha Lasswell's Colorful Lei
    - Noctis's Ring of the Lucii
    - Godrea's Photon Core
    - Flammie's Drum

    - Esther's Storm Kicker
    - Circe's Facade of Balance
    - Elfreeda's Marshal Grove / Cloud's Cloak (KH) / Akstar's Rush Gloves / Tifa's gloves (AC)
    - Bartz's Hermes Sandals / awakened onion knight's boots
    - Vesvia's Nutkin Hairpin
    - Fina & Dark Fina's Mobius Ring
    - Beryl's Light Vengeance
    - Crown Prince Noctis' Astral Protection
    - Chocobo Rain's Chocobo Adventure
    - CG Lightning's Dual Form
    - DK Luneth's Dark Knight's Knowledge
    - Barbariccia's Spirit
    - Karlette's Magic Charger
    - Veronica's Channel Anger
    - Sieghard's Hero's vow - Earth
    - Olberic's Wandering Warrior
    - Lightning's Etro's Champion
    - Operative Zyrus' Top Operative
    - Cloud's Courage to move on
    - Zenaida's Graceful Footwork

    Feel free to tell me what i forget. Also I'm always right even if you dont agree.

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2020
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  3. daima

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    Aug 19, 2017
    Added on S tier. But it's getting quite crowded there. Gotta put some old A tier and B tier. Later :)
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  4. hotaru251

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    chocobo adventure link doesnt work (as the ! isnt part of the link)
  5. daima

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    Aug 19, 2017
    It's working now. Also made it easier to read.
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  6. Seifer1009

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    XWQL, Greg WOTV, AK Rain
    Why Lightning STMR is S-tier (30% LB damage) but Prince Noctis STMR (50% LB damage) isn't there ? :)
  7. daima

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    Aug 19, 2017
    It's still work in progress. I just updated an old list and improve the form for the moment. Tomorrow, I'll work on the content :)

    But noticed. Also RL STMR also brings 50% TDW, making it better or worse to noctis STMR depending on your other stuffs.
  8. Ferax

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    May 22, 2017
    Nice list! Once I STMR moogle Gilgamesh, I’ll have every SSS Tier except Kaito. Still zero Kaitos, but oh well. We got another 20% evasion materia from cactuar.
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  9. Seifer1009

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    Link of MM Xon stmr goes to the weapon picture instead of wiki page :)
  10. Kaladin

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    nice list but there are a few corrections needed:
    Rinoa's has 4 elements not 3 (fire, ice, lightning & wind)
    Reberta's you have listed as +70% HP when it should be ATK instead.
    Xon's dagger only links to an image instead of the wiki page

    I would add Machina's sword - pretty good ATK that has dual-wield. I've heard it mentioned as a BiS for Cid I think. (I'm still waiting for 1 more Machina to get this one)
    Possibly Veronica's hat - very high MAG and decrease MP used but limited unit. (my Xyrus likes it) ;)
  11. Backosteel

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    I would add Hero's Vow - Earth to the TMR list.

    Also, in the S list probably are the two Summer pairs STMRs. 50% HP/MP and elemental resists or 50% Def/Spr and elemental resists.
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  12. Kaladin

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    I agree!
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    This is a guy who knows how and when to pull... ::rudecat14::
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  14. Nixilu

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    Thanks for this. Now I might actually use some of my 4 prism moogles...
  15. Ferax

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    May 22, 2017
    I got lucky a lot of times man. That’s all it is. I am tactical, but even tactical pulling can blow up in your face in gacha. I spent 8 UOCs for Ravenheart and 8 UOC’s plus STMR moogle for Xon. The others came naturally, but I’m always aiming to invest my meager resources in broken stuff.
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  16. iBuko

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    No one mentioned Firion or Regina stmr.
    S or ss? 60% atk plus 3 killers...

    I missed only Katy stmr from SSS. Sadly. I have all the rest...
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  17. Ferax

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    Yeah, I had a bunch of Lapis laying around for that one and got freaking lucky to pull 4 of her with 20K. You’re the one who egged me on. I was fully ready to drop an STMR moogle if I only got 2. Regina and Firion STMRs are insane! Killers FTW.
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  18. iBuko

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    I remember that day. What a great pull!

    For you :)
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  19. Ferax

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    May 22, 2017
    Yep, that was one of those Gacha wins that feels so good! Not like my recent 25K zero banner rainbow Cloud pull. Gacha giveth and Gacha taketh away.
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  20. kaizeruenis

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    elly's world of mother is good i think

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