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The only thread you need about MACRO

Discussion in 'General' started by Sir Vincent, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. Sir Vincent

    Sir Vincent The eternal student Staff Member Moderator VIP Supporter

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    Sep 22, 2016
    Shadow 200 ATK
    As we all know, macro is a touching subject here on the forum. However, it keeps getting mentioned again and again, causing arguments between groups on the forum.
    I understand each group reasons, and both are right/wrong in one way or another. Me, as a representative of moderator group, I will put an end to this argument and prevent future trouble.

    There is currently three ways of doing macro, according to the customer service.
    • Using the built-in macro function of emulator such as MeMu/Nox/etc.
    • Switch control on IOS
    • Using a macro app such as The Toucher/ Auto Touch-Macro/ etc.
    So, I collect the responds from the Customer service about the problem and leave the decision to use Macro or not, in your own hands.


    Gumi has vague and different responds depending on how you ask. That's why we, moderators, think Gumi still doesn't have a strict standard of the issue with Macro.
    The decision is yours. However, I strongly suggest not to use Macro if you don't want to risk your account of any risk (ban, data loss, bug, error, etc.).

    And please, in the future, if you happen to see any Macro-related thread on the forum, redirect it to this thread.
    Much appreciated.
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