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The Guide of a Master Scion: Y'sthola WoTV

Discussion in 'Guides' started by SummonerBWM, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. SummonerBWM

    SummonerBWM VIP VIP Supporter

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    Nov 29, 2016
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    NV Ling, NV Terra
    (LOOK @Clodia! A CAT GUIDE FOR WoTV!)

    Y'shtola is a great Sorceress in and of herself! As a free MR mage, she can easily help players get through story mode and also help out real well in events, being able to help cover anything that a player needs based on her job. Even though she is a powerful mage, she does come with the usual mage weakness. She does not have much movement speed and jump stat like a mage, vulnerable to physical attacks like one, and also cannot attack from above ground the same way an archer does.

    Type: Fire
    HP: 1020 (+20)
    TP: 160 (+9)
    AP: 122 (+16)
    Move: 3
    Jump: 1
    Range: 1
    ATK: 112
    MAG 191 (+ 40)
    SPD: 53 (+2 AGI)
    Dex: 124 (+37)
    Luck: 112 (+30, +20%)
    Slash Res: -10%
    Pierce Res: -10%
    Strike Res: -15%
    Shoot Res: -15%
    Magic Res: 10%
    Ice Res: 15%
    Water Res: -15%
    Petrify Res: 50%
    Toad Res: 50%
    Charm Res: 10%
    Doom Res: -25%

    [​IMG]Main Abilities[​IMG]
    TMR: It may not look as though it means much, but her TMR is actually good. It carries 78 MAG and 80 HP but the fact Nightseeker also enables the chance to cast silence means this is a good TMR to work against PvE and PvP mages who are not immune to silence.

    Master Ability: Max TP 15% and AP Gain 30% means she is able to cast her spells more often. This is great, as her high damaging spells such as Foul and Aetherial Manipulation can cost a good amount of AP and TP respectively.

    Aetherial Manipulation: This spell is a good AoE support spell! Not only it has the chance to increase the CT of the allies around her, but it also moves her as well. Moving Y'shtola is a great tactical move. You can use this to help her be able to get in closer so she can help deal damage to someone you want to target or you can use it to help Y'shtola get away from someone in PvE or PvP.

    Foul & Scion's Fira: These two AoE spells are going to be her main spells at all times in dishing out huge amounts of damage.

    Xenoglossy: Her strongest ST fire damage spell. You will ALWAYS be going to be using this spell over Scion's Fire in main boss fights.

    Holy Blessing: This passive will be good for her. She will be able to stand her grounds against debuffs and especially against any magic attacks, ensuring her own chance of victory against anyone trying to take her out in PvP like Mediena as well. Recommended for PvE and PvP.

    Enochian: Increase her own MAG. What else? She's a mage who wants to light things up! Recommended.

    Regenerator: This is her other reaction, which is just as good! If she gets hit, she applies a regen on herself. This ensures she can survive for as long as possible, being her own self-healer.

    [​IMG]Versatility, Jobs, Vs., & Synergy[​IMG]

    Pure Sorceress: This is going toward her DD route. With access to all of her AoEs as well as Xenoglossy, she gets to blow things up very fast! She also is able to boost her own MAG or even significantly affect her own CT to help her take advantage of putting enemies in flames. This is recommended for her as a DD.

    S + GM: When you have her take the Green Mage route, she ends up becoming more of a support. She can protect the team with Barfire, can Dispel, and also have her own non-elemental attack in Ruin on top of debuffs and increasing an ally's SPD. However, she gives up her Foul spells as well as her ability to affect her own CT. Emerald Echo will be useful for her if anyone puts her toward this route. The weakest of the 3 jobs in terms of damage dealing.

    S + WM: Want her to live out her Conjurer days? Then let Y'shtola go with the White Mage job! She does lose her Foul but there's a big difference between her going WM than GM. She can obtain the Holy spell in exchange, meaning she gets another spell outside of fire and with Holy, she is guaranteed in hitting anything! This ensures she does not completely give up her damage and also allows her to operate as a backup healer in addition to having Protect and Shell.

    VC Synergy: Shiva, Ramuh, Trousseau, Bewitching Witch, Cactuar, Detective Leela​

    Esper Synergy:
    Shiva, Ramuh, Cactuar,

    Unit Synergy:
    Mediena, Magritte, Fina, Helena, Naiah, Nasha, Grace, Macherie, Meriluke, Phoebe, Gilgamesh, Ayaka, Thancred

    Y'shtola vs. Magritte: I don't usually wouldn't want to do this as there are not many mages who can rival her and comparing her to Mediena is like comparing a 4* gold unit to a 5* rainbow unit. The only other DD mage or fire mage to go up against her in her rank would be Magritte. Magritte is capable of rivaling Y'shtola as Magritte has a higher MAG stat (242) and carries more non-elemental ST spells in Comet and Meteor. She also can take the Black Mage sub-class to use fire spells as well and can self-sustain herself with Drain, not needing a healer much. Magritte also will not suffer as much from not having Time Mage as a sub job as she will already have Comet and Meteor ready. Even outside of DD, she is capable of lowering her own CT through the Rapid Casting passive, and through Quicken and Haste, ensures her team will always be able to hurry and get their turns faster.

    Y'shtola, however, can boost her own MAG to even the field and Y'shtola carry more AoE spells to help out. Also, if she ever wants to go White Mage, she gets Holy, which still helps her to deal damage ST-wise. Also, she has a way of self-sustaining her HP and AP through her reactions as opposed to Magritte. Y'shtola is more of a CT-self sustainer than an AoE CT booster like Magritte regardless of Aetherial Manipulation, although Vitalize is a good spell for her to use on allies. What is also in Y'shtola favor is the fact she is capable of taking advantage of elemental weaknesses in fire and light as opposed to Magritte even though she can with fire. She will also be able to be a better healer as a White Mage even though Magritte carries Cura but that is as a Red Mage and nothing more.

    Even though Magritte can be a strong ST hitter and can adapt more in her jobs to where it seems as though she is the better fire mage, Y'shtola can actually win in terms of AP and AoE. We need to take into consideration the mechanics of the conversion of TP - AP. Magritte outside of Fast Cast and Stop does not gain much AP back with her other TP spells. Y'shtola however with Aetherial Manipulation and Swiftcast allows her to stock her AP well on top of the fact she can regain more AP through Manafont, especially since her Master Ability allows her to gain more AP back. Magritte can solve her AP problem a bit by equipping increasing her initial AP through a passive but it still would not solve the fact she cannot sustain herself as good as Y'shtola. AoE spells also mean better clears as well, which Y'shtola is capable of doing.

    For AoE-fire and light advantage with AP sustainability: Y'shtola. For ST-hard hitting and CT manipulation: Magritte. In general, the winner is Y'shtola.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2020
  2. Clodia

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    Jan 18, 2017
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    I'm not playing WoTV but cat guide is cat guide.
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