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News The Tuesday News - Nov. 17 - NV Maeve, Rain EX Upgrades, Noppy/Kaktiria Upgrades

Discussion in 'News & Events' started by Sartre, Nov 16, 2021.

  1. Sartre

    Sartre Esther is my Goddess Staff Member Moderator VIP Supporter News Announcer

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    Jan 11, 2018
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    Esther...that is all...
    NV Maeve


    Maeve1.jpg The TL;DR on Maeve Maeve2.jpg

    • Based on what was discussed at the Livestream, she'll be a physical tank in one form and a magic tank in the other. Will also be able to deal some damage.
    • Likes Dah Hammas apparently...
    • Has an interesting Cooldown ability with barriers that scale with morale?
    • STMR is a hammer with 50 ATK and 180 DEF/SPR and offers 50% TSW DEF and SPR
    • TMR is heavy armor with 100 DEF/SPR and 30% HP and 30% earth and dark resist.
    • Her hammer is literally a flaming boar's head...cool!

    New Vision Card: Bringing Home the Bacon


    • Acquired by awakening Maeve to EX+1
    The following stats are at Lvl 10:
    • +100 DEF/SPR
    • 80% DEF/SPR (with a hammer)
    • 20% HP/DEF/SPR and 25% fire/lightning/wind/earth resist (FFBE units only)

    Maeve Summon Banner


    • Typical pull three get one free banner.
    • 10 pulls (36k lapis) will get you the 10 NV exchange tickets needed to buy Maeve
    • You will also get 2x 1/10 NV tix every fourth full.
    Maeve Summon Coin and NV Exchange Ticket Shop
    • 10 Tickets for 1 guaranteed Maeve
    • Shards for Maeve will be available!
    • Nothing really of note in the shop this time. The Commando shield might be handy if you lack evasion gear. The Chocobo Feather is a decent accessory with Guts attached.
    Full Details:https: //lapis-prod-staticnews-gumi-sg.akamaized.net/prod//en/content/20211116MaeveExchangeShop.html

    NV Rain EX Abilities and Crown Upgrades

    The Highlights:
    • Sadly, this doesn't make Rain a meta DPS, but some of his support skills are worth noting, and he might be the only unit worth using some of those crowns on...if we ever get any more of them that is :mad:
    • EX Abilities: 5x chain cap and Warring Spirit (T1 LB fill) at EX+2 and 500 static ATK at EX+3. Also gets a new ability on Brave Shift form at EX+2 that boosts modifiers and changes his LB.
    • LB Upgrade: Nothing specific, but it's important to note that this only changes his Brave Shift Limit Burst, not the Normal form one. We'll likely just see a higher imperil and slightly better modifiers.
    • New Abilities: Just adds more killers to Plant (100%) and Beast (150%) races.
    • Crown Enhancements: There are two abilities to enhance, and both take 4 crowns for fully enhance which mean 8 crowns total. We currently only have 2 in GL. WTF...
      • Extreme Blade: Increases damage and imperil starting at 140% up to 150% fire imperil (this might be worth 1 crown just for the highest fire imperil in the game!)
      • Prominence Saber: Increases AoE ATK buff and fire amp starting at 300% and 45%, respectively and going up to 350% and 55%!
      • With a whopping 8 crowns needed to upgrade both, we obviously can't do anything with these yet, but it might honestly be worth using one crown on each of these abilities for now just to have a top-tier fire support unit. A 140% imperil with 45% AoE fire amp is currently the best we have in the game thus far.

    Full Details: https://lapis-prod-staticnews-gumi-sg.akamaized.net/prod//en/content/20211116NVRainUpgrades.html

    Noppy and Kaktiria Unit Revamps
    Unit-Noppy-NV.png Unit-Kaktiria-NV.png
    The Highlights:
    • It really nice to see these two getting some upgrades since they kinda missed the boat on the whole CoW meta while all the other units were pretty useful. The TL;DR is that these units will get some morale-scaling modifiers to some of their DPS skills as well as some useful weapon imperils. We'll have to wait and see the details in the maintenance datamine, but this is all-around good news!
    • Noppy Upgrades:
      • Gets morale-scaling on his best chaining skill Kupo Barrage!
      • Gets a Greatsword imperil (no idea what %)
      • Gets chain cap increase (probably 5x)
    • Kaktiria Upgrades:
      • Get's morale-scaling on her best chaining skill(s)
        • Only the earth chaining skill is shown, but I would assume the water chaining skill also will get morale-scaling.
      • Fist imperil will be increased (currently 25% so at least 30%)
      • Magnus breaks increased to 89%
      • LB damage increased
      • ATK/MAG increased (not sure why ATK, hopefully they don't turn her into a hybrid?)
  2. Kaladin

    Kaladin "Hall of Fame" Member

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    Feb 23, 2018
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    Too bad we only have TWO Crowns for upgrading. I don't think I will be using mine on Rain. At least not until we have many more Crowns overall.
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